Eurolife Healthcare completes acquisition of European Operations of TEVA, Hungary Intravenous Infusions Plant

Eurolife Healthcare

Mumbai, 04th February, 2020:  Eurolife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading Indian specialty pharmaceutical, today announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Intravenous Infusion business of TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Hungary for the  development and commercialization of Intravenous Infusions plant  in European and US markets.

Mr. Sandeep Toshniwal, CEO Eurolife Healthcare Pvt.Ltd. said, “As TEVA Pharmaceuticals IV Infusion becomes part of Eurolife Healthcare, it brings scope for us to expand our global presence in Europe & US markets and also gives us an edge over competitors as Eurolife becomes one of the Indian Pharmaceutical Companies in the IV infusion business to have its own plant in the European Union”.

“In the year 2017, Eurolife Healthcare acquired Baxter India’s Infusion Business and in continuation, has acquired IV Infusion plant of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Hungary. Eurolife is also investing in High speed machineries with the latest technology for the production of sterile IV Infusion,” informed Mr. Toshniwal, CEO Eurolife Healthcare Pvt.Ltd

“Given the dynamics of the market today, Eurolife will continue to use its capabilities in improving the product quality, processes and contribute to advance healthcare for the betterment of patient health and life. We now have to ensure that the company strengthens and build further on this great asset while moving forward to increase market share and global reach”, added Mr. Toshniwal

Eurolife’s perspective on expansion through Mergers and Acquisitions have yielded positive results and it will be an ultimate aim to follow this in coming years. Eurolife shall expand to other avenues with this strategy to ensure that it has an unmatchable global presence, thus paving the way for the company’s success.

Eurolife’s motto is to become relevant and to change the dynamics of CIV fluids in healthcare market globally by Inspiring Lives, further added by Mr. Sandeep Toshniwal, CEO Eurolife Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.

About Eurolife Healthcare Pvt Ltd:

Started in 2001, Mumbai-based Eurolife Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, is a specialty Pharmaceutical Company, It manufactures and distributes an exclusive portfolio of healthcare formulations, Intravenous Infusions, Ophthalmics, Sterilized water for Injections, Nebules, Tablets, Capsules, Ointment and Creams. In the year 2018, the brand acquired No.1 position in India for IV fluids.

Eurolife has the largest production capacity of Intravenous Infusions in India.

After acquiring Baxter International FFS Division in 2017, Eurolife has made its hold even more strong in the domestic and worldwide markets. The company aims to provide benchmark quality – Large Volume Parenterals / Small Volume Parenterals for the consumers at most economical prices. The driving force was the need of leading pharmaceutical organisation manufacturing assured quality products in this field.

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