TAO Architecture Pvt Ltd: Creating Monuments Rooted in Cultural and Climatic Aspects

TAO Architecture Pvt Ltd: Creating Monuments Rooted in Cultural and Climatic Aspects

Architectural monuments are the milestones of visionary mind’s journey on the TAO of Architecture Pvt LtdAr Manish Banker’s road to becoming the Founder began after graduating with distinction from the Institute of Environmental Design in Gujarat in 1991. His research thesis was on ‘Organic Architecture.’ Ar Manish recalls, “Our practice, and my architectural training, took place in a pre-computer era.” Learning in those days relied heavily on direct experiences, visual observations of projects, and books.

Books, when they were insightful enough, served as valuable guides, passing on essential learning processes and providing abundant inspiration. This was a distinct advantage. “Moreover, I was fortunate to learn from perceptive teachers and delve into the works of architectural masters. In India, we were privileged to visit creations by architects like Charles Correa.”

These experiences prompted Ar Manish to contemplate modern architecture within the Indian context. “We had the opportunity to witness genuinely original work from the emerging era of modern architecture in India, deeply authentic work,” he says. When one observes the creations of master architects from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, alongside contributions from renowned foreign architects, one can trace the path toward authentic and contextually relevant architecture in India.

TAO––The Pathway to Success

Ar Manish’s education also encompassed extensive studies of heritage and structures. He gained profound insights from historical buildings, providing rich information about our culture and climatic conditions. This knowledge greatly contributed to his understanding of the roots from which his architecture should emerge. “Today, our work at TAO is firmly rooted in our cultural and climatic aspects, creating an ecosystem that constantly challenges our creativity.”

In contrast to modern learning methods, which often inundate us with excessive information, our journey naturally led us into a dynamic ecosystem of climatic and cultural solutions, requiring no special efforts.”

Ar Manish ardently believes that Architecture is a means of serving humanity, not only meeting functional requirements but also adding value by connecting inhabitants with nature. “Our success lies in achieving this connection, surpassing functional needs with value-added designs.”

According to Ar Manish, interior design and landscape construction are continually evolving, as are design practices. Their USP at TAO Architecture is to stay updated with new technology, materials, evolving products, hardware, and software and be completely exposed to ensure that the applications of updated technology and materials are well scrutinized and applied. “This is our distinction, enabling us to find new solutions and eagerly embrace all the changes and updates in our industry.”

The Spirited Leadership of a Creative Force

Ar Manish’s leadership style is often recognized as the driving force behind the success of TAO Architecture. Sharing his approach to leadership, he says, “Yes, to some extent, I agree that leadership is critical for building and managing a team, holding them together. However, it’s not just about being physically present. I believe our team leadership is primarily the spirit and energy with which we approach our practice and its responsibilities. The creative force leading us to good design must be well-supported by the spirit of contribution, not only to the projects but also to the people around us, including clients, contractors, and our team members.”

Ar Manish also believes that technological advancements and digitalization have become an inevitable track on which they have no choice but to run. Adapting, understanding, and applying the new digitalized era is crucial, and he believes in it. For instance, they have moved beyond traditional tools like AUTO CAD, the standard training in design colleges. “It’s high time we put our design thinking not only in 2D but in 3D, not just visualized but communicated. This ensures that our thought processes, material application, space planning, and required rendering are well-modelled on the computer before execution on-site,” he reveals.

Workforce is the cornerstone of every successful organization. Ar Manish says, “It’s true. Our practice isn’t a factory; it’s a creative studio.” The studio thrives on the creative spirit people bring, not just the machines. “While machines and technology are fully utilized, the creative minds and human spirit define our practice. We foster a culture of growth where everyone is eager to contribute positively, ensuring a continuous upward trajectory.”

Anchored in Human Ingenuity 

At TAO, he ensures that the creative spirit remains vibrant and that everyone walks in and out with the same enthusiasm. This spirit extends beyond his team, encompassing stakeholders like contractors, skilled labourers, artisans, and artists, resulting in holistic team growth. “We truly enjoy this journey.”

He also says that architects and interior designers often face challenges. For example, envisioning a house with a roof flowing down to the ground, creating a garden where the entire house is hidden underneath. While the idea and sketch were simple on paper, translating it into a functional design, allowing people to walk on the roof, posed technical and structural challenges. “Convincing clients and stakeholders about this concept was challenging, but we believe in finding solutions. Clients and consultants gain confidence when they see our clarity in resolving technical aspects, and we are committed to overcoming doubts and challenges to deliver mind-blowing results.”

Ar Manish advises budding aspirants wishing to enter an architectural niche: “Anchor yourself in a knowledge-based platform from which you can take flights of creativity. Create a robust platform, hold onto your skillset and spirit, perform at your best, and let the results speak for themselves, leading you to a better practice.”

An Expanding Vision to the Future 

Finally, divulging his vision for TAO Architecture, Ar Manish says that since its inception, he has been ensuring to strengthen the company’s foundation on a knowledge-based platform. They prioritize exposure, technical know-how, introspective design ideas, and their practical applications. With a great team, their company is poised for a stronger future.

Everyone under the TAO banner is committed to mutual growth, personally and professionally expanding. Their team structure allows them to handle various projects without compromising their creative spirit. The studio showcases its work and hosts events, workshops, and interactions with clients, vendors, and technical experts.

We’ve embraced the best software and hardware for efficient design processes and execution. Hungry for success, we aim for TAO to be globally recognized, practising acclaimed standards in each project,” concludes Ar Manish.

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