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Flentas Technologies
Flentas Technologies

Creating a robust, safe, and secure cloud infrastructure is a must for every enterprise wishing to transform itself digitally. Irrespective of the industry, businesses looking to augment their value chain backbone can choose from 200+ AWS ingenious cloud solutions and precise services if they partner with Flentas Technologies Pvt Ltd, the best there is.

According to Mandar Navare, the CEO and Co-founder, those companies looking to accelerate their cloud strategy will find themselves at home with Flentas. With DevOps and IoT Competencies and certified AWS Cloud Consultants, Flentas focuses on providing enterprises with end-to-end cloud solutions. He adds, “Whether cost-efficiency, security, adaptability, or improved productivity, our dedicated AWS experts have covered you.”

The combination of expertise and agility and Flentas’ capabilities in cloud strategy, cloud migration, cloud-native development, IoT, DevOps, and Big Data enables you to establish reliable, scalable, and maintainable applications, thereby supporting digital transformation for long-term results.

An Expert Team

Shohel Khatri, the CTO and Co-founder, says that integrating technology with business models can help developers and essential stakeholders of the company to scale and perform reliably for high performance comfortably.

AWS Cloud solutions are best for startups, small companies, famous gaming studios, and innovative fin-tech companies. He says, “We invite you to explore the AWS solutions to transform your business to the next level of technological success by discussing these with our experts.”

While the COO and Co-founderPrasad Shitole, informs that Flentas is a cloud consulting company and an AWS advanced consulting partner having offices in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Dubai. “We focus on helping our customers on their Digital Transformation Journey,” he shares.

For Your Swiftest Growth Momentum

Reflecting on their story, Mandar says, “I remember when we started in 2017, cloud technology was still gaining momentum, but as the cloud market continues to grow rapidly, we see customers more enthusiastic about switching to the cloud. We have seen that the highest level of cloud adoption is in the financial services sector.”

In less than five years, Flentas has grown from a team of three Co-founders to a team of 100+ AWS-certified solution architects and cloud developers. Mandar reveals, “We currently have 100+ customers worldwide and consider ourselves large enough to execute huge complex projects and small enough to be agile.”

Shedding light on their professional tenures, Mandar says the three of them, Shohel, Prasad and himself, are and have always been passionate about cloud technology. Having worked in technology for over ten years, they believe in creating value through cloud solutions, making Flentas the most preferred cloud consulting and delivery partner globally. He states, “We want to ensure that we excel daily and enhance our work and solutions to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.” Thereby, helping companies in…

Accelerating Digital Transformation

Further sharing their inspiration behind venturing into the AWS Solution niche, Shohel says that they were driven by a desire to excel within the tech industry, and AWS is an undisputed leader. “We knew from the very start that we wanted to partner with a dominant player like AWS,” he adds. At the same time, Prasad says they could provide innovative tech solutions to startups and enterprises across various industries.

Also highlighting their USPs as a technologically advanced brand, Mandar says that as an AWS Consulting Partner, Flentas offer affordable and reliable cloud services. “Our mission is to empower enterprises to achieve their business objectives by leveraging our cloud expertise, industry-focused solutions and innovation, thereby adding value to our customers’ growth journey.”

Shohel mentions that they were the first to have obtained the IoT and DevOps partner badge/ competency in the UAE.

“Over the last few years, we have had 100+ certifications and have recently attained the cloud migration competency,” says Prasad. Cloud migration competency is considered a prestigious certification. “It demonstrates our high-level expertise in helping complex businesses to move to AWS cloud successfully,” says Mandar.

Reliable Scalability: AWS Architecture Setup for VR App in UAE

Giving a success story as an example, Mandar shared that the client was 360VUZ, a pioneer and Virtual Reality Mobile App Teleporting people in time. It captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences. The 360VUZ Mobile App Ranked #1 in the Entertainment category on App Store, ahead of top players such as Netflix and Shahid. 360VUZ teleports people in live, virtual reality and Video content in amazing quality – supporting in building the ecosystem for live and on-demand Video and VR to become a mainstream experience for sporting events, exclusive happenings, Influencer Appearances, concerts, and more. Out in the market in 2017, 360VUZ has more than three provisional patents and reached over One Million Users.

