Wonderslate Technologies: A Digital Step towards Smart Learning

Wonderslate Technologies

Today’s digital learning has flooded with Static Content and Legacy systems. This static content has many limitations in this digital world including the lack of Smart Notes, Recommendations, Learning Patterns, Dynamic Test Preparations, and Performance Analytics. Many digital education systems are still focusing largely on the operations than learning. Even the eco system is fragmented due to multiple digital strategies and technologies.
Here comes Wonderslate Technologies, a tech-enabled learning platform, which is successfully embracing the concept of Smart Content and empowering the education space through Annotation, Test Generation, Multi-mode learning, Audio/Video Learning, etc. Wonderslate is a platform built to cater comprehensive solutions to the education world. It is a one-stop shop for the all the learning queries – adopted multiple marketing strategies to cater sub-segments within the education segment revolving around Quality, Alignment with the learning trends, Adoption, and Multi-point monetization.   
Established in 2015, the company is a pioneer in building solutions for the stake holders of the current education system. The company proficiently offers solutions which are well equipped with key differentiating features for the education segment including Content Developers/Publishers, Institutions (Schools/Colleges/Coaching Centres), Teachers as well as Students.
About the Maven 
Anand Achyut is the Founder and CEO of Wonderslate Technologies. He is a passionate Enterprise Architect turned Entrepreneur. Anand has a ravishing experience of more than two decades in building enterprise applications, e- procurement systems, distributed computing, software security, information risk management, data analytics, and architecting bespoke client applications. With sheer determination and unified efforts, he has efficaciously managed technical teams spread across different geographic locations.
The Success Saga
Since inception, content aggregation and smart features have been the foundation of Wonderslate products. Wonderslate’s agility and the research mindset helped it to solve various complex technology issues and create a niche in its sector. The concept of blended learning had challenges in adoption. With internet becoming affordable and content becoming smarter, it started taking pace. Students are now getting used to multimodal content and online tools for tests and assessments.
The Workshops, Pilots and Demos to the eco system helped Wonderslate to popularize the concept and effectiveness of blended learning. Today, the company is prominently adapting to the emerging markets and rolling out services transforming the world for better. With each passing day, the company’s end-to-end deliverance concept is getting more traction and adoption in the market.
More about Wonderslate
Wonderslate stood first in the Ed-Tech Hackathon 2018 conducted by a media platform. The company is a strong believer in maintaining a principled work-ethical culture. While startup dynamics cannot be underplayed, every employee enjoys freedom and responsibility as operating principles at the company. It focuses on learning and building a high-quality product, which can withstand the complexities of the market and used by millions. Team Wonderslate is consistently aware that it is working on the cutting-edge technology as well as tools.
Over the years, the company has established itself into a one-of-its-kind brand with its unique capabilities comprising:
– Streamline the learning experience.
– Increase the effectiveness through enrichment features and tools.
– Transform and Scale
Enlightening the Pathseekers
The emerging entrepreneurs have the advantage of the technology evolution happening across the world. Ed-tech as a sector is quite a closed sector in terms of change but is always open for meaningful solutions or services. Any idea can be a meaningful one if it can be connected to the users. Wonderslate believes that solutions should not be an overhead, instead they should simplify or dismantle the existing issues and problems seen in the sector.
A Bright Picture
Education as a segment is going through successive wave of changes. The fundamental methodology of teaching and learning is evolving in a huge way. On the other hand, India’s consumption of the internet is growing at an exponentially rate. Internet is becoming affordable and easy access to the internet is diminishing the digital gaps which existed in the various sectors.
Education sector too, capitalized on the shortfalls that existed when the internet was not a household thing. Educators now reach out to students across the globe through blog and video lessons. Students find it convenient to get their questions answered whenever they are in doubt.
This trending scenario has encouraged the innovators to embrace technology that influenced the education sector in a lot of positive ways. Thus, overcoming the conventional barriers and making learning free of constraints. With the availability of multi deliverance platforms, education content is on its way to add an extra flavor to the civilization. The future is full of game changing zests like Short yet Informative learning, Artificial Intelligence equals Customized learning experience, Gamification, and Analytics. The schools, colleges and institutes can combine the traditional classroom approach with digital learning features in order to revamp the education deliverance.
An independent research clearly suggests that blended learning has performed way better than traditional learning alone. Students perform better in the blended learning approach and learn efficiently. Wonderslate is an effort to bring the blended learning methodology into the education sector. Its future products will bring Multi Content Learning experience with a more of AI in Test Series and Assessments. Students should have the access to the best content across the world and Wonderslate’s multi monetization points would motivate to publish more content in the near future.
Source :-The 10 Booming Ed-Tech Startups To Watch

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