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Brief us about the CEO/Founder. Give us some details about his experience with SD Squared.
Sachin Dev Duggal, CEO & Co-Founder, SD Squared
At 33, Sachin Dev Duggal is an innovator exemplar, a multi venture maverick, and a strong advocate of enterprises that create social impact, benefiting the world at large.
With SD Squared, Sachin leads Product Innovation, Design & Strategy, while overseeing core executive functions & investments. A team of over 150 come around “Sach” with engineers from tier I engineering institutions and fortune 100 companies, over the last 3 years Sachin has steered a very successful venture in SD Squared with over 300 percent year on year growth. In the last few months, his sharp focus has been in next generation path breaking technologies working on Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Advanced Virtual/Mixed Reality Technologies and can often been seen working with the SD Squared Research & Experience center on the Microsoft HoloLens or HTC Vive. His long term future thinking helps in the company’s innovation to stay ahead of the race and take both short term bets as well as moonshots.
Among his achievements include being awarded the Youth Leader – NCEC of ASSOCHAM, The MIT TR35 Indian Innovator of the Year, The Price Waterhouse Coopers Leader of Tomorrow, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, The BBC Young Asian achiever of the Year, UNEP Global 500 Youth Award among others.
Tell us about SD Squared professional services, solutions and expertise areas?
SD Squared provides “peace-of-mind-outsourcing, using A.I. , ridiculous brain power & mad love to bring ideas to life; always, timely and beyond expectation”. The entire business model is disrupt on behalf of the consumer the entire outsourcing model from over-pricing, under-delivery and inconceivable opaqueness in how competitive firms deliver.
SD Squared is the trusted partner to several start-ups and enterprise companies providing them mission critical solutions for their customers to ensure that their business is always on and accessible. Be it the start-up ecosystem or enterprise businesses, SD Squared brings customer value through its brands; for application development, and for cloud infrastructure services, billing and managed services. The centerfold strategy of using artificial intelligence, automation, ridiculous brainpower & deeply vested partnership help bringing customer ideas to life.
SD Squared is one of the leading reseller and consulting partners of Amazon Web Services and manages cloud infrastructure of 400 customers and a large majority of the e-commerce industry accessed the AWS cloud services through us as a partner. The company has also built applications that reach over 50 million users and a billion views.
How SD Squared differs from its peers and how it maintained the highest standards of quality?
SD Squared’s business philosophy is based on three key principles; automation, transparency, and financial control. Quite frankly, the SD view is that most outsourcing companies are not aligned with their customers.
Be it a startup or an enterprise; budget overruns, delayed timelines and quality issues are always a top concern. SD Squared has addressed this by using complex machine learning technology, artificial intelligence and automation to replace nonstandard processes, published pricing and zero risk on delays. Customers get a commitment on maximum cost and timeline and if there is a delay, customers do not pay extra and if the project is completed before the committed timeline, they only pay for the weeks that the team took to complete the project.
What are the key values which helped you to overcome the roadblocks/challenges, that SD Squared faced during the establishment?
We follow a set of core values codified into “HEARTT”. They are; Have Heart, Think Entrepreneurship, Always Accountable, Always Respectful, End to End Transparency and Never Compromise on Trust. This has helped us overcome all roadblocks.
One of the key challenges we see in the industry is the availability of trained expertise on technology stacks that we work on. To overcome this, we hire from premier institutions such as IIT and Tier I engineering colleges and train fresh talent on skills that are in demand.
We also train our teams to be multi-skilled to ensure that they always have a project to work on in the event one of the technology stacks has lesser adoption as things change.
The management team encourages an open-door policy at SD Squared and this helps keeping the rockstars (employees) as we call them engaged and motivated.
What benefits your clients are getting from SD Squared? Give us some examples of your satisfied clients.
For clients who are looking at us to build their application, we provide transparent pricing, maximum timelines, gold standards in code development, automated and manual code testing and guaranteed peace of mind. We have also built components that reduce the time to build each application and today, we have been able to shrink the time by 50% to build applications and the cost benefit is passed on to the clients.
Where is SD Squared going? What excites you about the future?
SD Squared is fixing the notion of bad outsourcing. Our focus on working with machine learning technology, automation and artificial intelligence will move us to be a leader in the next outsourcing revolution; one ecstatic customer as a time.
With a growth of over 300% year on year, we see ourselves as one of the reckoning forces in the next age technology solutions; leading the wave of ‘unscrewing Outsourcing’.

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