Cloudstrats: Driving Digital Transformational Vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat


Globally or locally, digital transformation is vital for every company in the present times. The process, however, is far from easy. Until the organization opt for modern-age solutions like Amazon web services – AWS, they will find transforming digitally utterly complex, time, resource, and efforts consuming.

With AWS, there is a caveat, in any case. Whenever a business wishes to adopt AWS and integrate it into its core being, it must consider six major aspects. First, they will find that there are few who are aware of these six steps. Second, companies will find that no one except Cloudstrats offers all these solutions.

Third, as per Mr Piyus Kanti, the CEO, they are enterprise solutions providers that discover, understand, and solve digital transformational issues using these crucial points – Strategy, Cloud, Automation, Security, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ensuring a Digitally Self-Reliant India

Cloudstrats is a provider of Multi-Cloud Management and Digital Infrastructure services. Over the years, Cloudstrats has transformed into an Indian tech product company that offers Artificial Intelligence platforms supported by Analytics and Automation. Originating in India, the company’s products aid customers in addressing real-world challenges through computer vision, speech, and text solutions. These platforms use Advanced analytics, Deep Learning, NLP and Machine Learning to support the long-term sustainable development goals of Government and Enterprise entities. Piyus adds that their innovations contribute to the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharatdriving population-scale digital transformation in India and globally.

Based in India, Cloudstrats’ customer base extends to the USA, Canada, UAE, and Europe. Piyus ensures that, guided by their core value of prioritizing customers, their team enhances Technology Strategy, Information Security, Business Continuity, and Process Optimization in collaboration with customers.

At Cloudstrats, they stay unbiased towards OEMs and develop solutions that prioritize customer interests. They create innovative solutions to ease digital transformation, encompassing secure, intelligent infrastructure, actionable insights eased by Data engineering, comprehensive cybersecurity, and DevSecOps. “As a team, we are renowned for our ability to solve intricate business problems and achieve the impossible through technological innovation and remarkable agility,” says Piyus, a serial technology entrepreneur, product evangelist, and investor.

A Technovative Leadership  

As the founder of Cloudstrats, an AI product company, Piyus helps companies accelerate their digital transformation. He has over 20 years of experience building innovative products in exponential technologies and cybersecurity domains.

Piyus’s journey includes varied consulting engagements, working with Fortune 50 companies and top investment banks. He states, “My aspiration is to give back to society with innovative solutions that make life easier and help address existing global problem areas with replicable and scalable technology solutions.”

As a critically acclaimed technology leader, Piyus has developed a penchant for technology and a solution mindset, enabling me to look at a situation and show how technology can best address it. The firm started its journey as a digital infrastructure provider, along with consulting. As the team grew, so did its partner ecosystem. Once they proved their credibility, nothing stopped them from that point. Their customer-first philosophy has kept them going and led to their destiny as a company recognized for impact custom solutions that address the biggest global challenges.

“Currently, we focus on the four major verticals – Healthcare, BFSI, Energy and Oil, and Manufacturing apart from Government with the motive of transforming these sectors digitally,” informs Piyus.

A Perfect AWS Partner

He furthers that venturing into the AWS Solutions niche is motivated by several factors. The growing demand for AWS services, driven by its widespread adoption, presents an opportunity for professionals and businesses to specialize in supplying AWS Solutions.

The broad range of services offered by AWS allows for creation of complex and scalable solutions to address diverse business challenges. AWS’s industry recognition and reputation as a trusted cloud provider further attract individuals and organizations to specialize in AWS Solutions, setting themselves up as experts in the field.

Additionally, the increasing demand for professionals with AWS ability presents promising career opportunities, while businesses can capitalize on the market for AWS-based solutions by offering specialized services. The decision to venture into the AWS Solutions niche is driven by the combination of market demand, career prospects, and the desire to work with innovative cloud technologies provided by AWS.

Cloudstrats is a leading name in the AWS Solutions industry, offering a comprehensive range of services and a highly skilled team of AWS-certified professionals. With a proven track record of successful project delivery and strong partnerships with AWS and other vendors, they are known for their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Offering All-Time Solutions

With a customer-centric approach, Cloudstrats prioritizes understanding unique business needs and delivering tailored solutions. Their thought leadership and innovative mindset contribute to their industry leadership, making them a trusted choice for businesses seeking top-notch AWS solutions. Cloudstrats’ USPs position them as a go-to provider in the AWS Solutions industry, driving their reputation as a leader in the field.

