Digitoonz: Animating the Most Versatile Illusions of Life


Established in 2009, Digitoonz is an animation production studio in New Delhi, India with an office in Delaware, USA. Digitoonz stands for digital cartoons and provides services for all stages of production. It specializes in the areas of producing TV Series in Flash, 2D and CGI Animation for TV – Broadcast and feature film.
Digitoonz is built with a lot of hard work and passion. At the time of inception, all it had was efforts and honesty. It took time for the studio in accelerating its success pace as it was without any backup. Nonetheless, the studio maintained its integrity and has never looked back since its first client. The firm is grateful that its team strength is increasing with each passing year. The studio has achieved worldwide success due to its quality work and prompts deliveries. The company’s core value is to give chance to freshers and take out the best out of them. Digitoonz believes that today’s youth have extraordinary dedication. The vision of the studio is to have a long-term relationship with all its clients. Now with more than three-hundred artists in-house, Digitoonz is one of the largest rapidly growing animation studios in India.
Focused Vision to Achieve Desired Mission
Digitoonz believes in building and maintaining a healthy relationship with its client by making a quality and on-time delivery of requirements. Its creative and production team, client service, experience, and technological understanding helps the studio in delivering content that exceeds client expectations. In addition, its vision is to be amongst the top animation production companies in the world, leveraging a technology and process-enabled global delivery model.
A Leader with Consistency and Pooled Resources
Vikas Kumar is the Founder & CEO of Digitoonz. He started the firm with his friend Nadim Akhtar to provide animation services for worldwide customers. He believes in quality work, prompt delivery, and transparency. He looks for perfection in everything his company does. He keeps his keen eyes on the latest technology and upgrades himself and his team members relevantly. During the initial days of establishment, he was aware that there were no major animation companies in North India. He knew his dream of establishing a leading company is not going to be easy due to the lack of resources. However, against all odds, he never backed down his strength and achieved his dream of establishing the first big animation studio in North India. Initially it was hard to get International Animation Project and to sustain the studio worked with leading publishing, e-learning and advertising companies like: NIIT, Educomp, IL&FS, HCL, CORE Group, Jaypee Group, Span Communication, etc. Later Digitoonz got the project BONDI BAND, which was the first international TV series the studio worked on. It was a difficult phase for the team as it was a totally different experience to work and perform on the animation of a TV series but at the same time it was really great to learn and grow.
Today Vikas is the face of Digitoonz. He is moving forward very actively with many new business opportunities to grow Digitoonz worldwide and also in opening new ventures for Kids Entertainment and edutainment. Vikas believes in spreading his hands and grabbing new opportunities even if the studio has to build a team from the scratch.

The One Stop Shop for all Animation Services
Digitoonz creates any type of content that a mind can envision. The studio provides specialized services to fulfill the current organizational needs.

This all-in-one studio has expertise in developing 2D and 3D animated TV series and feature films. However, the key strength of its service is 2D animation. The studio has worked in almost every style of traditional 2D animation. The artists working at Digitoonz are from a traditional animation background. In their early time, these artists used to work on Lightbox, which compliments them to opt for 2D over 3D. The studio has successfully completed several series for its clients across the globe and continues to grow with countless work in all its departments.
The distinct services provided by the studio are:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Toon Boom Harmony Animation
  • Lighting, Rendering, and Composting
  • TV Commercials
  • Ink and Paint

Mastering the Technology Resonance
Initially, the studio started the work from  2D animation using Flash and now using the latest technology, i.e. Toon Boom Harmony. Working on Toon Boom Harmony is influencing the animation industry majorly because it is increasing the productivity of the animation. It helps the artists to ease themselves in doing the animation. Rig based characters in this software fasten up the productivity. Working on toon boom harmony saves the time to fifty percent as it maintains the pipeline so there is no manual maintenance needed.

Studio’s Point of View towards the Industry
According to the studio, earlier majority of the animation companies were dependent on only the service work but now the production of local content is very much in. Even YouTube is an independent field now. It gives a lot of free space to the animation companies to develop their own content and earn.  Moreover, if the company need to keep providing the service work than it has to provide a very good quality of work as the level of animation is increasing with each passing time.

A Few Proud Experiences
The studio prides itself on delivering a specific project named ‘Mirette Investigates’. It had to adopt new technology and the studio was running short of time. Nonetheless, the studio took it up as a challenge and started with a small team. Its key animators worked on the project extraordinarily and that too with such exceptional quality. The hard work on this project earned the studio a huge appreciation from the client. Furthermore, this hard work paid off as this project made Digitoonz’s status known worldwide. There was also a project – Galaxi Taxi, which helped the studio and taught its team how to give the feel of traditional animation by using rigged characters. In addition, the planning of the project was something very useful to learn. Bondi Band (An Animated TV Series of 52 Episodes of 11 Minutes from Latin America and Europe) was another project which was indeed a very proud experience for the studio as it was the First TV series the studio’s team was work on. At that time, the studio was new and its crew was in the process of gearing up, learning and performing. One of the broadcasters of these series was Disney XD so the quality was very high. For Digitoonz, it was not only a challenge to meet the quality expectations but also the communication, delivery process and pipeline was also very challenging as the client was from Latin America. This project opened our door to pitch other big projects.

Future Keyframes
The studio plans to expand its resources all around the globe. It is planning to work more into its intellectual properties and starting its new YouTube channel for kids. It is also planning to start new endeavors to serve 3D animation and gaming. Other than the Animation Business, Digitoonz has also invested into Education Business i. e. – Layford International School and Dikshant Industrial Training Institute. The mission behind such ventures is to help the society through education. Apart from this, the company is investing in International Co Production, Content Creations, Gaming, Education, Hospitals, and Hospitality Business.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Animation Companies to Watch in 2018

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