Avon Solutions & Logistics: Rehashing Mail Management Services with Avant-Garde Solutions

Avon Solutions & Logistics

Running a mailroom is one of the integral parts of any business venture and it has become important in enhancing the efficiency of any reputed organization. Different solution services are working to make its mark, but Avon Solutions & Logistics is one of those prestigious companies which have special arrangements for the free-flowing and undisrupted mail management services and has touched the zenith. There are different silos of mail management for specific needs of dispatch or distribution of packages and the brand takes care of that department in the most prolific manner and works as a one-stop solution. The services are held in such a manner wherein the client doesn’t need to have multiple service providers for their work done, giving them the ultimate cost and time benefits.
With the outright commitment of the employees, an unrelenting service attitude of the team, and the zeal to succeed, Avon Solutions & Logistics is excelling every challenge and is marching with a smile to set milestones.
The Mastermind of Avon Solutions
Krishna Kumar profoundly known as KK is the Founder and Director of Avon Solutions & Logistics. This man has great knowledge in his field of business and along with it has a wide range of job experience in the public sector as well as private brands. Being part of the courier/logistics industry since 1985, he held the position of Senior Sales Management profile in leading distribution logistics companies prior to starting his own venture Avon Solutions & Logistics.

A self- styled, innovative entrepreneur, KK is influenced by “Be on my Own” mantra while started the venture during early 1998, with the little savings of him. But the initiation was not that easy like in the stories and movies, and the journey was tough during its budding days. But it was those days which worked on his behalf only to flourish the company later as one of the leading logistic brands of India. Avon, understand the unique needs and demands of today’s corporate world seeking a sweeping transformation in their mailroom management & services and marching with ultimate proficiency.

KK expresses the reason behind his success, “The fulcrum for Avon’s growth has always been the commitment of our people to the customers and the trust in the organization. Our core policies have been consistently customer oriented. Personnel has grown along with the organization with a thorough experience of the product and services.

Ascending the Graphs of Progress
The company Avon Solutions & Logistics started initially as an Intra-city document player in Chennai and Mumbai as a proprietary firm, currently has its headquarter in Chennai. With continuous effort, the brand eventually up scaled itself to Mailroom Management Service brand in 1998 when the mushrooming growth of IT/ITES in the country was at its peak. The brand is sustaining the successes organically, and it is also riding ahead along with the opportunities across BFSI. With a consistent record of growth and returns, it has established its value over the years while specializing in the niche segments. These eventually led the company being the premier and premium players in the immensely competitive sector.
KK reminiscent “it all started with 4 employees and built a base of 300 employees within a span of less than 4 years; currently has more than 1000 employees.

Without any propaganda, the brand cherishes its true success witnessing the long queue of clients and service relationships with them. The average contractual service period for customers with the company has mostly been more than five years. These are the truest testimonies to the growth and operating principles of Avon.

Catering the Client’s Needs
The motto of Avon Solutions & Logistics has always been the unique and ultimate service, and from the initial days it believed in the policy of “Plus one”. It has been the fundamental mantra of KK to keep the company growth consistent and uprising. The last mile of the express industry is delivering packages to a large clientele. Integrated Mail Management Solutions is a logical extension of a mail distribution set up, while the last part of the process is the delivery of a package by the courier. The process and service integration is the last part of the service and it starts from that point of activity of the delivery process that caters to the client needs. As it eventually influences the client, the specific service needs the logistic solution.

KK adds, “Our model of an integrated approach further establishes the fact that our systems & services seamlessly interact with our clients, as an extended arm, giving us the edge of a preferred service partner.”

Some of the significant contributions have been to deliver services through process and systems right from the initial days of FoxPro platform. It is the continuous designing and developing of proprietary tools that enabled Avon to standout and be a significant player in the domain. The proprietary service tools are developed as a customized requirement for the customers. Some of it has been developed for deployment much ahead of its time to establish service efficiency and brand image.

Sustenance through Core Support
The company believes “Mailroom solutions is not just the art of handling inbound and outbound mails, documents and parcels, but it’s beyond.

The product profile has always been a niche segment of customized service solutions and thus it has its own nuances in its marketing approach. Hence the scalability is very organic based on the service integrity, reliability and words of trust. Business development leads primarily on the basis of customer references.
Some of the personals, who have been the founding member of the company, today are heading key positions in the company by sheer dedication and learning attitude. Internally the company has also inducted a team of professionals from the logistics industry to further standardize, stabilize and take forward the growth prospects, maintaining the organic growth had sustenance.

The challenge was the satiation to hunger for growth. The company came with new products and services to further initiate to compliment on the same mail management domain which helped it to grow more organically. KK believed “The strength had always been to customize the services and initiate new product or service development.”

A Specialized Strategy
Avon’s specialization has been in the field of “Post last mile delivery”. With the advancement in E-Commerce and the enhanced necessity of it has become part of the daily commotion for the fulfillment of the delivery service. There is a great potential in this sector and harnessing this opportunity can be too beneficial for logistic services. Every E-Com and Logistic company in India has got only one agenda and it is to increase the productivity. Thereby reducing the cost can turn out to be one of the best ways to keep it up with the business model. Now there is no better way to do it than to work along with Mailroom Management Companies like Avon Solutions & Logistics because it is already part of the Major Corporates.
There are some challenges too and COD (cash on delivery) is undoubtedly the next big challenge for E-Com and Logistic companies. If the E-Com and Logistic companies desire to solve this problem, they must do the same by working together.

The Housing (Gated Communities) too require such logistic solution in a big way. With a speedy shift from traditional shopping to the internet and mobile-based shopping, door deliveries such as courier documents, consumables, food items, medicines, and many more have been on a rampant surge. But modern apartment complexes are too skeptical when it comes to allowing such delivery personnel to walk into residents’ houses for deliveries. Various reports suggest it is therefore very imperative that the vendor and the service provider’s personnel are restricted from the complex access. Also, motivation to commit a crime increases with the familiarity of the property.  It is also highly difficult within the apartment complex to segregate a resident and it is even more complicated in a complex that has a lot of roadways, walkways, parking lots, recreational areas, lobbies, elevators etc. Hence Mailroom Management is a necessity in most apartment complexes and Avon claims it to be the right time to implement the same.

Striding towards a Buoyant Future
Unlike the previous days of the startups, today technology is more prominent and the solutions are built around the services to enhance the efficiency to a new level. Avon’s model of package management proficiency to deliver certainly fulfills this segment with the least cost and maximum productivity and returns in the future with more innovative ideas and simplified solutions.

The company has a keen eye to become the best from the rest with its updated solutions and innovative ideas to make the logistic services more efficient than ever. New products and services will further be initiated to complement the mail management domain which helped Avon Logistics to grow more organically.
Source :-The 10 Most Essential Business Service Providers of 2018

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