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Dr. Ritu Hinduja | MD | MRM (UK), DRM (Germany)[Reproductive medicine, IVF Clinic, reproductive technologies, Medical Research, psychological counselor, Reproductive medicine, Infertility treatment]
Dr. Ritu Hinduja | MD | MRM (UK), DRM (Germany)

Reproductive medicine is growing rapidly, providing options for people who face infertility challenges

IVF is usually effective, though not always immediately for all women, research suggests that if you’re considering assisted reproductive technologies to help you conceive, it is suggested that you chose your fertility clinic well and that can improve your odds of a good outcome. But with so many clinics out there to choose from deciding which one best meets your needs can feel a bit overwhelming. You can use the following pointers to help you chose a clinic that meets your needs.

  1. Do some research: All fertility clinic may apparently look the same, but they are not, and it does not hurt to do your homework.

You may want to consider inquiring about the success rate of the clinic. While inquiring about the success rates it is advisable to compare oranges to oranges so compare the success rates for your age group and also the kind of treatment that you plan to do. Once you are convinced about the success rates it’s a good idea to have a look at their accreditation you can either look for ISO, ISAR or a NABH accreditation in the Indian subcontinent. Also make sure that the clinic is registered with the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research)

  1. Ask Questions: Before you commit to an IVF clinic its always best to ask all the questions that come to mind even if you think they are silly. It’s your treatment and you need to be at peace at what you are proceeding with and it’s your right to know every pro and con about the treatment or any other question that may come to mind. Some of the questions you may consider asking
  • The process of IVF per se
  • How many embryos do they transfer?
  • What is their embryo freezing program like? What is their contract time period? What will be renewal clause be?
  • Do they prefer a day 3 or a day 5 transfer?
  • The technique of fertilization — ICSI for all or IVF for selected cases?
  • Do they have an identification system in place for the Gametes?
  • How are donors screened and allotted?
  • Will you need genetic screening?
  • Will you need sperm selection techniques?
  • What will happen when you get pregnant? who will you follow up with?
  • What will happen if you don’t get pregnant?
  • If attempting genetic screening – you may want to ask which lab they are associated with for the analysis?
  • Do they have a in house full time andrologist and embryologist?
  • Is it an all under one roof facility?
  1. Find out if they have a psychological counselor or a patient support group: It is important for a fertility clinic to offer indicated medical treatment to help you conceive but it’s also important that there is enough emotional support available while you are embarking on one of the most emotional journeys of your life. Also, if the sessions with the psychologist are chargeable or are free of cost.
  2. Consider the Monitory factors: Always take your financial counseling in written from the clinic. Consider have they given you all the inclusion and exclusion criteria’s in written. The inclusion criteria you may want to look for are gonadotropins, blastocyst transfer and luteal support medicine till Bhcg. Always gauge how transparent they are attempting to be in their pricing.
  3. Trust your instincts: When you’re considering afertility clinic, always trust your gut feeling. I think patients’ gut feelings are usually pretty good. “Your gametes are one of life’s most precious commodities take time to get a sense of the people who are going to be handling them for you. Consider how the clinic’s staff talk to you, what they say – how professional does the care feel? Use all of your senses. Is the care personalized and professional enough, so you feel comfortable?”
  4. If applicable to you may want to find out more about the special program the center has:

 –  Who is the andrologist attached with the center if you are going to need testicular sperm extraction?

If you are looking for social fertility preservation: then you may want to know about their oocyte freezing facilities. Find out how many times you may need to do egg retrievals to freeze the optimal number of oocytes. What is the payment structure? How long will the oocytes be cryopreserved according to the initial contract; how will the renewal clauses be.

– Fertility preservation program for cancer patients

Even after all the above pointers only you can know which clinic suits you best and always remember A great fertility clinic isn’t just one that can give you effective treatment, it’s one with compassionate staff, clear pricing, seamless administrative processes and exceptional emotional support.

About the Author

Dr. Ritu Hinduja, MD, MRM (UK), DRM (Germany), Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (India, Spain, Israel), and Certificate in Genetic Counseling, is a well-known medical practitioner. She specializes in Reproductive medicine and Infertility treatment and has an experience of more than a decade in it. For her dedication and contribution to the field, she has been honored with various prominent awards like FOGSI Chorion Award for best research, FOGSI- Kumud Tamaskar Award for best research in infertility, FOGSI – Dr Shanti Yadav Award for Infertility, MOGS – Dr. Shantabai Gulabchand Traveling Fellowship Award, Dr. Pramila Bhatia-Young Scientist Award and Dr. H S Palep Award for the best research in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.

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