FusionPMS : Transforming the Hotel Industry through Technology


Today’s hotel business environment has become fiercely competitive. There is competition among hoteliers in every facet of business, whether it’s attracting guests and providing them with quality service, retaining skilled staff, selling more rooms online, engaging guests through various offerings while maximizing profits etc. The list is endless.

While the competition gets tougher by the day there is no denying that the number of travellers travelling across the globe have sprung up over the years due to consistently growing middle class population, an increase in the disposable income of the people, more number of paid holidays, glamorous advertisements, cheaper traveling costs, easier and quicker booking facility etc. This in turn makes way for extensive growth opportunities in the hospitality sector enabling hoteliers to enhance their business model, develop comprehensive strategies to reach out to these travellers and attract them through lucrative offers.

The main challenge for these owners, thus, lies in the ability to create better offerings for their customers and implement smart marketing strategies that would ensure improved customer satisfaction, repeated guest visits and higher profits.

According to a study, more than 70% of hotel guests report having positive experiences with personalization. RanceLab FusionPMS gives hoteliers complete history of their guests like the details of their bookings, the frequency of their visits and the duration of their stay, which allows owners to understand their customers better and accordingly create personalized offerings for them. This in turn adds value to their experience which invites repeated visits from these guests.

It is observed that more than three-quarters of consumers have recommended or paid more for a brand that that provides personalized services.

One of the major factors that increases customer satisfaction and influences positive guest experience is hotel cleanliness and hygiene standards. It is among the most important factors that determines how a guest perceives a hotel. In fact, according to a study two out of three negative guest reviews are essentially the consequences of a dirty room where as a clean room is believed to give 76% of positive reviews churned out of positive guest experience.

Automation of housekeeping department therefore becomes mandatory to get a grip over these problems before they arise. RanceLab FusionPMS marks the room with dirty status as soon a check-out happens.The housekeeping staff is given a real-time occupancy report that clearly displays the room status for each room which is easily be changed once the cleaning is done and supervised. The changes are displayed in real time at the reservation counter as the status is updated. It enables the housekeeping manager to efficiently record and analyse the inventory and other activities to keep a check on cost.

RanceLab FusionPMS is a comprehensive hotel management software meant for all kinds of hotel businesses be it a stand-alone hotel or a chain, that takes care of multiple business operations from front-office management, housekeeping, food and beverages control, store control, financial accounting, payroll and customer loyalty program etc. Unlike other hotel software, it’s quick to set up, easy to use and simple to manage that facilitates effortless training and trains new employees in less time.

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