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Real estate is one of the most sought-after investment avenues across the globe. The sector is scaling newer heights with the combined endeavors of industry experts and recent government initiatives. Along with tech-enabled evolutions, presently this sector is prominently tapped by the emerging and existing Property Consultancies. These organizations are exclusively pulling-in solutions which are passing on a better lifestyle to the existing as well as the Gen Z. These experts are contributing to the economy with utmost prominence!
Established in 2011, Elite Landbase is one such innovative, trustworthy and independent real estate consultancy in Gurugram. It is amongst the leading organizations in the sector driven by knowledge, integrity and forward-thinking. With years of business acumen, today the venture has established itself into an ardent team of young professionals working constantly towards achieving higher milestones. Team Elite’s prime focus is being directed towards the upmarket, luxury residential and commercial segments.
Committed to quench the clientele with relevant and reliable information is what best describes Elite Landbase. It empowers its customers to withstand the complex fast-paced property market. For an investor seeking yield generating assets or home buyers, the venture is a one-stop shop for comprehensive constructive inputs. By carefully assessing every aspect and rolling out right solutions at the right time, it has created a niche in its sector. Team Elite believes that a property deal is much more than just a transaction – it’s the start of a long-term relationship, one which is built on knowledge, trust and transparency.
Leading with Excellence
Navdeep Sardana is the Founder and CEO of Elite Landbase. Backed by a strong academic background and a fine exposure to the corporate world, Navdeep believes that being grounded, goal-oriented and grateful always pays off in the longer run. Walking on his Father’s footsteps, Navdeep has inherited honest and dignified values in his personal as well as professional life. Leading a team of over a cent amazingly talented and zealous professionals, he lives by the famous philosophy of Ratan Tata – “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together”.
Originally hailing from a small town in Haryana, Navdeep is now a reputed name in Gurugram realty with his sheer determination and unified efforts.
Elite – A One-of-its-kind Brand
Living a luxurious lifestyle and enjoying the advanced amenities and comfort is everyone’s dream. Whether it’s a home buyer looking for a stylish home in a sophisticated society, or an entrepreneur struggling in search of the perfect work place for their employees, finding that one home or office isn’t an easy task. Keeping this in mind, with expertise in realty landscape and years of experience working with reputed real estate developer brands, the company excels in dealing with a plethora of products and services. Living by ‘Trusted for Transparency,’ the company keeps client satisfaction as its top most priority. Helping customers to make apt choices from the available options considering their requirements, interests and budget is Elite’s forte. Its curated set of deals and offers are backed by competitiveness leading to unmatchable experience.
Believing in creating relations rather than signing a business deal, Team Elite also offers after sales assistance with utmost staunchness. The organization is embracing new-age technology evolutions by digitalizing the marketing, promotions, transactions and the databases. “Our presence can be witnessed over various social media platforms that we use for digital branding and relevant updates,” says Navdeep. For marketing & sales, digital lead generation, internal procedures, and maintaining databases over online portals, Elite is in-line with the tech-enabled changes with its primary focus on adapting to the changing norms and market fluctuations.
Teamwork, dedication, and staying committed to the goals in every situation has helped the company in fighting the demand & supply complexities and quenching the needs of approx 5000 clients to its best.
Valuing Each Employee
 “Covering this journey and being able to make it this far has only been possible because of the team effort,” asserts the Founder.
Any organization is made by the people that work for it. Similarly, the driving force behind Elite’s success is its employees’ collective efforts and dedication. To keep the team members motivated, it is essential that the Company help them in their overall development. As the saying goes, “If you keep your employees happy, they will keep your clients happy,” and that’s how it has worked for Elite. The company provides its employees with the opportunities to grow and appreciate their deeds in order to motivate them for doing better. While adhering to an appropriate work culture is a mandate, Team Elite is a family, where each member is equally valued and has significant roles to play.
Elite’s Take on Property Consultants
Property consultants are a one-stop solution for people looking to invest in a property, as they are the mediators between the builders and buyers. Being in the picture, a consultant helps the builders with promotions and branding reaching a large mass of audience offline and digitally, and helps the buyers with a number of property options along with the offers, discounts, payment plans etc. The buyers get the expert’s point of view while investing their hard earned money as well as the after sales assistance. There is a personal touch in getting the property deals through a consultant, which is beneficial for the customer in a bigger picture. For example, a developer will offer limited options to the buyer as well as the price of the property will be non-negotiable; however, a consultant will offer more options within the budget that a buyer has. Apart from all this, a consultant can help the buyer to avail competitive pricing – value for money.
Guiding the Beginners
Elite advices the young minds to consistently gauge the market deviations and stay committed to their work. Things in real estate are forever changing, so never stop learning is a key to generate profitable outcomes. Establishing a brand is not an easy task – stay committed to the work, face the challenges, plan a way out from the possible risks, and be ready to outshine the future hurdles before they hit. Additionally, the company advises the emerging entrepreneurs and startups to keep their network strong and value their employees, as they are the most valuable assets of any  organization.
Now and Next
Elite has been in the business from long enough and has built a good reputation in the real estate market over the years. Being functional from Gurugram ever since the beginning, the company has recently launched a branch office in Pune. It has plans to spread its wings across Mumbai and Bangalore. Soon, it would take a deep dive into the global waters with an aim to establish a branch office in Dubai. As the founder of Elite Landbase, giving back to the industry is what Navdeep aspires to achieve. He also has plans to venture into new developments like never before.

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