Excel Placement Services: Reiterating Manpower Management

Excel Placement Services

Managing manpower is not an easy task and that is the reason most companies trust the best of the services when it comes to finding the right candidate for the post. There are a number of placement organizations which are working in this service-providing sector. But there are only a few who could understand the demand of the market and be the apt provider of it.
In an interview with Insights Success, Rajeet Singh Bagga, Founder of Excel Placement Services gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made by his company to take manpower management services to a new level.

  1. Kindly brief us about the company. Enlighten us with the foundation story and a brief detail on the company’s initial days.

I started Excel Placement Services with the idea of wanting to help Indians to find opportunities abroad. We have so many talented and hard-working people, but there is a lack of opportunity for the large part of the population. We act as a connection between these people and different organizations. We started off as a small company with the strength of only two people and went on to grow to a team of fifty people. I still work as an active member of the team and am always there alongside my team to ensure the best standard possible.

  1. Brief us about the Founder/CEO of the company.

My father, Shri Mahender Singh Bagga and I founded Excel Placement Services. I am a commerce graduate with an International business management diploma from London (UK). Before joining EPS, I was a proprietor at Chaman Auto Consultants. Due to my rich experience in managing and handling workforce solutions, today Excel Placement Service is serving workforce needs of more than 300+ prominent government and multinational companies across Gulf, Central Asia and Africa regions.

  1. What kind of ethics, principles and manner of working you observe while running the business?

Our process is very transparent. Our intentions of working with the organization are put forward with clarity and we put our best foot forward. We never say ‘No’ to a challenge. We are flexible with our Terms and Conditions and we have always worked towards building a long-term relationship with our clients.
I am approachable to my team as well and one thing that I force them to practice is to not just come to me with problems, but with possible solutions to those problems as well. This helps in solving most problems and it helps in the growth of employees as well.

  1. Please tell us about the business model you follow that makes the brand unique in the mid of cutthroat competition.

Excel Placement Services is a true extended HR arm to our clients, like an extension of their teams. Our account managers work with clients to find solutions to their hiring needs. Our involvement in the hiring process is only limited by what our clients want us to do. We have a reach into the remotest locations of India to source talent. It has to be a win-win situation for our clients and candidates.

  1. Tell us about the business policies, the agendas and customer services you provide.

Our Business policies are simple; we provide world-class solutions for our clients and candidates. The only way we are able to do so is by focusing on the below three:

  1. Quality
  2. Transparency
  3. Cost Effectiveness

We provide services for both Domestic and Overseas Placements. Apart from that, we have extended our hands to permanent staffing, temporary staffing, contract staffing and payroll services as well.

  1. Brief us about the future of the company or the goal it has set to mark its uniqueness in the future.

Expansion plans are there in the near future, which includes territory and the team as well. We also are planning to open trade testing centers where talent can be nurtured and be placed in relevant organizations. There are people willing to work hard and have the energy, and we want to help them channelize it.
The idea is not to stand out or be the best in the competition, the future of our company is to keep improving, evolving and to keep setting higher goals for ourselves. We are our own competition.

  1. Please share with us the current industry scenario from your perspective.

Manpower Supply is a very volatile industry as the hiring depends on the economy. The organizations usually work with multiple agencies and it is a constant rat race. We believe the quality of business we provide helps us to add to the goodwill in the industry which eventually will bring business to us. It’s simple!

  1. Advice for the budding entrepreneurs who are trying to embark in the same field.

Dealing with Manpower is a complex work compared to dealing with products or services where the dependency is in-house. It’s a rough ride and we deal with challenges day in and day out. What helps us cope up with the situation is that we are focused on the deliverables and ensure we are self-motivated all the times with a number of targets:

  1. To be solution oriented. Recognize where the gap or problem is and fix it.
  2. Do not let failure stop you, and go one company at a time.
  3. Working on the surface for manpower consulting will not reap results, understanding the Industries, trades, supply and demand, and your clients will be your key to success.
  4. Quality should be given the utmost importance to establish yourself in the market.
  5. Kindly tell us about the accomplishments and acknowledgments of the company.

Testimonials from our clients and Awards are definitely encouraging, but according to me, accomplishments are when we surpass our own capabilities. We are always striving to keep take up challenges and coming up with new hiring solutions to complex requirements.

  1. If you want to add any information or any other important factors about the company, then we are eager to know them.

We have plans for expansion and will soon be opening more branch offices. We are also planning to start training institutes to nurture talent and equip candidates with skills to be able to give their 100% at their workplace.

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