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GeoDecisions® is a global IT firm formed in 1986 in State College, Pa. Now headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa., with offices in the U.S. and Abu Dhabi, UAE, GeoDecisions utilizes geospatial services and products to deliver intelligent business solutions that help organizations increase their return on investment. GeoDecisions’ services and products empower commercial, federal, state and local, and international clients to make more informed decisions. Partnering with industry leaders such as Esri®, they provide strategic planning and implementation design all the way through system integration and testing.
Brendan Wesdock: President of GeoDecisions
Brendan Wesdock, MCP, GISP, is responsible for leading and directing the strategic direction and growth of GeoDecisions®, as well as managing its national and international operations. Brendan holds a bachelor of science in geography from The Pennsylvania State University. He is a Microsoft® Certified Professional, a Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional, and a member of URISA and the National Defense Transportation Association.
Brendan has 20+ years of experience in the geospatial industry, working with various government, military, and commercial clients. Earlier in his career, he served as GeoDecisions’ Senior VP and operations manager, responsible for daily operations and as program manager for the patented IRRIS® geospatial decision support system.
Prior to joining GeoDecisions in 1999, Brendan was a senior technical lead for L. Robert Kimball and Associates’ Telecommunications and Technology Division, where he developed innovative applications for the next generation of E-911 services. He also worked for Rand McNally and Company in the New Media Division as a team member of the CODiE™ award-winning, first generation, commercial address routing and mapping products TripMaker®, StreetFinder®, and the New Millennium World Atlas®.
Trusted advisor with a great track record
GeoDecisions emphasizes customer service – evident in the fact that more than 90% of their business is generated from annual repeat customers. They define their success by their customer’s success. Through spatially enabled applications, they empower financial organizations, for example, with performance optimization from the office to the field. GeoDecisions tackles financial industry issues related to portfolio management, risk assessment, and predictive analytics.
They also support global strategies to improve public safety via enterprise geospatial technology and risk management solutions. In the UAE, GeoDecisions developed the award-winning GeoPlanner web portal and the Project and Task Management System for the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council; an enterprise GIS roadmap to support Abu Dhabi Housing Authority business functions; and a UAE National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Agency National Spatial Data Infrastructure web portal to facilitate rapid collection and integration of spatial data sets from agencies throughout the UAE.
In the state and local government market, they have developed safety-, traffic- and mobility-driven enterprise geospatial solutions for more than 40 city and state departments of transportation and regional planning agencies in the U.S. For the past 16 years, they’ve supported U.S. military agencies with geospatial support services, intelligence analysis, and logistics support through their IRRIS® enterprise geospatial system.
From the product side, over the past 4 years they’ve developed a line of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. Their solutions provide decision makers with a new level of analysis, intelligence, and visibility for security, logistics, incident management, and response. GeoDecisions’ Intelligent Location Server ‘GeoILS’ is utilized by more than 500 trucking companies for fleet management; GeoPlan® is a local government GIS and data management platform; Public Notify is a GIS-based high-speed notification system; and ElectriMap® is an application that provides electric utilities with a single source for storing reliable asset information and maps the location of transmission, substations, distribution lines, and service locations.
They are turning 30 years old in 2016, and are more excited than ever to be at the forefront of evolving, creating, and revolutionizing geospatial technologies.
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