Cloudstrats offers immersive benefits to its clients through its AWS Solutions services and solutions. By utilizing the scalability and flexibility of AWS infrastructure, clients can easily adapt to changing needs and scale resources as required. With cost optimization tools and services, Cloudstrats helps clients analyze and optimize their cloud spending for increased efficiency.

The agility and speed to market provided by AWS empower Cloudstrats’ clients to rapidly develop and deploy applications, giving them a competitive advantage. Robust security measures and compliance certifications ensure data protection and regulatory compliance, instilling client trust and confidence. AWS infrastructure’s high availability and reliability minimize downtime and disruptions, ensuring smooth operations.

Cloudstrats brings constant innovation and advanced technologies from AWS, driving client innovation and enhancing their competitiveness. Their expertise, support, and guidance enable clients to maximize the value of AWS services and solutions, creating an immersive experience that unlocks the full potential of AWS for their business success.

Outwitting Obstacles

According to Piyus, the initial challenges in the field of AWS Solutions involved

  • Overcoming the learning curve associated with understanding the vast array of AWS services and features,
  • Obtaining certifications, and
  • Grasping architectural design complexities.

Additionally, managing costs and optimizing resource allocation can be demanding tasks. These challenges required individuals and businesses to invest time and effort in getting the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively use AWS services for their specific requirements.

Ongoing challenges in the AWS Solutions field revolve around staying updated with the constant updates and releases from AWS, ensuring robust security measures and compliance with industry standards, optimizing performance to meet changing demands, effectively managing costs to achieve cost-efficiency and seamlessly integrating hybrid or multi-cloud environments. Continuous learning and adaptation are essential to address these challenges and to remain at the forefront of AWS technology and best practices. Regular monitoring, ongoing training, and keeping abreast of industry trends are crucial for professionals and organizations working in the AWS Solutions domain.

The Tech-Knowledge-Full Wisdom 

Piyus says that to venture into the field of AWS Solutions, aspiring professionals can follow these key pieces of advice. ‘First, they should build a strong foundation by gaining a solid understanding of cloud computing concepts and the fundamentals of AWS. This can be done through AWS documentation, tutorials, and online training resources. Second, earning AWS certifications, such as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Certified Developer, can validate their skills and enhance their credibility in the field.’

‘Hands-on experience is crucial, and aspiring professionals should seek opportunities to work on AWS projects through personal initiatives or internships. Specializing in a specific domain, such as DevOps or Machine Learning, can make them more marketable and sought after for relevant projects. Staying updated with the latest AWS developments is vital, as AWS regularly introduces new services and features. This can be achieved by engaging with the AWS community through forums, blogs, and social media.’

‘Leveraging AWS’s abundant training and learning resources, such as official training courses and webinars, can further enhance their knowledge and skills. It is important to foster a problem-solving mindset, develop analytical and troubleshooting skills, and embrace a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability. Collaboration and networking with professionals in the field can provide valuable insights and opportunities for growth. Lastly, aspiring professionals should focus on understanding customer needs and effectively communicating technical concepts to deliver solutions that align with business requirements. Following these guidelines can help individuals succeed in the dynamic field of AWS Solutions.’

Future’s Digital Nectar

On envisioning the future ahead, Piyus says they have a global vision to be recognized as a preferred partner of choice for the execution of innovative solutions that are easily replicable and scalable. While India will always be their prime focus, they are expanding their footprints into MEA (Middle East and Africa), US, and Europe regions through partnerships and business development efforts.

Piyus adds, “As we usher in the era of convergence of technology, the world is increasingly becoming boundary-less, and our AI and analytics-based Make in India solutions are geared to capture the interest of a global audience.”

Whether drones for defence, agriculture, or prohibition departments, triage and early identification of diseases for the medical fraternity, process optimization in the manufacturing industry, or fraud and anomaly detection in the finance industry, Cloudstrats will transform every niche, sector, and industry.

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