Major challenges faced by the 360VUZ team:

  • Monolith service layer with tightly coupled architecture components.
  • Application not deployed for horizontal scalability and high availability.
  • Multiple single points of failure components.
  • Server capacity is not sized according to actual utilization, causing high cloud spend.
  • Minimal Infrastructure and application monitoring which was causing abrupt downtime situations.

The Flentas’ AWS Advanced Solution

Flentas created the AWS architecture setup from scratch. With all the security, scalability and HA best practices. Decoupled application components into separate layers, ensuring no signal points of failure. Multi-AZ redundancy throughout the tiers for high availability and fault tolerance.

Mandar says, “We utilized AWS-managed services like RDS, ElastiCache, CloudFront and other media services.” They also integrated the DevOps pipeline for smooth automated feature releases with minimal to zero user impact. They helped in monitoring the dashboard and respective alerts for all infrastructure metrics.

The Resulting Benefits

*Architecture setup for reliable scalability– Created a scalable, highly available and secure AWS setup, thereby avoiding additional complexity.

*Load balancing and scaling– Optimized cloud spending by auto-scaling resources according to load parameters.

*Configured alerts in logging– Proactive monitoring and alerts to signal potential issues in advance.

*Reduced database cost– Minimal operational overhead for managing Database and Cache clusters.

*Rapid release– Faster release cycle with automated release pipeline.

Obliterating Obstacles

Of course, during their seven years of journey, there were challenges. Initially, the discussion with customers usually revolved around why they should choose the cloud. Whereas now the talks are about how and when. Over time, customers have realized the need for incorporating the cloud. Mandar says, “Some customers know exactly about the project’s complexity but are unsure how to tackle it, so they rely on a cloud partner like us. Our AWS expertise and experience in cloud consulting enables us to provide relevant solutions.”

Flentas ensures a customer-centric innovation approach and provides 100% transparency in what the team does and how they do it. Price and cost-reduction are factors that most customers consider while choosing a cloud solution, but with AWS, it is simpler because of its ‘Pay as you go, model.’

Offering the Most Scalable Cloud Solution

Being experienced leaders, Mandar, Shohel, and Prasad have very optimistic opinions on how AWS Solution is crucial today and what advancements can be expected in the future. They say that as of today, AWS cloud is by far the most scalable for every company, whether a startup or an MNC.

AWS offers more than 200 cost-effective services because of its pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows businesses to reduce costs by paying for resources used.

With the growth in AI/ ML, AWS will continue to innovate in this ever-changing tech industry with higher levels of automation, Generative AI, Cloud Security and much more.

A Plethora of Choices

In their advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field of AWS Solution services, Mandar, Shohel, and Prasad says that for any customer willing to explore AWS and those who do not have the right skill set or readiness, AWS has multiple partner and customer programs to enhance the adoption. AWS has numerous services and capabilities in various industries, which can be adopted by any size company.

A Techno-Growing Tomorrow

Revealing their plans, Shohel says they are ready to embrace the changes happening in their industry. “With regards to changes in the tech industry, we are currently doing some PoCs in GenAI and building capabilities in cloud security.,” he adds.

Divulging their future goals, Prasad says, “We will increase our focus on industry-led solutions on the cloud to help customers easily adopt new technologies.”

On envisioning scaling Flentas, Mandar shares, “We have 100+ customers worldwide, out of which we have successfully completed twenty-five-plus migrations to the cloud. We are planning to grow in the international market.”

Flentas has clients like Ludo King, i-ball, Ketto, UPL, 63 Moons, Stick Pool Club, Cassbana and more.

Clients Testimonials:

Mandar concludes, “A couple of testimonials we would like to share:”

***** “Our online games have become more stable than ever, thanks to team Flentas for helping us re-architect, migrate and manage our backend on cloud.” – Vikash Jaiswal, Founder, Ludo King (Gametion Technologies).

***** “Flentas does a number of things right, and definitely much better than anyone else we met. All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” – Ritesh Tilani, CEO, JoiGifts

For more information, please click https://www.flentas.com/ or email at sales@flentas.com or call @ 020-711-71003 (for Pune and Hyderabad), +91 99-7549-8077 (for Mumbai), and +971 50-537-6313 (for Dubai).

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