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As the GDP of India’s economy continues to swell with market-friendly policies and measures, startup industry moves forward to witness a boom in the recent times. One of its key contributors is the mobile application industry – as India becomes the fastest growing market for mobile apps in the world! Analysts and experts forecast that the market has earned over 400 million USD as revenues in the last one year itself. As the ‘consumption-class’ in India increases at a substantial rate, the mobile application industry is poised to rule the market along with expanding its footprints in the unexplored territories.

Massive funding, evolving technologies, consolidation activities, and burgeoning domestic market trends are the factors driving the startup eco-system in India. The startup India campaign launched by the Government is also a significant step to dominate the global startup market. As the country gears up for a surge in this sector, the Indian app entrepreneurs are concentrating more on developing m-commerce, digital-healthcare, artificial intelligence apps to cater to the market.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” – Thomas A. Edison
Talking about innovative startups, Flochat stands out to be the first ‘super-messenger’ of India with a first in the world technology called ‘Teleport’. It allows users to click a picture with someone who is not physically present with them. This unique feature bundled with other applications is designed to meet the diverse needs of every Smartphone user. Founded in 2016, the proficient team has grown up to fifteen professionals and has already got about 600,000+ downloads on android and iOS. Flochat is a hybrid chat platform which lets the user connect to their social circle as well as giving the liberty of browsing & sharing content from other apps right within their chat screens. As the pioneers of launching India’ first ‘Super messenger’ app, it stands out to be the first step in the future of conversations. Personalized chat, challenge & teleport features are some of the path-breaking features which are driving the growth and expansion of the company to untouched markets. The USP of Flowchat is that it seamlessly integrates numerous lifestyle apps within in messenger so that the ‘flo’ of conversations never break. Planning with friends, books, and sharing without leaving the chat screen is the biggest advantage.

A Stimulating Frontrunner
As the Founder and CEO, Prateek Lal is a young, pragmatic business leader who has been the driving force of Flochat. He carries a futuristic vision of embracing technology to change the way of communication and create a disruption in the current messaging market space. Prior to his entrepreneurial venture, he has a professional experience of eight years. He was associated with renowned MNC’s in the Banking and Financial sector.
His experience in managing diverse roles in the areas of strategic planning, product development, and digital initiatives has given him the confidence and exposure to rise to new heights.

Right from the beginning, Prateek is focused and determined to understand and fulfill the requirements of the customers, rather than relying on historical data. From the inception, he had students from school and colleges on board to brainstorm ideas, find out what would they enjoy in their messenger and then develop the app accordingly. Most of the features in Flochat are a result of continuous primary research with students. He did his Master’s in Business Design which further enhanced his knowledge and expertise in grasping an in-depth understanding of ‘human-centered design’.

Teleport – Flochat’s Patented Technology
Developing innovative ideas and technologies has been the forte of Flochat since inception. It is the first company in the globe to develop a technology that allows taking a picture with someone, who is not physically present at the same location. Naming it ‘Teleport’, Flochat has patented this technology and this unique offering has been the USP of the organization.

Another exclusive feature is Flochat’s cheeky and sarcastic chatbot called ‘Floda’, it can assist the user in performing day-to-day tasks like booking tickets, impressing friends with smart quotes or even planning a favorite holiday. It’s highly interactive and interestingly, it offers sarcastic replies whenever a user irritates it with a volley of questions. Innovation and evolution are the core virtues of the entity which is driving the business at a steady pace. Flochat has also built a multi-functional chat platform which aims to simplify and enhance the overall experience of chatting.

Flochat embeds leading service and content providers across verticals & delivers a seamless personalized chat, challenge & teleport experience to the users without even breaking the flow of conversations. Partnering with renowned online lifestyle solution giants like Zomato, Uber, bookmyshow, and Ola – to name a few has given the edge to the company to evolve as a major player over the years.

Factors Attributing the Success of the Company
The key differentiator which helps the company to stand ahead of the other players is the ability to think ahead of time. Focusing on building a prospective future has helped Flochat to carve out its own elite niche market space and a loyal customer base. With sheer determination, it continues to progress forward by embracing innovative technology to be amongst the numero uno in the mobile app industry.

Streaming Towards a Positive Future
As the surge in the global app industry continues to disrupt the economies of several countries, Flochat crafts its future-path in the best possible manner. Offering a bunch of trending features, the organization is all set to transform the app industry with more improvised and new technologies that will surely engulf the mind of the users.

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