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Established in 2014, Fundamentor is a globally awarded gamified skill assessment and development company. Developing children for future is what best describes the company. The company’s flagship online product is targeted towards improving life skills and cognitive aptitude among the school children. Fundamentor’s expertise in building customized learning and assessment solutions has helped it to attain customers across India, the US, Singapore and UAE.
Acknowledging the evolving technology, the company prominently offers Gamified Learning & Assessment Platform, Customised Courseware, and Engaging Learning Content with an aim to transform the learning landscape. Its innovative game based solutions are proficiently driven by Critical thinking, Data inference, Communication, Problem-solving, and Decision-making needed to deal with changing landscape of professional choices. Since inception, Fundamentor has been using technology, gamification, animation, and analytics to make learning fun, personalized, and adaptive. It is on a mission to build a framework where learners have fun while learning and receives learning inputs in bite sized doses to prevent information overload and boredom.
The company has been developed by professionals who have worked globally at senior positions in Fortune 500 companies. Team Fundamentor consists of alumni from top engineering and business schools in India and the US. Currently, the company has over twenty-seven thousand users across 100 + organisations, which includes schools, colleges, and corporates.
The Hardship Story of the Dynamic Duo
Bhargavi AR and Amol Patkar are the Co-Founders of Fundamentor. Bhargavi and Amol graduated from Delhi College of Engineering and further went ahead to pursue their MBAs, being passionate about education. While Bhargavi did her MBA from FMS, Amol did his MBA from IIM Calcutta.
The primary challenge faced by most Ed-Tech companies is demonstrating that the product actually solves the learning problem that they are trying to solve. It is because learning is not like the various industries where the solution can provide instant gratification. The effectiveness of learning solution from a long term perspective is difficult to measure in the short term. Meeting the same challenge, Bhargavi and Amol successfully addressed this problem by ensuring that the platform focuses on bite size learning, repeated assessment and analytics-based instant feedback for improvement. They efficaciously embraced these techniques in their quizzes as well as in the learning videos. With sheer determination and unified efforts, they are taking the Ed-Tech space beyond the comprehensive educational curve.
 “Leaving our well-settled jobs was the easiest part. Also launching our idea and getting a team together was a smooth process too,” asserts the duo. But, there were various challenges which the company had to overcome and convert them into opportunities during its initial stage. One of the major challenges was to find an appropriate location to place the cornerstones of the company as the co-founders were based in Dubai and Mumbai. But, they successfully overcame this challenge by making frequent trips to India. Also, Vendor selection was not an easy task, but they solved this challenge by identifying and selecting vendors through referrals and subsequent evaluation
Another major challenge was meeting the stakeholders in schools and making them interested in the products offered by Fundamentor. Under the co-founders’ aegis, the company has built a minimum viable product at its embryonic stage and took it to twenty schools and colleges in India and UAE.
More about Fundamentor
“We are unique not because of the technology that we use but the overall use of technology and UI/UX to execute a very successful model of gamification for the learning use case,” say the co-founders.
The company uses Ruby, Node.js, LAMP, Mongo and PosgreSQL for the web applications. Its extensive use of analytics to track user experience makes it distinctive. Updating the application to user feedback and ensure high level of engagement makes Fundamentor a successful learning platform.
Team Fundamentor has its presence in five locations across four cities including Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and Dubai. This structure offers employees with an independence to achieve their objectives and contribute to Fundamentor’s success. The company works on weekly, quarterly and annual objectives through its online tools where the roles and responsibilities are clear among individuals. Its work culture truly provides support and encourages the people at its best. All these factors combine to keep the employees motivated and the work environment hassle-free.
Fundamentor, being a SaaS-based platform, offers innovative assessment and learning products in a cost-effective manner – a reasonable per user subscription. The value of these benefits outweighs the costs, hence the company has been able to maintain client relations with utmost resilience.
Noteworthy Recognitions
Over the years, Fundamentor has successfully collected various jewels in its pocket including:
 – Selected for Google Launchpad Build
– Winners of impact award in Facebook’s India Innovation Challenge
– IBM Startup Star Finalist
– Winners of UK Govt. Tech Rocketship Award at the Indo UK Tech Summit
– Winner of MIT School of Telecom Startup Award for Innovation
– Selected for NASSCOM 10 K Startup Program
– Selected for Village Capital India Education 2017 program
– Featured in key vendors in “Global Education Gamification Market 2016-2020” and “Global    Education Gamification Market 2017-2021” by a leading UK based market research organisation.
Edifying the Beginners
Education is not an industry where instant gratification or get-rich-quick schemes will work in the longer run. Fundamentor advices the young minds to have patience, as it takes time to build a reputation in the Ed-Tech world.
Future Ahead
The company perceives a great and bright future for Ed-Tech startups ahead. There is a greater scope for providing personalized and adaptive learning tools, which the learner can learn as per his/her pace as well as convenient time and location.
Fundamentor has a set of unique tools which can gamify learning, assess written & verbal communication skills, and also develop cognitive aptitude. The company is working on game-based assessment, where user plays a game with a provision to attain their assessed profile and tools for social media footprint-based psychometric assessment.
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