Cooey: Revolutionizing Next Gen Medical Solutions and Services


Modern life and its complexities are too much on human survival and the endurance in today’s world is a lot of struggle. While the fast pace is taking all the attention and time of human life, the condition of those who cannot sustain the struggle and pace suffers the most. The ill and the old are the biggest sufferers of this wild speed, and there comes the extraordinary help and support from Cooey, to serve the old and the unwell that go through a tough time.
Cooey is revolutionizing medical help to give medical support to an overwhelming number of patients. With Cooey’s innovative solution, now patients can minimize their visits to hospitals or labs and still can get personalized insights into their medical condition while staying connected with their doctors. Health IT includes Hospital Information System (HIS) and other products/apps for the sake of a better service and thus empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their medical condition. Cooey stands out with its smart voice assistant Maya, which simplifies routine health monitoring tasks with simple voice commands, and there are Alexa skills incorporated for bed-side assistance as well.
The Stalwart – Delivering Ultimate Service
Cooey works as the third platform for chronic patient health management system and it is engaging patients in the system and is providing targeted services to them. It is an IoT enabled mobile-based augmentation layer over an existing HER, which allows its users to collect, store, analyze their health vitals for recurring care needs. It focuses on senior care, home healthcare, chronic disease management, and other health conditions where there is more emphasis on recurring care needs.
Cooey provides a cloud-hosted, white-labeled mobile platform, MyCooey, with different mobile applications for caregivers, patient & family members that synchronizes on a real-time basis. An administrator can monitor remotely the activities on a web portal. The platform is configurable to suit the respective business segment and style of functioning. Thus, the features can be customized. The solution helps its users to enable remote data capture, adherence and ensures ongoing collaboration amongst physicians, caregivers, patients, & family members.
Leaders with a Benevolent Mind
The vision of creating something which is the ‘need of the moment’ always works and Cooey is the eminent example of it. The brand was established in June 2015 by Manu Madhusudanan and Prabhakaran T.P. after their firsthand experience of what many chronic patients have gone through in India and realizing the deplorable health care condition in India.
Manu Madhusudanan, the CEO of the company, is a technology leader with over 14 years of senior management experience. Architected and developed Ad management system for Yahoo and Microsoft, and built engineering team of NowFloats, he has a great knowledge to deal with the healthcare venture.
Prabhakaran T.P. is the COO of Cooey. He is a tenacious professional with more than 22 years of experience in Healthcare IT and has an immense knowledge and understanding of the complex global healthcare industry. He was earlier the CEO and founder of Pradot Technologies & XScire Technologies and Chairman of GroupOne Health Source. He drives the sales and marketing initiatives of Cooey.
Obstacles They Overcome
To reach the zenith of a complex venture is not a cake walk. Cooey has gone through a lot, to bring out the best in them to stand tall amid the ocean of different business venture and start-ups. The key challenges this organization faced in the initial stage include cultural fit, especially between Singapore requirements and the US requirements and along with regulatory compliances, and telecommunication infrastructure.
Additionally, there was lack of professionals with right skill sets, high costs of analytics solutions and operational gaps between the stakeholders are the major factors that are hindering the progress of adoption of analytics. Cooey achieves its “One-Stop Solution” for capturing, storage, retrieval, processing, and data analytics services, through constant engagement and continued support system. The story of success of Cooey is the reality check for those who want to endeavor in such a competitive field.
The Aspiring Future
Cooey is working in a niche area of remote monitoring of health vitals and information that is known for latest technology adoption in healthcare solution.  It would project that how data analytics can transform every individual and healthcare organization resulting in benefits to the user. From, the chronic disease management companies which are assisting the humanitarian crisis, to the in-home care facilities, and long-term care organizations, there are the areas in which merit technology with monitoring opportunities are working well. The goal of the organization is to hit that ground and to come up with the best medical support to the every Indian as per the requirement without being blindly and solely dependent on hospitals. Cooey is working relentlessly to achieve the rank to be the forerunner of healthcare revolution.
Source :-The 18 Innovative Startups to Watch in 2018

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