Onergy Solar: Effortlessly Contributing towards a Greener Planet

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Mr Rishabh Mundra | Director | Onergy Solar

From natural habitat on the verge of extinction to rise in global warming, there are various reasons to worry about. Most of the problems have been emerging due to the use of non-renewable energy and its after-effects. This, for years, has been leading to issues like the high level of carbon emission, greenhouse gas effect, ozone layer depletion and the list goes on.

While there are still many issues that need to be addressed, one alternative to reducing the consumption of nonrenewable is the use of solar energy. The major benefit of solar energy is that it is harmless to the planet. But one constant problem is the high maintenance of the solar plant system. Fortunately, ONergy Solar is tackling this issue efficiently.

Seamless Services 

A leading solar enterprise, ONergy is an award-winning solar enterprise. It provides comprehensive services related to the design, procurement, testing, supply, installation and commissioning and O and M services through tailor-made solutions. The latest initiative of ONergy is to promote rooftop solar and open access/group captive solutions where the company provides solutions to reputed corporates. It helps the clients to reduce the electricity bills through operating expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) with financing solutions.

Clients of ONergy are benefitted by signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which enables them to install Solar PV systems with zero upfront investment. It also helps clients with a significantly lower tariff rate when compared to the current electricity tariff. The clients are free to pay as per their usage (pay for units consumed – pay per use). ONergy clients are generally carefree about the plant maintenance or warranty as the company takes care of these issues after the installation of the system.

The Face of Onergy 

With exceptional business skills, Mr Rishabh Mundra is the Director – Business Development. Rishabh completed his graduation from St. Xaviers Kolkata in Economics Hons. He spearheads the business development for ONergy Solar. Having worked in the financial services sector for more than 6 years, he has been responsible to develop various business verticals from scratch. After joining ONergy as a director in 2018, he has accelerated the growth of the company and has made it gain significant traction.

Working with corporates on a PAN India basis, he has been able to leverage his goodwill and help them understand the need to partially convert their energy needs to solar. Which, thereby helps them reduce their costs and contribute to a greener planet at the same time.

Overcoming the Obstacles 

The biggest challenge faced by the industry is a substandard installation with several engineering faults and poor after-sales service. Due to a lack of understanding about solar energy and its system, a hike in project cost and high chances of disruption of the plants has been the main obstacle for ONergy to convince the clients to shift to solar.

While working on the issue, ONergy Solar is providing cutting edge services with superior design and engineering, making projects more professionally managed. Challenges also exist at the policy level which the company is addressing through various associations.

Another challenge is the increasing competition with respect to the OPEX model. To this, Rishabh says, ”However, we at ONergy having a team of young professionals coupled with our superior engineering and consultancy helps us along with our network team connects at the senior management level of leading companies to help in faster decision making.”

Awards and Acknowledgements 

Onergy Solar has been awarded as 2nd Global Re-Invest Startup for improvements in the sector of renewable energy. ONergy Solar’s work has been widely recognized both nationally and internationally and has been awarded:

SEED Award by UN-promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development; The Telegraph Infocom SME Awards; Innovations against Poverty Award from Swedish International Development Agency; Awards from UNDP, Govt. of India Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, United States of America; Entrepreneur – 100 Small Business of the year 2011; WWF climate Solver Award; Business Call to Action, etc. Apart from this, Internationally, ONergy Solar has collaboration with Miller Center (USA), TU Delft (Netherlands), Yale University and other leading institutes. 

In the Near Future 

With the aim of becoming a 5 trillion dollar economy, the energy needs of a country like India is only growing upscale. Combining this with the government’s clean and renewable energy push and the target of 175 GW by 2022, with primarily focusing on solar, the future looks bright. ONergy, further, has undertaken a vast outreach on a PAN India basis.

With the help of the government’s solar initiative that emphasis on clean energy, ONergy Solar is expecting to expand at an enormous rate in the next 2 years. It focuses on rooftop solar and opening access to 50 MW from the current 16 MW.

Along with this, the ONergy’s solar irrigation pump is also gaining a significant upthrust. As the corporates are becoming more awakened to their CSR initiatives. ONergy sees huge scope for spreading its mission of empowering India and creating a sustainable future through solar energy.

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