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FXiation Digitals

Visual effects help in creating environments that look realistic when integrated into the live footage that can be expensive, impractical, or impossible to capture. The history traces VFX back into the 1900s with the single-frame method, stop-motion method and miniature models. Then a milestone came in the industry and studios used the footages comprising cables, blue screen and camera tricks. After conjoining all these, the studios created the illusion of visual effects. The visual effects have evolved a long way since then. Nowadays, VFX studios can create anything that a mind can imagine. FXiation Digitals is a one such leading full-fledged VFX and animation studio based in Mumbai.
Established in 2015, the studio has generated content for the global advertisements, music videos, television episodes, and feature films. As a VFX & animation studio, it creates and accomplishes every wish, world, character, object, and reality that the mind can summon. With an excellent team of experts driving the workflow, the studio consistently delivers world-class VFX solutions across the globe. It is the one-stop destination for all the ventures, requiring visual effects and 3D animation.
The Imaginative Leader
Sourav Chatterjee is the Founder and CEO of the FXiation Digitals. He started his visionary journey purely out of his love for VFX. He leveraged five years of experience by working with various high profiles studios and achieved respectable success. But deep down he felt something was lacking in his career and to fulfil this gap, he established FXiation Digitals.
On recounting his view towards the animation industry he asserts, “VFX industry has come a long way and with the daily new innovations in the field, it still has a long way to go. However, the road ahead is getting more exciting day by day. I am really enthusiastic about the future of AR technology moving forward and can envision FXiation Digitals involvement in that direction.”
The Exceptional Talented Pool
The company strongly believes that working on any VFX project is a team project. The studio also believes that autonomy brings in more productivity and amplifies the collaborative behaviour, rather than the constant supervising. The studio maintains the corporate environment to a minimum and encourages more of relaxed and fun cultured. It also appreciates the hard work of an artist and acknowledges that this hard work, in the long run, will aid in building a solid proactive team.
Accommodating the Target Audience and Customers
The studio considers anyone with the imagination and willingness to bring it on the big screen as its target audience. The studio has worked with the filmmakers of all kinds and various production studios. It also includes the individuals who want to get their passion project off the ground. It is currently focuses on increasing the value for its clients. The studio’s flexible pipeline makes it convenient for the client to track the progress of the projects. Such flexibility further aids in efficient project delivery.
Coping up with the Industry Turmoil
The firm retain its consistency by understanding the importance of deadline and quality services. In a fiercely competitive global market, this attribute is mandatory for any VFX studio to preserve its existence. However, to differentiate from the rest, the studio depend heavily on its excellent communication skills. This skill helps the studio to translate the director’s vision to the big screen and efficient delivery of massive scale projects. It copes up with the turmoil in the industry by maintaining the client’s sense of trust. Consequently, this trust forces clients in coming back to the studio. The studio shines in the human aspect of clients, which it renders via its communication skills.
Perceiving Current Scenario as an Opportunity
According to the studio, the Indian animation and VFX industry, in terms of its technical skills are already at par with the international standard. However, the acceptance of a VFX heavy movie in a mainstream scenario is still very less. It has more to do with what sells than what the filmmakers want to make.
However, over the years, there has been a shift in the audience perspective as well as on what they want to see. This has forced the filmmakers to move out of stereotypes. VFX is no longer seen as an eye candy accessory in the filmmaking process. It has now evolved into a tool that complements the storytelling process and it will definitely become an upward trend from here on.
Envisioning the Future
To ensure the continued growth and development, the studio’s primary focus is to improve and enhance its core strength everyday. At its best, the company is all set to accept technological innovations in its working pipeline. In future, the studio definitely sees itself as a growing market leader, not only in the VFX, but also in the overall entertainment industry. Moreover, the studio has future plans that entail expanding its resources into gaming stream as well.
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