Extencore Solutions: Designing a Gateway towards the Future of Machine World

‘World of Machine’ is not an unheard phrase, probably far common in Automation and Robotics. The two fields have given a mere glimpse of the future. We are at the top of the horizon while peaking in a new dimension, the only thing we lack is a gateway. Extencore Solutions offer to carry those expectations to build a gateway, so we could enter into the new dimension, a place called Machine World.

Extencore Solutions is about design, development, research and much more for mechanical products and equipment. Simply putting it is a One-Stop-Shop and Homeland for all mechanical and other engineering products. A global force to reckon with, providing  CAD, CAE, CFD and other allied engineering solutions such as, Design Automation, Design validation techniques and FEA, and the list goes on. Extencore Solutions offer a leveraging technology and working knowledge based on experience of different industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Oil and Gas, and Surgical equipment. That makes Extencore Solutions, an engine honking way past its competitors, blowing up the barriers and at the gateway of the new dimension, World of Machines.

Extencore Solutions: A Perfect Model without any Errors

What does make a product perfect? For Extencore Solutions, the work starts from the design of a product and follows down a complete life cycle of the product, including processing, validation, testing and production; the engineering team with vast knowledge and experience continuously maintains the quality of the product through its life cycle. The process hardly stops here, Extencore Solutions takes a great pride and value for its client feedback to ensure product matches their expectations. More than often feedback comes with a big smile on client face, an expression from happy and satisfied client.

Extencore also offers a virtual extension for their clients R&D, the research team of Extencore has proved valuable contributor to clients R&D success. Extencore is equipped with the latest technology tools and world class infrastructure, able to attract a global client base. Their infrastructure includes high end workstations, standard process management systems and access to vast internal libraries.

Making Of Successor-Merging of F E Core Solutions and Extentia Information Technology

The merging of two technologically advanced companies was a masterstroke in making, as Externia’s global presence in IT domain met with F E Core’s engineering expertise. They were busy in their own domain as destiny and opportunity brought them together. Together, their aim was to target larger customer segments in the field of manufacturing, automotive and aerospace industries.

Extencore Solutions is ready to take the “Make in India” initiative of the Government to a whole different level. There by achieving a complete productivity of the product for every customer and any support if required by the customer even after project completion is catered with equal commitment.

Insights on the Findings of Co-founders: Mr.Farzin Irani & Mr. Sundaram Rout

A sound management system and expertise of founder makes, enhances and speeds up the development, provides commitment to deliver a perfect working product to the clients.

Sundaram Rout, Co-Founder and Director, has been more oriented towards the Business development and growth of the company. The dynamic leader provides his attributes in product engineering design and simulation. His vast skill set includes optimizing engine design parameters by Virtual Topology, Automotive Concept Modeling, Global Adaptivity and Probabilistic Design. The universities approached Sundaram to provide essential industrial knowledge and expertise to their students. Not only students but also teachers, as many as 180 professors from 38 different universities have asked him to provide his expertise to them.

Farzin Irani, Co-Founder and Director, is inclined towards the day to day operations of the company. His understanding of latest technology helps to keep them ahead of their competitors in Information Technology. His work and valuable inputs are the major reasons for successful execution of every project. For six years he has been one of the strongholds in his workforce. Some of his work includes design, assembly and drafting of various boilers, CIP & SIP skids, and assembly of disk brakes, modeling and assembly engine parts, modeling and assembly of suspension and chassis equipment, modeling and assembly of various materials handling equipment.

Their unique skills, consistent performance and dedication are followed by every employee of their company. They are the pillars of an empire in the making.

Steps of Excellence

Structural flexibility of the company, commitment to productivity and correct costing gives the company excellence which they aim for the most. The company provides an optimization in Ideation phase and precise engineering along with much needed research data and IP to its client base. Here are some of the steps of their excellence.

Quality of the Product

Extencore maintains and provides clients the standard quality of the product. Extencore have a strong base of skilled professionals which makes sure customer’s project on track all the time.

Partners for Life

Extencore have a long term association with a number of different partners for each different project. The technical association brings about required quality and assures the success of every project.

A Secured Commitment

Extencore follows every single industry standard in the book and makes sure clients will get enhanced sense of security, and commitment for life, alongside Non-Disclosure Agreements.