Evolution of Animation in India


Initializing 20 years ago, people thought that animation is only about cartoons. But now it is at that level at which nobody can identify the real animation parts in Multimedia Field. Before starting the main topic, let’s go a little bit in the past. Remember, when in old days while discussing, people used to talk about “TRICK SCENES”, the seeds of [(VFX(Visual Effects) and CGI)] may be in these trick Scenes. Go little often this area of trick Scenes.
The role of stuntman / stuntwoman, who even in these areas of VFX & CGI still play part in Film Industry. Gradually and slowly one often one innovation took place and shaped an ever-changing field of animation which has done miracles for us as it is now existing.
In our own country, all south based stunts, effects; fighting scenes of a hero (including Rajnikant) are an example of gradually infringing work of VFX & CGI in feature films. Now Hindi films are also not behind in using Animation (VFX & CGI). Films like Ra-One, Krishh, and long cartoon films series including Ramayana, Krishna, Hanuman & Chhota Bhim, Motu patlu and all very popular films are based on this animation (VFX & CGI) effect only. The best example of tremendous success in Indian films industry is eye-opening record break popularity of Bahubali I & II.
Before few years there was hardly 10% to 20% of the (VFX & CGI Effect) animation used in our feature films production which has increased up to 50% to 80% today in even average future films making to the success of the films.
Albert Einstein has once written that imagination is more important than knowledge. So, imagination is everything. Before 20 years, people were thinking that animation is cartoon pictures only, but at this moment animation has reached such a high level that it is difficult to differentiate between real & animation. Walt Disney started the sketches by drawing from a frame by frame. His characters were popular the world over Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Nemo etc. The next stage of development was Stop Motion Animation was used in films like Sindbad when 3D animation was not available. Then the area of 2D computerized Animation began & became very popular. Famous character films & serials like Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, Chhota Bhim, Doremon, Popeye, Hanuman.
Till now, people started to know something about animation which was generally known as the cartoon at the end of the 20th century. But now withstanding of 3D animation the world has changed really. Animation now has reached at such a level that no one can differentiate between real world & animation creations. Now we can see the Animation like dinosaurs that disappeared long before as living, moving characters with sounds. In the last one and a half decade of the 20th century, two important Religious serials have a deep impact on Indian TV viewers. They had done a real miracle that at the TV show time lives on roads come to stand still. Ramayana & Mahabharata had done this magic on Indian viewers.
We can see imaginary Animation like Dragon Flaunt, Godzilla. We can also create different creatures from different planets like Star-War, Star-Trek, Lost in Space, Hulk, DC and Marvel Universe, ET-Alien etc. 3D animation had a very evolutionary stage in 2009. The huge success of “Avtar” made people know what a 3D animation can do. 3D animation has many advantages: it is rapid & quick, good looking like real substance or character.
Something new: what previously was impossible to be done, can now be done with the desired effect in creators mind at a reasonable rate. With the use of 3D animation like has improved as the time passed. Many revolutionary things started to happen like a field of computer gaming and mobile gaming like PUBG, God of World, Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, Super Mario, COC etc. With advancement in 3D animation serials like Motu Patlu, Chota Bhim, Hanuman, Shiva, Little Krishna, Troll Hunter (Netflix), Ganesha etc. are becoming very popular among children. More and more use of 3D Animation has created evolutionary changes in Architecture field, Medical (Neurology, Orthopedic, Dentist, Cosmetic Surgery and Many Others) Engineering & Mechanical. Education fields, Electronic, 3D Printing and many short ad-Films are popular on TV. In such a way, animation field has done many changes & revolutionized the life.
About the Author
Mayank Niamavat
Mayank is the founder & CEO of Sarvam FX . He has successfully Completed work with many renowned clients like Coca-Cola, Champs diaper, Aditya birla logo, Elite-18, Vadaliya Food, Nissan , Bollywood Animated Films & Serials, Ganesh Auto (TATA), Balaji Wafer, Roger motors. Since twelve years, he has been active in the Animation & Graphics (Multimedia) Industry.

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