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Mr. Umang Sood | Co-Founder and Creative Director

Business fairs open doors for people to build strong relationships. Presently, coworking spaces in Mumbai give the exact same opportunity. Just that this can happen 24*7 It is typical for a start-up to frequently discover a content creator in the same working space. They can likewise team up together on a venture. Freelancers regularly get work from businesses in their shared office space. This happens particularly after one prescribes the business to others. This is the manner in which the work culture has changed. Individuals are presently working in a well-networked community. They share assets and there are open doors for the development of all. These are the reasons that make coworking the ultimate future reality.

Hosted Events:

Imagine you have bagged a big deal or launched a brand new product. At that point, you can host a small party in the bistro or the lounge room and welcome different individuals from your mutual office. Acquaint yourself with them and discover what they do. Discussion about business patterns, experiences or whatever else. The least that could happen is you make new buddies.

Free Promotions:

Frequently, coworking in Mumbai will give you a chance to showcase your work. If you are an artist, pin up a portion of your work on the notice board. If you are in FnB (Food and Beverage), put your products out in the pantry and see how people respond to it or print a few letterheads, stationery, mugs. Put them around your work area consistently for individuals to take note. This will help you gain visibility and that may come as an advantage later on.

Casual Conversation:

The idea of discussions by the water cooler is rarely old. On the off chance that you are a member of coworking spaces in Mumbai, you will undoubtedly meet new individuals all over. In the cafeteria, the lift, the entryway, the lobby and so forth. This is the place where your casual conversations start. How you take it forward and transform it into your advantage is totally upto you.

Trade of  Services:

Coworking spaces in Mumbai will likewise allow you to make “b2b” associations. It is very common for businesses working under the same roof to collaborate. Frequently customers prescribe outside the space, giving you chances to extend your business. In a startup work culture, everybody is searching for effective and “jugaadu” methods for taking care of their business. Working with similarly invested individuals in a similar office is the substance of collaborating. It is ideal for the development and extension of new opportunities.

Flexible Working:

People working in shared spaces can work at any hour of the day and are not limited to single desk areas like one would generally expect from a customary office. The flexible work hours, the opportunity to talk and blend with others at work, makes coworking even more desirable.


When you’ve just started your business, having somebody to guide you and resolve your doubts is a gift. In a coworking space, you find a good mix of individuals coming from different industries. This lets you gain from the experiences of different originators and specialists.

A pool of Thoughts:

Coworking spaces are beyond just a workspace! They are amazingly imaginative spaces where numerous new thoughts are sustained, paving the way for the advancement of new pursuits.

Work and Joy:

Coworking today is a perfect blend of work and joy, fun and collaboration, creating a culture that is alluring for all the dynamic businesses. Hosting events, workshops, parties, and seminars at a coworking space is a common scenario.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

A workspace that looks like it has come straight out of your dreams, having bespoke interiors that soothe your soul. One can focus on significant things here, as opposed to stressing over the terrible web!

Progressively the business land space is tending towards complete service, adaptable and multi-utilitarian spaces. Coworking, is simply a step 1, of a lot bigger development, shaking the real estate industry. 

About the Author:

Mr. Umang Sood is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Of10. Before setting on his venture, he worked as an Analyst – Transaction Advisory Services at Ernst & Young, India. He has also gained international expertise while working for Peakside Capital Advisors AG, Switzerland.

Currently, Mr. Sood is designing the future of real estate hospitality. He is on a mission to prove that anyone can champion ideas that change the world as they desired.

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