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Genext Students

In today’s highly competitive era, every student aspires to excel in academics to ensure a bright future. A large number of parents and students seek after-school tutoring to get extra edge and achieve the best possible results. Every student is different according to their abilities and grasping power. A ‘one-solution-fits-all’ does not work anymore, hence, more and more parents and students are leaning towards the idea of private home tuition. Offering the same, Genext Students is one of its kind AI-powered home tutoring ecosystem combining the best of physical tutoring and technology-aided learning. The firms’ platform helps parents and students discover and connect with the right tutor as per relevant requirements. This tutor- student connection is further enhanced by the firms’ technology aided tools.
The Visionary Director
Ali Asgar Kagzi is the mastermind behind Genext Students as its Co-founder & Director. During his post-graduation days at London School of Economics (LSE), he was fascinated with the use of technology in empowering education. He was convinced that the technology could prove to be a game-changer in the Indian context and Ed-tech will drive the next wave of innovation in India. After graduating, he went on to work as a consultant at Accenture, London. However, the seed of thought around starting an Ed-tech venture in India kept growing stronger in him. After a short, yet highly valuable stint at Accenture, he moved to India to put his thoughts into action and thus, was Genext Students born.
A Determined Journey
Initially, when the firm started, it lacked the building blocks of honesty and integrity from the parents and tutors. Consequently, it worked closely and individually with its first few customers to provide the best possible services. Genext started receiving a lot of referrals once these first customers were satisfied with its services. Today, the platform acquires more than fifty percent of tutor and student base every month through referrals. Secondly, in order to ensure that the organization has an efficient and lean operation to keep costs down, Genext Students built robust tech-oriented processes to help scale quickly while keeping its incremental costs low.
Hallmark-Quality Services
For students, along with the provision to connect with tutors, the Ed-tech platform also provide comprehensive digital content for adaptive learning. This content comprises bench analysis, study notes, solutions to textbook question, sample question papers, past year board exam papers, video lessons along with very comprehensive and chapter wise assessment modules. All this is complemented by in-depth analytics-performance and analysis tools-which track and analyze student’s study progress and their performance. The analytics tools offer some very helpful and meaningful information about the students such as their strong and weak areas, subject-wise and chapter-wise scores and performance status, historical performances, top performers for that particular class or subject or chapter etc.
On the tutors’ front, Genext Students has created a platform where it aggregate, verify, train and brand the individual tutors and help them get discovered easily. In addition, it empowers these tutors with a suite of assessing and admin tools which help them discharge their tutoring efficiently. These tools take care of tutors’ admin work and help them focus completely on their core responsibility of teaching. These also include student and batch management system, attendance tracking system, tutor language proficiency testing module, test generators, student progress tracker, parent messaging and communication systems.
Filling the Industry Gaps
According to the company, more than ninety percent of students in India opt for after-school classes or tuition. Increasingly a large number of parents are getting inclined towards hiring home tutors for their children right from an early age.
Through Genext Students’ technology platform, parents and students can locate the best-suited tutor as per their requirement. There are individual tutors spread all across the country and the firms’ platform aggregates and verifies alongside making them discoverable. According to the firm, following are the gaps that are needed to be addressed in the industry.
Firstly, students along with getting the best home tutor get access to the digital content, extensive assessment modules, and in-depth performance analysis. This increases their engagement in studies and motivates them towards achieving better results while making learning fun.
Secondly, these days’ parents are not able to keep a tab on the progress of their child’s study regularly. The Genext platform provides real-time test reports, comparative analysis and study progress to the parents.
Lastly, for tutors, the firm has created a suite of admin tools that helps students in discharging their duties efficiently. There is a separate application for tutors which include parent messaging and communication system and student doubt clearing forum.
Prepared to Deliver Next-Gen Education
There are several Ed-tech providers, which are either focusing on very good content or listing of tutors. However, no one is providing the end-to-end combination of services that Genext offers. Its platform has valuable offerings and tools for parents, students as well as tutors. This helps the company to maintain the stickiness of all the stakeholders in the education ecosystem which is a great challenge. Moreover, its vision is to provide the right tutor as per the child’s learning needs at the click of a button in order to deliver a measured learning experience. The firms’ technology development and user experience enhancements and customer service are driven by this vision.
The firm states that, currently, the impact of technology is largely limited to urban areas and is at a very nascent stage. There are several innovative solutions being implemented to make learning fun and highly impactful. However, over the next five-to-ten years, this impact would flow down to smaller towns and rural areas which will drive the next wave of revolution in the country. And that, precisely, is the power of technology that the firm is definitely going to use it in the near future. The firms’ home tutor connect services are available across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad and it is planning to expand it to other cities and states for which it already has content available.
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