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The state of maternal and child care in low and middle income countries is very bad. Every year about 1.02 million intrapartum stillbirths, 904 000 intrapartum-related neonatal deaths, and around 42% of the 535,900 maternal death occur worldwide. In India 80% of the deliveries are not done by doctors but nurses. During the intra-partum period, monitoring the foetal heart rate and uterine contractions is very important to know the health status of the foetus.
Jainitri Innovations has a vision to see a world where no mother or newborn die during pregnancy/delivery/post-delivery. For achieving this they cater some innovative simple and easy to use products that prevent the mortality/morbidity.
KEYAR, an affordable version of CTG
A device is used to continuously monitor the FHR & uterine contraction, it is called cardiotocography machine (CTG). Doctors analyse the CTG graph that comes on print to recognize the fetal distress. Based on the graph, the doctor takes further decisions to prevent any mortality or morbidity. There are a few challenges that we face with the CTG machine. Firstly, the cost of the machine is too high(2,00,000 INR), secondly, it is non-portable (4 KG), and lastly it requires a skilled health worker to operate the device and to interpret the graphs formed by the machine. To deal with the above mentioned issues, Jainitri Innovations has come up with a new product named KEYAR.
KEYAR is a reasonably priced and easy to use version of the CTG machine. It is a wearable and portable labor monitoring device for continuous monitoring of fetal heart rate and uterine contraction during intra-partum period for low resources healthcare settings. The easy format of this machiche enables a low skilled health worker to interpret the results. The KEYAR continuously transmits the data to another product called DAKSH which is an intelligent intra-partum monitoring mobile application. The gynecologist/expert doctor can view the data remotely on their mobile application and can also connect with the maternity ward in real time. .
About the Visionary Biochemical Engineer
Arun Agarwal the Founder and CEO of Jainitri Innovations Pvt. Ltd was born and brought up in a small town in India. All throughout his childhood he witnessed his neighbours and family members falling prey to many fatal diseases. While pursuing his undergraduate course he realised that it was only technology that could save them all from these deadly diseases. With this motive to innovate new heath care machines he took up biochemical engineering for his post graduation. After completing his PG he roamed around in a lot of Indian villages to explore the various health issues. Out of all, maternal and child health problems seemed to be very huge, to tackle all these he came up with the idea of JANITRI.
Need for improved technology in health care sphere
To keep everyone healthy, there is a need to establish good healthcare centres that use high tech machines to detect various diseases. These machines in the health care industry require being non-invasive, portable, and easy to use for better monitoring or diagnosis. Home based healthcare monitoring and services are a good option and customers have started adopting the new technology. The artificial intelligence and machine learning has given a new shape to the health industry for early prediction. Technology is going to play the major role in this industry. This technology brought by Janitri Innovations is only going to help the healthcare workers but it can’t replace them.
Taking a step ahead
Janitri Innovations Pvt. Ltd follows the process of “do early, fail early” and they innovate on a daily basis and then try and test the product or feature in the hospital (urban and rural) in real time to get the feedback of the relevant stake holders (nurses, doctors, patient). Based on the feedback, they take quick decision on modification or inclusion or removal of any technology component. They also keep an eye on their competitors across the globe and the market requirement.
If you wish to make a change, a good team is always the first requirement. Getting the right people in their team is the biggest challenge this company faces. Right now at Janitri they have a highly skilled and talented team of candidates who are passionate about their expert area and social sector. This helps the overall team to grow together with the vision of the company. Subsequently, the client gets the benefit from their product and services that are designed and developed by the zealous and enthused team.
Team, the major assert of the company
The main success of the company will be when their product saves many lives and decreases the death rate. This company has come a long way starting from problem identification, need validation, product development and pilot. Their partners VILLGRO, BIRAC, Government of Karnataka, Government of Rajasthan, Gates Foundation, WISH Foundation, SELCO Foundation, Karuna Trust, Grand Challenges Canada, St. Johns medical college hospital and Rangadore memorial hospital have helped them through it all.
Maintaining long term relations with clients is their main agenda. They make sure to provide the quality product, on ground training, refresher training and quality maintenance to whosoever wishes to work with them.
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