Ensuring rewarding Human Capital Management (HCM) with payroll outsourcing

Rekha Jain| Vice President | Paysquare Consultancy[Payroll,Consultancy,HCM,capital management]

Ensuring rewarding Human Capital Management (HCM) with payroll outsourcing
Payroll comes as a vital element of your business processes similar to customer service, sales and marketing etc.

In such a scenario, any scope of errors owing to miscalculation will conclude in demotivated employees, hampering their work productivity. The process of payroll isn’t just vulnerable to calculation errors, but also involves adherence to hundreds of tax codes and regulatory norms and any mistake in this regard can cost dearly to an organisation.

While many businesses opt for in-house payroll operations, roping in a renowned and experienced payroll outsourcing vendor brings in significant business benefits to an organisation. The benefits extend to driving a more effective Human Capital Management(HCM).

Rekha Jain Vice President of PaysquareConsultancy [PaysquareConsultancy,HCM,Human Capital Management]
        Rekha Jain |Vice President | Paysquare Consultancy
A boon to the millennial workforce
Today’s tech-savvy workforce is inclined towards technology integrated payroll services including direct deposit and self-service portals which can be accessed online anywhere and on any device.

Employers that do not furnish these services are at a competitive disadvantage and witness a low employee retention rate. A rapid surge in the usage of mobile smart devices is also fuelling the trend of a seamless availability of employee payroll records on the go.

Enhanced employee productivity
One of the key challenges with in-house payroll operations is simply the amount of time it consumes, impacting the core business operations of an organisation.

Since the process demands significant attention to detail, every payday comes with a series of checks and balances to ensure that no errors are made.

Payroll outsourcing enables an organisation to utilize its outright employee productivity towards the core, revenue-generating processes, ensuring a higher business output and employee satisfaction.

An error-free data management also empowers you with new business insights, easier compliance taking your human capital management to the next level.

Access to a host of value-added services
Payroll outsourcing vendors offer a variety of services besides standard payroll and tax calculation including access to health benefits, contractor services, employee performance management tools etc. This brings in greater transparency in the organisation concerning the individual employee contribution, growth opportunities as well as recognising the outstanding performance of employees.

Higher employee engagement
Employee engagement gets a boost, when employees have clearly defined objectives, job roles that align with their key skills and a sense of autonomy.
Pairing performance management with rewarding payroll practices infuses motivation in employees to upskill their talent and productivity to further contribute to the growth of the organisation.

No disruptions during business restructuring
A rough business restructuring period often involves disruptions in employee pay and other services, negatively impacting employee morale and productivity. Payroll outsourcing fetches your business with the strategic benefit of consistent and precise employee payroll services without disruption owing to major business restructuring endeavours.

Ensuring steps to mitigate employee inconvenience during the business transition process is crucial to workplace satisfaction.

Enhanced data security of employees
With no stringent security mechanisms in place, in house payroll operations come with risks of data theft of employee information including their bank details. As digital transformation paves its way in the global economy, outsourcing our payroll operations will ensure the end to end financial security for your organisation. Credible payroll outsourcing players deploy several layers of data protection and rigorous security policies, instilling confidence among the workforce that their critical data is secured.
How to shortlist a payroll service provider

As an enterprise, there are three key factors you should consider before inking an agreement with a payroll outsourcing vendor-:

• Pricing
• Services
• Credibility

Other important elements to evaluate before going forward with an agreement include-:

History of the vendor

Since you are sharing confidential data with your service provider including the names, addresses, PAN details, bank account numbers as well as the power of attorney to make filings on behalf of your organisation, a rigorous assessment of vendor’s track record is crucial.

Technology adoption

Assessing the payroll vendor’s technological capabilities including to meet your organisation’s specific objectives is pivotal before investing in payroll outsourcing. A renowned vendor should boast of technological readiness to meet the growing demands of its clients.

Payroll Outsourcing packs a series of plausible benefits both for the organisation and its workers. With such advancement, enterprises are now racing towards a much simpler and highly personalized approach for Human Capital Management. The traditional HR model though gets the job done, is not striking enough in the new age of technology. Hence, Payroll outsourcing is the most opportune method to streamline both sides of HR operations.

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