The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company: Initiating a New Era in Intermediates based on Sulphur and Ethanol

The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company

The chemical industry is critical for the economic development of any country, providing products and enabling technical solutions in virtually all sectors of the economy. With Asia’s growing contribution to the global chemical industry, India emerges as one of the destinations for chemical companies worldwide. Focused growth and planning for the chemical sector would enhance the global competitiveness further, increase domestic value addition, provide technological depth, and promote sustained economic growth.

The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Company Limited (DMCC), established in 1919, was the first producer of Sulphuric Acid and Phosphate fertilizers in India. Over the years, the brand of the company came to be recognized as the quality standard for Single Superphosphate (SSP). Until recently, DMCC was known primarily as a fertilizer producer, with over 75% of revenue from SSP. As a strategy, DMCC structured itself to Speciality Chemicals.
Bimal Lalitsingh Goculdas, is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. He heads the team and is responsible for overall performance of the company. He is a Chemical Engineer with post-graduate qualifications from the USA and has two decades of work experience in India and the USA. He had developed long-term agreements with multinational customers to increase exports and make DMCC a net forex earner, and among the top global producers in three products. He is responsible for implementing ‘Responsible Care’, a voluntary global standard of safety, health, and environment, making DMCC one of only 50 companies in India to achieve the RC logo.
Offering Custom Manufacturing Services
Today, DMCC is one of the leading specialty chemical companies in India, with technical expertise in sulfur and ethanol chemistry. It is expanding their product portfolio in the Life Science area by adding intermediates and new chemicals with support from the in-house R&D for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry.  DMCC also offers custom manufacturing services through multipurpose plants at the facilities and is currently working with several companies under non-disclosure agreements.

Partners in Progress
DMCC offers world class services for process development from kilo to ton lots, based on the core chemistries mentioned above. In-house availability of key raw materials coupled with commitment and record for SHE (safety, health and environment) and total confidentiality, makes DMCC right source for reliable and cost-effective partner for products and processes.  The company’s strong foothold in global markets not only comes from growing sales network but also from deep sense of commitment to our customer’ success.
The organization has nearly 100 years of experience in handling hazardous chemicals like chloro-sulfonic acid, and sulfur trioxide. The proven ability to handle hazardous chemicals safely and responsibly has resulted in customers approaching the company as a preferred supplier for custom and toil manufacturing services. The array of chemical processing equipment and process expertise can help to reduce cost and shorten product development cycle. Apart from manufacturing a product as per specifications given by customers, the organization also undertakes toll on manufacturing under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Insights to Research and Development
R&D facilities of DMCC, is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). All products made by DMCC are based on developed in-house processes. The R&D team consists of chemists as well as chemical engineers, most of them have a PhD or Master’s Degree. The R&D center is based at Roha. One of the unique features of the R&D center is that it is responsible for developing processes not only at laboratory and pilot level, but also demonstrating at the commercial production level. Apart from developing new processes the R&D team is also actively involved in improving processes for existing products. The R&D center is housed in a state of the art laboratory with all the necessary process and analytical equipment.
Awards and Accolades

  • Indian Chemical Company Award 2014,  Certificate of Merit – for Water Resource Management in Chemical Industry
  • Indian Chemical Company Award 2015, Certificate of Merit – for Efficient Waste Management.
  • Indian Chemical Company Award 2017, Certificate of Merit – for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management

Offering Services through Designing Chemical Plants
DMCC offers Engineering services for Process Design, Engineering Package, Procurement Assistance, and Commissioning of following chemical plants:

  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Oleum
  • Single Super Phosphate
  • Alumina Sulfate

The main features of our technology are:

  • High Energy Recovery
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Low Emissions
  • Complete training at existing plant

DMCC has designed and commissioned over 50 Sulphuric Acid plants from 50 tons per day to 1350 tons per day in India, Middle and Far-East & Africa.
DMCC has designed and commissioned Single Super Phosphate Plants from 50 tons per day to 1000 tons per day.
Futuristic Approach
Ensuring development of sustainable, green solutions in the fields of water treatment, food production and healthcare are the key challenges for the future. Fueled by an increasing focus of industry on improving its image, these trends are shaping the priorities for R&D in the field of chemistry.
DMCC has core competence in Sulphur, ethanol, and boron chemistry. New products launched will be based on this. The emphasis for product selection will be on profitability, not just turnover. Process that is unique in some aspect and therefore globally competitive will be commercialized. In the near future, sulphones and the compounds are expected to be launched.
DMCC will focus its expansion at the Dahej site. The plan is to invest about Rs. 100 Cr. Over the next 3 years that will result in substantial growth in turnover and profitability. There will also be investments at Roha for debottlenecking existing plants, improving energy recovery and changing the mix of products.  The integrated site at Roha is amongst the most efficient production sites in the world in this type of chemistry. DMCC plans to grow the site at Dahej in a similar fashion.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Chemical Manufacturing Companies in 2018

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