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New technology and innovations are making the human life much easier than before. In today’s fast-paced evolving world, particularly the medical & healthcare industries are continually compelled to develop new and creative ways for human welfare. There can be no medical progress without technological development, and there is no “Healthy Future” without innovations.
Fulfilling all the approaches, GC is standing tall for almost a century with the mission statement: “to improve the dental health of patients around the world with high-quality dental products”. GC is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2021.This mission has not been changed over these years. They constantly upgrade themselves to reach the patients with innovative, high-quality and minimal-intervention products.
GC India, the Asian Subsidiary of GC Corp has internalized GC’s belief & philosophy and is committed to the development of significant innovative technologies, ideas, and concepts in the healthcare sector. GC produces more than 600 different dental products worldwide and thus covers the entire area of consumable materials, devices and equipment for the dental practice and the dental laboratory
Visionary Leaders Ensuring the Company’s Growth
GC was found in Tokyo during the hard time of great depression in 1921 by a young chemist Kiyoshi NAKAO with his two friends ENJO and Tokuemon MIZUNO. The three founders had to deal with several disappointments and bitter setbacks while trying to bring innovation in the dental material. However, it was precisely these difficulties that led to unforeseen changes of direction and turning points that would later be crucial for the long-term success of the company.  Now, what started 97 years or almost a century ago as a small laboratory in Tokyo, Japan, has become a global company that is committed to contributing the people’s oral health around the world in 100 countries.
The philosophy of highly valued corporate quality (including products and services), catalyzed by the consistent customer-oriented efforts and the legacy have been brought to India by another Visionary Leader Dr. Sriram Mudambi, Managing Director of GC India Dental. He is an amalgamation of sorts who is familiar with five Indian languages. Dr. Sriram was born in Delhi and raised in Hyderabad, graduated in Dentistry from Bangalore. After completing post-graduation in Restorative Dentistry from the National University of Singapore, Dr. Sriram was offered to start the Indian Operations for GC, convinced by his several material science researches with GC restoratives.
Over the years, he has been interested in management and graduated from the prestigious Indian School of Business with the PGPMAX program. An avid audiophile, musician and a lyricist Dr. Sriram with his strategic thinking, business outlook and thorough subject knowledge has brought a rapid growth of GC in India.
Offering Best products to Transform Oral Healthcare Industry                
GC is known for gifting new concepts, technologies and platforms to the world.  From the then “crystalline Cement” to glass ionomer restoratives materials all have the uniqueness of their own. Some of the widely acclaimed products of GC to Dental Industry are:
Fuji II LC which is the India’s highest selling light-cured glass ionomer cement.
All-round restorative with outstanding invisible aesthetics G aenial range.
New Fibre reinforced materials EverX.
New generation nano hybrid technology of Sculpt series
Evolution in glass ionomer restorative is glass hybrid Ionomer Equia Forte.
There are several trends going on today but all of them have one clear link: minimally invasive dentistry. The ultraconservative approach is gaining more relevance as technology provides us with better materials that allow minimum thickness while keeping the same physical properties with unrivalled aesthetics.
GC is in the forefront with the digital product portfolio like Aadva IOS, Cerasmart, Proceed ceramic, Optiglaze & Lustre Paste and G- CEM LinkForce- the universal luting solution.
Setting New Milestones in Healthcare Sector
Going with the trend, GC has a specific focus on launching innovative products and establishing operational efficiencies to achieve customer delight. Patients value the pleasant environment, excellent service, and modern equipment just as highly as the expertise of their dentist.
GC is providing a wide range of quality products; it makes the life of a dental practitioner quite easy. The company is a one-stop solution for a dental practitioner focused towards achieving excellence in clinical dentistry.
The Journey towards Flourishing Future
Dr. Sriram says “Looking ahead to our 100th anniversary in 2021, GC is making continued efforts under vision 2021 to become the number one dental company in the world through further contributing to a healthy, long-living society. We need to be proactive and make sustainable changes and innovations. Moreover, we need to increase our organizational strength and resilience to cope with change.”
Dr. Sriram firmly believes that these efforts are necessary for GC to flexibly cope with future changes in the external business environment, to become the world’s number one dental company and to enjoy prosperity in the coming years.
Source :-The 10 Most Advanced Medical Device Companies

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