Women are Born to Lead

Fatema Abbas[Business Communication & Soft Skills, woman entrepreneurship, business leaders, shepreneurs]
Fatema Abbas

The truth – Irrespective of one’s demographic, when one has the qualities of a leader, one can lead… 

The eternal truth – All women are born with the traits of a leader, naturally… 

Citing testimonies of the eternal truth!  

* Resembling a transformational leader, a woman in the role of a mother, nurtures, inspires and directs. She transforms a house to home, stimulates her children to do things they never thought they could. Her actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. She believes and practices ‘Walk the Talk‘. 

* Comparable to a visionary leader, a woman in the role of a wife is attentive and interested in the life graph of her spouse. She gathers all points of view in a concerted effort in order to arrive at the best course of action for the family. She creates a vision for the relationship and is supportive wherever it is essential. She does her best to build credibility in the said association. 

* Identical as an accountable leader, a woman in the role of a sister displays humility and positivity. She is empathetic and is a great listener too. She displays the ability to be a protective sister. She does not confide and the secret remains a secret thus building integrity in the brother sister relationship. She is like a friend, philosopher and guide. 

* Resembling an assertive leader, a woman in the role of a friend demonstrates brutal honesty and is vocal of what she needs to state for the betterment of her friend.  She is non-judgmental as she is aware of the fact that the only way to innovate is to withhold judgment. She has the capability to accept mistakes and hence there is an easiness in confiding. 

* Corresponding a credible leader, a woman in the role of a professional exhibits ethics, flexibility, integrity determination and persistence these traits of her have been an inspiration to many. The collaborative nature of a woman, has the ability to influence the people of different skills to work together in harmony. Eagerness and willingness in a woman has always helped her to hone the skills that she possesses, to learn new things, gain knowledge and become a better professional. She respects her counterparts. She gives space to people whom she works with to get the best out of them. 

* Approximating a supportive leader, a woman in the role of a neighbor understands the needs and requirements of the surroundings where she lives. She is ever ready to lend a helping hand and spread happiness around her. She takes time to stop and talk to know the wellbeing. 

* Like an adaptive leader, a woman in the role of global citizen has the ability to mold herself and adapt to the new environment. She inspires young people to change their mindsets towards the change and see it as an opening of new avenues for them, which in turn will help them discover a complete new side of themselves. She propagates the essence of ‘Keeping one’s skills current’.   

The above sturdy evidences are sufficient enough to prove that women are born leaders. They already possess these characteristics in their persona. However being born as one and becoming one is where the difference lies and the difference is because of lack of opportunities for women for a very long time in history.  As a conscious race we must identify this omission, create prospects and hone the already existing competencies. 

About the Author 

Fatema Abbas is the HOD – Business Communication & Soft Skills, Pune Institute Of Business Management (PIBM)She also works with over 20 MNC as a soft skill trainer and personality development specialist. She holds 15+years of experience profoundly impacting performance through the design of personal training programs for the reform, enhancement and advancement of organizational/institutional objectives, values, vision and mission. She also works for several notable NGOs. 

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