Marvel Structural Consultants: Specializing in Structural Engineering

Based out of Chennai and founded by IIT Madras alumni, Marvel Structural Consultants (MSC) specializes in Steel Structural Engineering. They provide all types of structural engineering  solutions including steel design, and detailing services of structures such as Industrial, Equipment skid design, Silo, Pre Engineered Buildings, Blast Resistant Buildings, Ware-houses, Residential designs, Infrastructure, Power, Onshore, Offshore, Solar Panel Support Structure, Inverter Room, Control Room, Cable Trenches Equipment Support, Oil & Gas etc. Headed by talented and experienced professionals specializing in Structural Design, Marvel aims to understand the needs and aspirations of their clients to help their dreams come true.
Marvel focuses on all structural design solutions and building design services, including concrete and steel detailing services. Marvel boasts of some well-known, satisfied and repeating clientele, including Hitachi Power Europe GMBH, Germany, Yousuf Machines & Structurals, Dubai, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Tata Power Ltd., Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica, Vamshee Shipping Carrier (P) Ltd., DH Glabe & Associates USA, Petrofac Engineering Services India Ltd. and Technip India Ltd.
An Exceptionally Talented Mentor
Coming from a family of civil engineers, it was natural for Ajith P S, CEO & Co founder, to venture into civil engineering. However, he was completely hooked to the technicalities and went ahead to IIT Madras for M. Tech. in Structural Engineering. During a brief stint at TCE, working on Nuclear Reactor Design, he got a lot of exposure to technical details and the specific acumen to move ahead with business while also learning corporate discipline and working with huge volumes. He then returned back to his alma mater, where his guide Dr. Arul Jayachandran (Associate Professor) introduced to his future partners, whose dreams perfectly aligned with his vision of starting a business in the field of structural consultancy.
As the CEO for past four years, he has been involved in major decision-making, management and financial planning and leading the team. Operating during the changes and challenges over the course of varying market situations, has been the most challenging and rewarding experience for Ajith. His motivation to excel, open mindedness to embrace change, ability to spread enthusiasm has helped Marvel to grow from a single person’s dream to a 20 men reality.
Founding story  
Cofounder of Marvel, Mr. Sivaprasad was too committed that he decided to forgo placements offer at IITM and joined Marvel immediately after graduation. Mr. Gijo John, left his job and moved back from Delhi to join the team on this fabulous journey. The fourth partner, Mr. Anoop Baby, who joined later, is a wonderful addition to the team with his experience and expertise for over a decade. They named their dream ‘Marvel Structural Consultants’ and registered it as a company in 2012.
Being Different while maintaining Highest Standards of Quality
Marvel was started with a strong spirit to compete alongside established and experienced senior consultants and MNC’s. MSC is keen to make a difference in this established conventional business, with their innovative marketing, technical and strategic solutions. They concentrate on behavioral aspects rather than procedural orientation of a structure, making their solutions highly specific and valuable to the client. The motivated team of Marvel staff is handpicked after rigorous interviews and molded into efficient engineers through their in-house program that includes routine quality-based training, proper mentoring, and providing freedom for exploring new possibilities. Offering a highly customized package for their customers, Marvel will commit only what they can deliver and gives extreme care to deliver their services with no errors at all. The team has made innovative strategies to market and expand the company with limited available resources, in a quick span of time. Marvel believes in having a culture of mutually motivating colleagues which will create a cohesive team, motivated to give the best service to the clients.
Marvel has been serving clients from different market sectors like hospitality, education, power plants, healthcare retails, corporate and science and technology. Working with architects, and other professionals, they create conceptual designs and ensure that the structure can be realistically built and is stable and durable. Marvel also undertake structural analysis to understand the effects of loads/stresses caused by gravity, daily use of the structure, and cater to the widely varying climatic conditions and ground conditions around the world. The team is well versed with the advanced design practices and codal provisions of different countries and they take due care in incorporating green concept in the design of buildings.
Inculcating true Values in their Services 
The perseverance showed by the Marvel team along with their capacity to adapt and evolve  during fluctuating market conditions gave them a good leverage over the years. Satisfied customer feedbacks provide the confidence to express different ideas and strive for innovative solutions. Support from the staff is marvel’s unique strength for adapting to change, rising up according to the market demand and overcome all crisis situations. Professionalism in delivering products without losing moral code of ethics of the company has helped MSC, not only to overcome the lows, but also to stand out from the crowd.
A privileged Achievement
MSC was invited to conduct structural analysis and design of a unique landmark structure, the Kochi Muziris Biennale Pavilion, envisioned by the internationally acclaimed architect Mr. Nuru Karim. It was a challenging landmark structure which made Marvel explore more unconventional options and appreciate the technical aspects. This can be shown by the fact that the project is selected for presentation at Structural Engineering Convention 2016. It has also been listed as a Nominee for the ‘Be inspired Award 2015’ for Structural Analysis Criteria, conducted by Bentley systems.
Optimistic Future Expansion
Marvel is looking forward to a stabilized expansion of their presence in India and other international markets in the segment of delivering quick and best structural design solutions to their clients. Marvel is excited about designing landmark structures, special structures and aiming to become one of most trusted structural consultants in the world. MSC sees itself advancing technically, in its design capacity, in its global presence, in providing simple solutions to challenging problems, addressing the gap between resources and demand, while maintaining satisfied customers across all sectors.

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