“Water And Shark International Inc. (USA) sets up Water And Shark Legal in India with its main office in Mumbai and associate offices across major cities in India.”

Water And Shark International Inc. is a multinational accounting and consulting firm, founded by young Indian CA Mr. Harsh Patel in 2012. Having successfully rendered services in the accounting and consulting field on a global level, Water and Shark has now ventured into the legal sector through its member firm Water And Shark Legal which shall operate as a multi-disciplinary legal service firm in India with an aim of providing legal advisory and compete litigation services across India.


About Water And Shark Legal:

Water and Shark has joined hands with young endowed Ms. Kruti Bhavsar who is practicing as an Advocate at the Bombay High Court and as a Counsel at the Supreme Court of India to set up Water And Shark Legal- A multidisciplinary law firm. At present the firm operates from Mumbai and has associate offices across major cities. The functioning and administration of Water And Shark Legal shall be fully independent and the clients of Water And Shark International Inc. and /or any of its networked member firms and/ or any foreign law firms shall directly approach Water And Shark Legal for legal advice or services. Therefore, the firm ensures that its functioning is in compliance with the Advocates Act 1961 and the Bar Council of India (BCI) Rules.

Legal Expertise: A need of the hour

Entrepreneurs are constantly finding ways to expand their business and attain growth.  Some business owners play with the risk and compromise on safeguarding their interests by not hiring legal service and legal advisory to avoid financial burdens and later end up into huge losses and legal difficulties. A company is unpredictably vulnerable on all fronts in the absence of an experienced lawyer and advisor. With the current market scenario, where the success rate and risks are equally high, Water and Shark Legal offers a complete legal road map to ensure your growth and minimize legal risks.

The Founder’s  words:

CA. Harsh Patel , Founder & Global CEO -Water and Shark

“Water And Shark is an idea and a vision and not just a company. I started my journey in 2012 with the objective of expanding worldwide and through various sectors and services. Water And Shark thrives on and believes in practical approach. Many a times, our clients faced legal challenges and therefore we recognized the need of having a dedicated legal service to protect the best interest of our clients. With the commencement of Water And Shark Legal, we have expanded our wing into the legal service sector and I believe that having legal experts on board shall ensure that every entrepreneur and corporate body put out their most confident feet in the market. Water and Shark Legal shall operate independently from Mumbai, India and we are sure that this partnership will help us achieve new heights and serve our client’s better. I heartily congratulate the team of Water And Shark Legal for setting up the boutique firm and I extend my best wishes to the young and dynamic team of lawyers. ” 

What the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Water and Shark Legal said:

Advocate Kruti Bhavsar , Co-founder & Managing Partner -Water and Shark Legal

“Law and Legal policies play a vital role in the growth and expansion of any business. A good legal framework and strong legal policies are also essential for creating a strong base on which you can build your business. At Water And Shark Legal, our idea is to engineer your business goals and strengthen your position so that every deal becomes a successful step towards growth. Through our team of experts, we provide all legal solutions under one roof; from civil, criminal, banking litigation to documentation, policy and contract drafting, legal structuring and planning. Our aim is to ensure that we stay with our clients at every step they take and work hand in hand with corporates and entrepreneurs and be a part of their journey and act as their legal safeguard.”

One must not forget that filing incorrect documents, entering into voidable contracts or following incompetent and unsafe ways can ruin your business:

Legal service and advisory is vital for businesses because “It’s always better to avoid legal problems rather than fixing them”

Many business owners lack the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with different legal aspects of running a company. Business transactions involve different stages of negotiation, preparation of paper work, and evaluations. Consulting a legal professional to deal with your business solutions can be very helpful in filing reports, securing legal protection and protecting your business interests.

Most businesses neglect the importance of legal advisor until they receive summons or find themselves before any Court. It is therefore always beneficial to appoint a good business lawyer before you get sued.

Also, with the increasing complexities in law and growing cross border transactions, it is necessary to have a legal expert on board to help you draft the best contracts and provide viable legal solutions to face legal challenges. A good lawyer ensures that his client’s business interests and legal rights are protected.

Sometimes a business needs Corporate Restructuring, in order to make it more profitable and efficient. This involves the process of making changes in the composition of the company’s / firm’s one or more business portfolios in order to have a more profitable enterprise. A commercial lawyer ensures that the restructuring is done in compliance with all corporate laws and regulations and at the same time sketches a profitable legal structure for the company.

Why choose Water And Shark Legal:

Water And Shark Legal operates on the principal that a good law firm always provides practical, pragmatic and viable legal solutions which secure your pockets rather than burning a hole. They cover all sectors of economy and provide complete legal services under one roof with their domestic and international exposure and insights. Water And Shark Legal stands on a strongly ethical and result oriented approach with the clients’ best interest being its core objective.

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