FitMeIn: Unloading Calories through All-Inclusive Fitness Solutions


Days are getting vanished when health-based startups were providing diagnostic, enterprise, and medicine delivery solutions, etc. Today, the new and innovative breeds of health-tech startups are emerging with solutions transforming consumer lifestyle, mental stress, and early diagnosis of genetic disorders. They are even going to the extent of reducing the after effects of critical processes such as chemotherapy.  The companies are every day working with the vision to create an ecosystem that would facilitate a better and faster healthcare environment. As the saying goes “health is wealth”, these startups are assisting to bridge the gap between the doctors and patients and secure the human health in the coming future.
One such innovative startup pursuing more flexible ways to keep up with the fitness routines is FitMeIn. It is a curated web and mobile platform that connects users seeking fitness and wellness services with nearby Wellness coaches and Wellness centers. The company holds the right combination of cutting-edge technology and prominent services.
FitMeIn is backed by a Singapore based startup accelerator Green House Ventures and the largest AI driven digital health company of Japan – FinC along with seed funding.
“We exist to help our community make healthier choices and improve their physical, mental and spiritual state of being”.
Meet the Vibrant Leaders
Nidhisha Varshney is the Co-Founder and CEO of FitMeIn. Nidhisha has completed her undergraduate degree in finance from CBS, Delhi University.  She is a fitness freak and also a professional Kathak dancer since the age of fourteen. Vishesh Goel, the other co-founder is a Chartered Accountant and business consultant turned entrepreneur. The core team also consists of seasoned entrepreneurs Supriya Mamgain and Lalit Singh, who has run their technology-enabled startups in the wellness space.
In the early years of inception, this team was unable to cope up with the fitness regime due to the stressful corporate environment. They recognized that this problem is being faced by more than seventy percent of their colleagues trying to pursue their regular fitness routine. Being avid sports players, the trio decided to establish a health-tech startup with a vision to build a fitter workforce that can fuel India’s economic success and GDP growth. They transformed their idea into reality and founded FitMeIn.
Under the leadership of the core team, the company has transformed itself and expanded its operations over more than twenty-five cities with more than twenty-five thousand service partners, impacting over one million lives.
A Unique Platform Providing Innovative Services and Benefiting Clients
FitMeIn is making a robust fitness eco-system in India by creating an innovative technology-driven platform. This platform is bringing thousands of fitness service providers and lakhs of fitness users under a common roof. It has democratized fitness services for individual users through its trademark currency FitCoins. It provides its customers with the flexibility to explore and book more than thirty workout styles like gymming, yoga, zumba, dance, swimming, spinning, kick-boxing etc. These workout styles are made attainable to the customers at fitness centers near their office or residence, via the FitMeIn web portal and app. This aids avoiding the expensive annual gym subscriptions and helps the customers to keep purchasing and refueling FitCoins as they progress. Additionally, FitCoins help businesses to promote proactive health and wellness. It can also engage employees at the office premises to drive a healthier workforce.
With a growing user base of fitness enthusiasts, the company has also launched a proprietary IVR helpline by which the customers can an expert diet coach anytime, to better accomplish their wellness goals.
Furthering its commitment to organizing the eco-system, FitMeIn’s AI-powered SaaS platform provides wellness centers and coaches with dynamic real-time insights to better manage, sell, and grow their services.
Strategizing Success through Risks
Finding the right blend of technology and services was the biggest challenge for FitMeIn. The organization experienced major risks at its embryonic stage as a pure marketplace that was relying on the supply partners. Though fitness was still a nascent industry (i.e.85% sector being unorganized with less than 1% Indians as active users), the company focused on its idea that ‘personal wellbeing and fitness is the right of every individual’. It was a daunting task for FitMeIn to develop itself in the fitness and health tech sector where the count of individual footprints is less than one percent.
The company overcame the challenges by building a platform considering newer and disruptive ways of doing business powered by technology. FitMeIn stayed lean, operated efficiently, and strategized a successful pathway through crests and troughs.
Furthermore, the team believes that with the right kind push through policy making, for more individuals to take up fitness and wellness services as career options, India is all set to see the next boom in the Fitness sector, and FitMeIn will be at the forefront leading the charge of building the fittest workforce on the planet.
Core Strengths and Futuristic Vision
FitMeIn’s greatest strength is the willingness and ability to adapt to an ever-changing and dynamic Industry. Standardizing the process of discovery, selection, pay, and service delivery through technology in an unorganized industry is also a strong point of the company. Over the last fifteen months, the company has built a strong network of channel partners and distributors which has tripled the market penetration for FitMeIn. With a futuristic vision to transform the health tech sector in India, FitMeIn is planning to leverage this 15x to fuel aggressive growth in the near future.

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