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Fineotex Group

The growth of Indian chemical industry is a reflection of nation’s commitment towards manufacturing world-class products at affordable prices. India occupies a strategic location in proximity to markets that are enjoying steady growth. These markets depend on reliable suppliers of raw materials to support their progress.
Chemicals are critical to many industries, including commodities, specialties, manufacturing, polymers, and agrochemicals. These industries are expanding considerably, both in the region around India and across the world. The market represents a massive potential for chemical manufacturers that can deliver high-quality products quickly and at competitive prices.

Fineotex Chemical Ltd. (FCL) ticks all those boxes, and it is blazing a trail for Indian companies that operate internationally.

Exponential Growth
Fineotex Chemical Ltd. was established in 1979 and subsequently transformed as a public limited company in the year 2007. It was further listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange in March 2011 and January 2015 respectively.
While its main production facilities are in Navi Mumbai, the company also operates out of Malaysia through Biotex, its local subsidiary. Its factories have a combined production capacity of over 29,300 MT per annum.
Fineotex was originated as a specialty chemicals company to assist the textile and garment industries in their pretreatment, dyeing, printing, and finishing processes.
Today, it has diversified significantly and manufacture over 400 specialty chemicals and enzymes. These products are critical to the textiles, construction, leather, water treatment, agrochemicals, and adhesives industries, as well as to several others.

Leading manufacturers in 33 countries across the world rely on Fineotex chemicals to maintain high standards in their respective production facilities.

Multi-faceted Leadership

The leadership team at Fineotex consists of Surendra Kumar Tibrewala, the Chairman and Managing Director, Sanjay Tibrewala, the Executive Director and CFO, and Aarti Jhunjhunwala, the Executive Director.
Mr. Surendrakumar Tibrewala graduated with a degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and also obtained a law degree from the Government Law College. He has invested over four decades of his life in the chemicals and enzymes industry. His input, contributions, and management have been critical to the company’s diversification and growth over the years.

Mr. Sanjay Tibrewala is also a graduate from Mumbai University with a Commerce degree. He then attended Sasmira University and specialized in Textile Processing and Chemicals for his post-graduate degree.
Mrs. Aarti Jhunjhunwala holds a Master’s degree in Accounts and Taxation. She is an adept professional who knows all the nitty-gritty of company’s products and the markets. She is applying this knowledge and her strong leadership skills to develop and grow the company’s share in the international market.
Together, the trio has transformed Fineotex to an optimum level which has become an inspiration for many in the industry. Their combined efforts drive the company’s organic and inorganic growth through a targeted emphasis on diversification, exports, and foreign acquisitions.

With this groundwork for superior standards of production in place today, Fineotex is poised for steady growth in the future.

Wide Range of Products & Services
There are four stages in the manufacturing process of any textile business. Fineotex manufactures an extensive range of chemicals essential for each step:

  • Pre – treatment Process: The product range includes desizing agents, wetting & penetrating agents, sequestering agents, demineralizing agents, wetting agents cum detergents, silicone & non-silicone type defoamers, non-silicate peroxide stabilizers, neutralizer polyester, and weight reducing catalysts, anti-back staining agent, core alkali neutralizer, and other pretreatment auxiliaries.
  • Dyeing Process: The product range includes sequestering agents, acid buffers, polyester dyeing carriers, dispersing & oligomer removing agents, leveling agents, anti-crease lubricants, washing-off agents, dye-fixing agents, soda ash substitutes, cationising agents for pigment dyeing, reduction clearing agents, and other dyeing auxiliaries.
  • Printing Process: The product range includes dispersing agents, fixation accelerators for polyester, acrylic binders, fixers for pigment printing, thickeners, agents for washing off-white inks, and softeners for pigment printing.
  • Finishing Process: The product range includes stiffeners, cationic softeners, silicone emulsions-amino, wax finishing agents, antistatic agents, water repellants & soil resisting agents, polyurethane finishing agents, anti-crease resins, anti-pilling cum antislip agent, enzymatic bio-polishing agents, and yarn lubricants.

Widespread Recognition
Fineotex has always epitomized excellence in production, a fact it has testified by its growing list of clients who are the leaders in their respective industries. Various accreditation bodies and business organizations have also recognized the company’s commitment to superior standards.
Some of the accreditations that the company has received include:

  • ISO 9001:20015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, and SA 8000 (Social Accountability Management System) certification for efficiency and ethical work operations.
  • Certification as a ZDHC (Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemical) Gateway and registered nominated supplier status.

The IPF (Investor Protection Fund) of the Bombay Stock Exchange has recognized Fineotex as the fastest growing company in the chemical manufacturing sector. The company has also earned the reputation as the Star Export House.

Outstanding R&D Investments
The foundation of the success that Fineotex enjoys today is the state-of-the-art technology that the company employs in all aspects of its production process. The technology is continuously updated by its in-house R&D team, which operates at its two high-tech laboratories equipped with precision instruments in Mumbai.
Because its employees conduct all relevant research and development, Fineotex can elevate the quality of its products without a corresponding increase in their price. This allows them to synthesize chemicals that are more effective but not as expensive.
Fineotex also stands apart from many of its competitors by investing considerable effort in aligning its processes with those of its clients. The company’s expert factors are the variables such as the client’s plant machinery, its speed, the water quality, and timing before designing customized solutions for them.
With this forward-thinking attitude ingrained at Fineotex, it won’t come as a surprise that the company continues to march ahead with full vigor as it is doing since last four decades.
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