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The healthcare industry in India has made rapid progress in the last decade, but significantly lags behind other nations in availability and quality of equitable citizens. This in turn presents an enormous opportunity with the large population, growing economic prosperity and the disease burden. Industry players believe that a campaign like “Heal In India” will be synergetic to Make In India initiative. An attractive Heal In India campaign can result in a significant expansion and upgradation of healthcare infrastructure in the country, benefiting Indian residents and providing value addition through medical tourism. Vinod Medical Systems Pvt Ltd is focused to deliver the highest quality products and so the dedicated team has been trained to interact with clients positively to ensure their needs are addressed satisfactorily.
The organization keeps abreast of new and emerging technologies and products in the field and offers these to the customers so they are benefitted with the latest items in the market. It aims to expand the marketing of the organization globally with top quality Hospital Furniture and other consumable specialty products with the extension of the good business practice, valued customer relationship and empowered employment. The target is to grow exponentially in the forthcoming years on the basis of the planned strategies and to evolve into a Preferred Business Associate.
The Efficient team of Vinod Medical Systems
Suresh Rathi and Vinod Jaisinghani started the trading business in 1988 under the name Vinod Agencies for Graphic Art Materials. This business being associated with photography, it naturally led to the trading of Agfa Medical X-ray films and Kodak Photo products. Further with the change of name to Vinod Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., and establishing branches all over India, the company diversified the business to deal in Medical, Healthcare, Photo related products and Signage products.
The core team of Vinod Medical System comprises of Suresh Rathi – Managing Director, Vinod Jaisinghani – Director, Sales (Medical and Photo), Narayan Rathi – Director, Sales (Signage, Accounts and HR), Kailash Rathi – Director, Sales (Photo and Administration).It was Suresh Rathi’s dream to do manufacturing and this was fulfilled in 2009 when the Photo-sensitized confectioning plant was established in Dadra, Dadra and Nagar Haveli (U. T.) and later in 2011 when the Hospital Furniture factory commenced operations. Emerging from a trading company and growing into a manufacturing one, the company is now poised to enter the Global Market with a strong and firm endeavor. “The belief in achieving excellence through quality products empowering employees and practicing ethical business policies are the driving force for the expansion of the business to which I am committed and will uphold.” asserts Suresh Rathi.
Rise and Growth of the Organization
VMS has grown from the trading business started in 1988 to a manufacturing company since 2009 with two Quality Certified production plants in India.

  • Photo sensitized confectioning facility with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, CE and WHO-GMP certification for slitting and packing of products like Medical and Industrial X-ray films, Color papers and films, high quality coated inkjet papers and films.
  • Hospital Furniture manufacturing unit certified for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 13485:2003, CE, OHSAS 18001:2007 and WHO-GMP.

The registered office is in Raipur with the corporate office established in Mumbai. Network of 22 offices in India with more than 300 channel partners enables a deep and strong penetration of the marketing and sales force.
The wide range of products include hardware and consumables for the Healthcare, Photographic and Signage industries procured from long standing and quality conscious domestic and international companies. The brand majorly deals with

  • Medical / Healthcare – Medical X-ray Films, Skydent Dental X-ray Films, Industrial X-ray Films, X-ray Cassettes, Screens and Accessories, X-ray Process Chemicals, Ultrasound Gel, Ultrasound  Thermal  Printing Papers, X-ray Radiography Systems, DR Panels and a wide range of Hospital Furniture.
  • Photo – High quality Inkjet Papers in various surfaces and thickness including Photo quality, Digital Print Media, Copier Paper, Colour Inkjet Cartridges , Toner Cartridges , Refill Inks , CISS Tanks, Lamination Films, Laminators and Epson Wide format Printers
  • Signage – Vinyl media for Front lit, Back lit, Eco Solvent, Reflectives, Inks for vinyl printers and Large format printers, CNC Routers for wood and stone engraving, Plotters and Laminators
  • Retail – Natural ice-cream parlors and confectionery items in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Upholding a Good Rapport with Suppliers
Considering the steady decline in traditional Medical X-ray film use in healthcare, the company has adapted to offering DR systems as a substitute. Also to keep pace with the growing demand in quality healthcare products, new technologies have been incorporated in the manufacturing to enhance productivity and quality. The organization maintains a good rapport with all the international and domestic suppliers who constantly update them with new trends and products thereof. At the same time Vinod Medical System participates in exhibitions and seminars held in India and abroad to get the market feel.
The  International suppliers of the organization includes Agfa, Kodak, Fujifilm, Carestream, GE, Malvestio, Siemens and introducing their products in India along with their very own brand of VMS products are the ones well accepted by every customer that it has targeted.
To build a long term relationship and have a successful customer base, the organization believes that only with trust between the customer and the company a successful business can be assembled. The team is motivated to build this rapport by offering customers what they need, when they need and at an affordable price coupled with a back-up of service and support.
Progressing forward with a positive outlook for the future
VMS has always been and will continue to be a business house offering the very best and latest technology products in each of the verticals. The organization is continuously looking for emerging trends and technologies and incorporating these into the manufacturing, marketing and sales. With the committed investment in Human Resources, Quality Products and Reliable Services, the company is looking forward to increasing its Value and Presence in the Domestic and International Business.
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