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Avekshaa Technologies

In today’s connected world, Internet & Information Technology has opened enormous opportunities for businesses to expand beyond international boundaries. However, this has also brought along issues of higher levels of complexity in the IT Systems and higher demands from Customers and Employees using the system resulting in issues related to Application Performance, Information Security, Protection of Identities, Scalability and Availability of the IT systems.
Performance, Availability, Security, and Scalability (P-A-S-S™) today have become an underlying requirement for any enterprise in any domain using IT as a major channel to deliver value to their end-customers. This is even more pronounced when using SMAC technologies where customer expectations of P-A-S-S™ are rising steadily. When P-A-S-S™ requirements are not met, both customer experience and employee productivity drop and this results in loss of opportunity, financial loss and reputation damage.
Apprehending this, Avekshaa Technologies, a next-generation information technology products and solutions company, has become the trusted partner to clients globally, helping them address these burning issues of Performance, Availability, Scalability, and Security (P-A-S-S™). Clients are also looking to extract maximum value out of the investments made by them in their existing and new IT infrastructure, Applications, and Processes. Moreover, it ensures better Customer service, Profitability and Operational efficiency for its customers by enhancing performance, availability and scalability of business critical applications and IT system through its P-A-S Assurance offerings across the life cycle and various integration points.
An Exceptional Leader
Rajinder Gandotra, Founder and CEO of Avekshaa Technologies, is a thought leader in the space of Performance Engineering. Along with his team, he is building a world class technology company with a vision to be a global market leader in the P-A-S-S™ Assurance space.
Rajinder inspires and works with his team relentlessly focusing on the vision for Avekshaa since the company’s inception has resulted in several global recognitions – from both customers and the IT industry. Under his leadership, the company has been consistently recognized for its excellence, innovation and value delivered. His expertise in this field has enabled him to mentor many technology enthusiasts. He is a thought leader at the Industry level, driving the concept of “performance driven development”.
Under Rajinder’s guidance, Avekshaa has successfully built a brand for itself in the Performance engineering space. It has an installed base of over 40 Enterprise customers, has won 14+ awards and recognitions, and has multiple CXO level references.
Game Changing Services
Avekshaa has four key offerings;
Advanced Performance Testing and Benchmarking: It provides a truly independent performance testing and benchmarking, and takes testing to the next level of maturity, where they NOT only report Performance, Availability, and Scalability issues in IT System / Apps, but they conduct root cause analysis (RCA) to identify the precise issues and help FIX them too.
Production: Avekshaa’s Break Fix solutions address the most critical Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability P-A-S-S™ issues to quickly get your production IT systems back on track and further improve the performance across the system.
Migration: Zero-defect and zero-downtime migration. Avekshaa helps its customers in a hassle-free migration. It works with its customers to proactively prevent and resolve P-A-S failures in IT systems / Apps Migration, thus preventing business disruption risk post migration due to technology failures.Development: Avekshaa works with its customers to proactively engineer an application with high performance, efficiency & reliability to prevent late discovery of P-A-S failures.
Furthermore, Avekshaa also helps its customers to continuously improve QoS of production and development applications. It also works with its customers to proactively improve performance, availability, and scalability and prevent surprise P-A-S™ failures for business critical applications, thus delivering sustained, superior customer experience. Avekshaa’s relentless focus on delivering value in all its engagements has resulted in customer’s endorsements at senior most levels.
Avekshaa’s deep understanding of the performance engineering landscape, customer pain points, gaps in the existing products and future requirements of the application performance has led to the creation of appNeura AI Software Pvt. Ltd. It offers ML/AI products in the space of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) and APM-AIOps. DEM is a term coined by Gartner and encompasses Real User Monitoring as well as Synthetic Monitoring.
Avekshaa understands that in today’s digital world Application Performance has a direct link to an organization’s success and survival. appNeura products address these challenges precisely. They leverage the deep understanding of the performance engineering landscape gathered over the years by Avekshaa, to solve complex IT performance issues of the enterprises. appNeura products provide actionable insights about the QoS of apps to enterprises. They suggest corrective actions needed be taken to improve the app performance and scalability. Further it uses predictive analytics to forecast and prevent a potential failure. This helps in proactive issue resolution and Customer Experience improvement across channels.
appNeura is designed, not only to solve the problems of today but also to innovate and match steps with the changing needs of modern businesses to make them future ready.
Future Endeavors
Avekshaa has built a brand for itself in India and is one of the leading Performance Engineering companies in the country. It has been involved in projects of national importance and has successfully delivered some of the most complex projects in the world. Avekshaa works with more than 35 enterprises in India and of these, 25 are among the ET100.
The future advancement plans of the company is to leverage its rock solid foundation and spread wings in the unexplored national & international geographies of US,UK & Australia, to penetrate into various verticals and domains like e-Commerce, Captives, Energy, Utility & others, and to add more offerings to its suite like Managed Application performance monitoring and QoS improvement.
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