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What is elegance? A tranquil beauty, after beholding which, the beholder gets entrapped into a magical spell of the finest quality. So much so that the beholder realizes the adage ‘Beauty traps beholder into its embrace’ in their lifetime’s reality.

Bless such beautiful marvels in this world, my sore eyes in search of elegance struck gold when I visited the campus of an IT company virtually. The sprawling campus was like a vast canvas of modern sensibilities infused with artistic grandeur of the most magnificent kind. Yet profoundly simple, yet brilliantly opulent. The calming Buddha statue at the entrance and the vast reception counters at both the main office and IT departments were like places from beyond your futuristic imagination.

The virtual tour is divided into three majors––amenities, main entrance, and Loma IT. In amenities, there are: a specious library studded with literary gems, a challenger room inviting you to recreate, a sports area alluring you to indulge in outdoor athletics, a VIP lounge of international quality, and a cafeteria that will make you hungry. The main entrance has a picturesque reception counter. While the Loma IT area has a spacious board room along with a separate reception desk.

All three tours, with their all-around revolving, game-like 3D immersive-ness, are virtually engrossing and truly mesmerizing. The interiors have a deep sense of vibrancy that sweeps you off your feet into the otherworldly sensations of dream-like surreality.

The first and only question in my mind was, ‘What kind of collective geniuses imagined, dreamt, visualized, designed, created, and crafted such wonderfully enchanting spaces?

Apt came the answer, “We at Eleganz Interiors Pvt Ltd have done it,” from Mr Sammeer Pakvasa, the Managing Director. Mr Sammeer was giving me the virtual tour on his smartphone.

When Mind Finds its Serenity

For a moment, I was speechless. Then I asked, what is the name of this IT firm for which you have designed such elegant panoramas of craftsmanship. In answer, Mr Sammeer showed me an appreciation letter.

On the top right corner was the logo and the name – Hexaware. Below it, on the left side, the date, 08.01.2020. Thus, the letter began.

Dear Mr Sammeer,

With this letter, I would like to express our gratitude for the excellent work your team has done for the recent design and build project of our new office of 197268 Sft on four floors with 2600 seats at LOMA, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai. We truly appreciate your team’s valuable time and effort invested in successfully delivering each milestone of the project with a high standard of professionalism. 

The design is remarkable, and it speaks about the essence of our Brand. Positioning of formal and informal collaborative areas inspires our staff to rejuvenate and work in different ways according to their well-being. Further, the use of Biophilic elements in the design is transforming our work energy with positive vibes. This innovative, energetic set-up is incredible and speaks about the excellence of Eleganz as a Design and Build partner for redefining spaces. 

Last but not least, the Eleganz team worked very closely with our team and has demonstrated their availability, flexibility, creativity and responsiveness to our needs to deliver one of our best facilities, keeping in mind the high standards of safety, quality, and achieving the timelines. 

Keep up the good work, and Best of luck for the future.

Our thanks to you as the Lead, Sunil Mistry and Aravind, for their immense contribution. I truly appreciate the team’s contributions!

We really appreciate the design and build capability of your team, and we have no hesitation in recommending your company for any size of Design and build. 

With regards,

duly signed by

  1. Suresh Pandian, Assistant Vice President, Hexaware Technologies.”

Unequivocally Ultra Universal

It is one of the numerous biggest projects that team Eleganz has accomplished. Highlighting another transformative project that embodies their ethos of excellence and innovation, Mr Sammeer said, “Imagine the thrill we felt when we were honoured with the award for our work on the General Electric (GE) JF Technology Centre, colloquially known as the Bangalore Engineering Center.”

Spanning an impressive million square feet, it wasn’t just any project. It represented GE’s boldest step outside the US, their maiden and largest research and development sanctuary abroadThis was uncharted territory for us too, facing global benchmarks and tackling safety and specification standards that were fresh pages in the Indian playbook,” he added.

Mr Sammeer continued, “But guess what? We nailed it! It was more than a project; it was a canvas where we painted our creativity, showcased our mettle in managing massive tasks, and stamped our commitment to top-tier excellence. And GE isn’t our only dance partner on the global stage. We’ve also teamed up with heavy-hitters like Amazon, Google, Walmart, and Microsoft. Closer to home? We’ve rubbed shoulders with India’s finest: Samsung, Adani Group, HDFC Bank, and TCS. You, too, are welcome to join us on this exhilarating journey!”

Regaling the Saga

I was already curious about Mr Sammeer and Eleganz’s saga. So, I requested him to begin from the beginning, from the commencing of his journey to Elganz’s becoming the ‘Best Interior Design and Build Companies in India.’

Mr Sammeer happily obliged. In 2001, as a student at Rachana Sansad’s Academy of Architecture College in Mumbai, life took a pivotal turn for Mr Sammeer. His father, Mr Akshay Pakvasa, the Founder of Eleganz Interiors, secured a significant project in Bangalore. Mr Sammeer recalled, “Concurrently, we faced a personal challenge — my mother’s cancer diagnosis.”

Instead of succumbing to these challenges, Mr Sammeer stepped up, overseeing the project and allowing his father to be with Mr Sammeer’s mother. “Thankfully, my mother is now healthy and thriving. Eleganz Interiors’ journey is emblematic of how personal and professional trials can forge a resilient and passionate team,” he reflected.

Thus, unknown to him, his motivation was already there. “In my early twenties, the path ahead was unclear. Yet, watching my father navigate high-stakes corporate projects amid adversity galvanized me to embrace this dynamic industry,” he added.

Serving thy Emperors

There is a robust guiding philosophy behind the emergence of Elganz’s number one position: “Our guiding principle is, ‘Customer is King.’ We prioritize understanding our clients’ unique visions. Whether they emphasize quality, timely delivery, safety, or the entire service experience, we’re committed to turning their vision into reality.”

The interior design and building landscape are continually evolving. When asked how they distinguish themselves from the rest, Mr Sammeer said that Eleganz Interiors stands on a legacy of quality, yet it continuously adapts. He and his team’s embrace of technology has optimized their operations, and their strong commitment to sustainability ensures they adopt eco-friendly practices. “It’s this blend of excellence and adaptability that positions us among the industry’s elite,” states Mr Sammeer, whose leadership style has been pivotal to Eleganz’s success. He elaborates on it and says he believes in breaking traditional hierarchies and fostering unity. He champions open communication and encourages a collaborative workspace. This approach cultivates a motivated and cohesive team.

An Immersive Artistry of the Highest Craft

Further, they balance operational efficiency with customer satisfaction in the realm of interior design by merging cutting-edge technologies like 3D visualization, AR, and VR with resource optimization. “We offer clients immersive experiences even before construction starts. This fusion ensures we consistently exceed expectations,” claims Mr Sammeer.

On promoting growth, skill development, and empowerment among their workforce, he says they view their workforce as foundational pillars. “Our leadership team’s diversity enhances problem-solving while training equips our team with current skills. Promotion and recognition further motivate our team, and our culture of innovation continuously propels us forward.”

Finally, when asked what is next for Eleganz Interiors, Mr Sammeer divulges that After their successful launch in Singapore, they’re eyeing the east coast for further expansion. “The global interior design industry’s growth forecasts align with our ambitions, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Beyond geographic expansion, we’re also diversifying into corporate construction, eager to ascend to even greater heights,” he concludes.

Eleganz Interiors Hall of Fame

  • Eleganz Interiors is Awarded with ‘GRYPROC TROPHY 2022’
  • Awarded with ‘GRYPROC TROPHY 2017’
  • Nominated for 11 ‘International Gypsum Trophy,’ at Lisbon.

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