Forbes 30 under 30 founders launch India’s most advanced Cryptocurrency exchange- LedgerEx


Thursday, April 5, 2018, Gurgaon: LedgerEX, a cryptocurrency based startup in Gurgaon, founded by Forbes 30 under 30 listers, Nikunj Jain Ayush Varshney and Jatin Malwal, launched India’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform ‘LedgerEX’.
An exchange platform in a cryptocurrency market is the base on which the whole trading happens. The founders who themselves are passionate traders in cryptocurrency wanted to give to the world a safe, secure and fast platform to trade virtual money. Having seen recent failures on such platforms they brainstormed and then came up to the idea of launching their own platform ‘LedgerEX’. They collaborated to start a small company and hire some of the best people for the same.
LedgerEX aims to solve the biggest use case of insecure and slow transactions. This exchange is being launched after 1.5 years of rigorous development, leaving no stone unturned to be the best in every corner. Utilizing the potential of some of the finest designers, developers and coders for so many days, the product has come out to be the best and supreme. The team has burnt the midnight oil to achieve this success and it brings a great joy for a growing startup to triumph in such a short span of time.
There are some distinguishing features that this exchange possesses:

  • The exchange will focus on making the best as well as new coins available to the users.
  • It is built on a very scalable and secure architecture.
  • Gets all your favorite trading indicators in one place.
  • It’s easy-to-use interface will guide users through the complexities of trading.

Set to launch today,  LedgerEX would be available to be used by the whole world, which will then witness a new way of secure trading. It launches with big and famous coins such as BTC, Ether, Tomo, Tau, Man, Bubo, etc.
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