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Siddhartha Prakash Rathi | Proprietor | Masters Engineering

Over the years, the renewable energy has emerged providers segment as a gamechanger in India alongside impacting the power generation capacity to the core. By meeting energy needs, these renewable energy providing companies are consistently empowering the government’s agenda of sustainable development. These companies are helping move the nation towards a cleaner, safer, and affordable future.

Masters Engineering (ME) is one such sole proprietorship-based company focusing on optimum power generation from the Solar Power systems. It is an Engineering, Procurement, and Commissioning (EPC) turnkey contract company bringing best-in-class Solar Plant Solutions to the table. Established in 2010 at Nagpur, the company has been consistently rolling out out-of-the-box solutions for the betterment of society. The company stands tall in Design, Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Solar Modules / Panels Cleaning System (Wet) and Solar Modules Mounting Structure.

About WSMCS 

The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as the products and services have helped ME in garnering a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day. Keeping up with times has helped it in developing a specialized Wet Solar Modules Cleaning System (WSMCS). Backed by dedicated Solar Spark Sprinklers, this system is a well-designed network of water pipelines and ensures there is no chance of glass surface wearing in the cleaning process. The company leaves no stone unturned in monitoring that factors like dirt and hardness in water are well-taken care.

The WSMCS designed by the company can cater to the Solar Power Plant (SPP) of 2KW to as large as 100GW. It can perform the entire cleaning operation within minutes and that too daily and is programmable as desired by the clientele. Being automated, WSMCS mitigates the risks associated with human intervention. Also, water consumed can be Harvested, Re-cycled, and Re-used accordingly.

Leading from the Front 

With close to three decades of industry experience, Siddhartha Prakash Rathi is the Proprietor of Masters Engineering (ME). He, along with his team of professionals, has been engaged in Renewable Energy Development initiatives since a decade. His vision combined with the team’s passion alongside embracing good practices and ethics has helped the company in creating a niche in its sector.

For him, the biggest challenge was to create awareness for choosing the right cleaning system and addressing various myths regarding sprinkler systems. Busting some myths about Sprinkler-based WSMCS he says that ”Sprinkler-based WSMCS actually use less water in comparison to all water-based cleaning systems including manual washing.” ”There is no need of wiping of modules, water drains out completely, no stains are formed on the glass surface above solar cells, it’s the fastest cleaning system and can be expanded to any scale,” he added further.

What’s so Distinctive? 

Focusing on developing and instilling the best-performing simple and effective cleaning system is ME’s forte. Its commitment towards delivering customized products has made it a preferred choice of customers. The company’s transparency in dealing and system design gives it an extra edge over its competitors.

It continuously strives to help customers in generating profitable outcomes in the longer run. Altered with prescribed standards altering module inclination and tailor-made mounting structure to suit local weather condition for optimum solar generation, ME’s systems are well equipped with automated/semiautomated cleaning facility.

The company’s achievement lies in providing hassle-free and optimum power generating systems to its clientele thereby, contributing towards the growth of the industry.

A Bright Future 

Acknowledging a rapid growth across the solar industry, Siddhartha says, “We are a need-based product provider to the industry, hence I believe we have a bright future. We will grow as affirm their confidence on our WSMCS by way of positive referrals and reports confirming good results over a period of time.” With the future of the energy sector being bright concerning Renewable Energy, ME takes pride in successfully contributing to keeping Solar modules clean and delivering proactive products.

The company is all set to bring back the traditional source of energy which was the backbone of Rural India and name it as ‘Bull Power’. With in-depth Research and Development, it’s unlocking all possibilities to regain its compatibility with modern times and be the change-maker for the good times.

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