GC India Dental: Spreading Wings to Serve the World with Healthy & Beautiful Smile

New techniques and innovations are changing the world at breathtaking speed. In today’s fast-paced evolving world both marketplace and healthcare industries are continually compelled to develop new and creative ways for human welfare. There can be no medical progress without technical progress, and there is no “Healthy Future” without innovations. Fulfilling all the approaches, GC Group is standing tall along with its industrial contemporaries for over 95 years. The company is pioneered in spreading SMILE to more than 100 countries globally and has been recognized by both Dentists and Dental technicians alike as a provider of consistently high-quality dental products that are easy to handle and capable of delivering the highest service standards to their customers.

GC India Dental associates throughout the GC Group, is a research-focused company, committed to the development of significant innovative technologies, ideas, and concepts in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, to benefit from valuable synergies, GC is cooperating with internationally recognized research institutes and universities and makes significant investments in products and process improvements.

The Inception Story

There are few organizations which stand the test of time and GC is among them with a century of contribution to the dental industry. It’s a fairy tale of nurturing a dream, struggle, success, and growth. GC was found in Tokyo during the hard time of great depression in 1921 by a young chemist Kiyoshi NAKAO with his two friends ENJO and Tokuemon MIZUNO. The three founders had to deal with several disappointments and bitter setbacks while trying to bring innovation in the dental material. However, it was precisely these difficulties that led to unforeseen changes of direction and turning points that would later be crucial for the long-term success of the company.  Now, what started 95 years ago as a small laboratory in Tokyo, Japan, has become a global company that is committed to contributing the people’s oral health around the world. The passionate devotion and strenuous efforts of GC Associates have brought about this successful growth.

The strenuous efforts of GC Associates has resulted a highly valued corporate quality (including products and services), catalyzed by the consistent customer-oriented efforts of all GC associates throughout the GC Group, including R&D, manufacturers, sales, and indirect departments.

From the foundation till today’s journey of NAKAOs there lies a success story of what GC is today as one of the world’s largest and most successful suppliers of dental products.

With the mind of love and respect, Singing aloud song of labor

The working place has life, Those proceeding with GC

Colleagues we are all Associates, With the flag of ideal of serving

For the development of society, Dental materials made have light.

Penned by the wise entrepreneur and poet Kiyoshi NAKAO, the GC song says the philosophy and truth behind the GC’s success.

Turning Hurdles into Opportunities

GC’s first product, “Standard Cement,” didn’t perform as per expectation in the marketplace.

However, this experience provided a great learning ground for the three founders, who realized the “importance of making products by thinking from the customer’s standpoint” and fostered an “uncompromising commitment to quality.”

Three years later, they created “Crystalline Cement,” which offered excellent quality comparable to imported materials. Partly as a reminder of their initial failure, they designated February 11– the date of the first product’s launch–as the anniversary of the company. Their dedication towards making quality products has been kept alive through generations of GC men and women, and it continues to drive the company’s growth through the philosophy of “SEMUI.”

This theory initially comes from the Buddhist concept “Always think and act from the viewpoint of your opponent or partner.” In the broadest sense, it represents a combination of selflessness, pure objectivity, charity and great wisdom. Every working process at GC is based on internalizing and realizing this philosophical concept.

Kiyoshi Nakao instituted this company’s motto based on the teaching of “SEMUI”: “A true product is a product of interdependence, made by ridding oneself of selfish thoughts and thinking from the standpoint of others.” All employees at GC act as members of a big family, where they remove themselves from egocentric thoughts and respect their fellows, or “Nakama.” They also strive to think from the customer’s standpoint and make real products by placing a priority on the value these products provide for customers.

The unity of GC Associates, which they have been maintained over the past 95 years, is one of their great advantages. Under the corporate philosophy of SEMUI, they will make continued efforts towards the realization of Vision 2021 and take a quantum leap forward.

Distinctive Strategies & Services Assuring Success

GC is known for gifting new concepts, technologies, and platforms to the world. Some of the widely acclaimed gifts to Dental Industry are listed below;

  • Fuji II LC which is the India’s highest selling light-cured glass ionomer cement.
  • All-round restorative with outstanding invisible aesthetics G aenial range.
  • New Fibre reinforced materials EverX.
  • Precede-the all-embracing ceramic system for dental technicians for all possible framework materials.

Now with the introduction of Aadva Intra Oral Scanner in India – GC has made digital technology accessible and easy.

The Core Values of GC Group – Customer Focus, Quality excellence and Mutual respect have helped team GC in the journey towards excellence. Doing things from the standpoint of others ultimately helps the individual or groups to live a good life, and GC is striving to achieve that.

A Visionary Leader and an Agent of Change

Dr. Sriram Mudambi, Managing Director of GC India Dental, is an amalgamation of sorts who is familiar with five Indian languages. Dr. Sriram was born in Delhi and raised in Hyderabad, graduated in Dentistry from Bangalore. After completing post graduation in Restorative Dentistry from the National University of Singapore, Dr. Sriram was offered to start the Indian Operations for GC.

Dr. Sriram is deeply passionate about music and as an audiophile spends most of his free time attempting to produce his music album. Also, some of Dr. Sriram’s songs are released on the internet which has been well appreciated. Over the years, he has been interested in management and graduated from the prestigious Indian School of Business with the PGPMAX programme.

Providing Best-in-class Tools that will Change the Face of the Healthcare Industry

The biggest trend in restorative dentistry is the simplification of restorative techniques. After years of development of products and techniques, GC now has the possibility of creating beautiful restorations with quicker and easier procedures. It has sparked an interest in dental materials that can give the same optimal results of previous techniques, but with easier steps and procedures.

GC Corporation is spreading their wings to serve the world and produces more than 600 different dental products worldwide. Thus, the company covers the entire area of consumable materials, devices and equipment for the dental practice and the dental laboratory.

GC is in the forefront with the digital product portfolio like Aadva IOS, Cerasmart, Proceed ceramic, Optiglaze & Luster Paste and G- CEM LinkForce- the universal luting solution.Their state of the art features include:

  • For an all-around restorative with outstanding invisible aesthetics, look no further than the new generation Sculptable Nanohybrid technology of GC Sculpt and the G-ænial range from GC.
  • Fiber technologies discover extended possibilities for direct restorations such as direct bridges, splinting and even direct restorations of inlay-size cavities.
  • Adhesive techniques are also constantly evolving and improving, empowering them to be highly conservative either by using direct or indirect techniques.
  • Another evolution GC brought in glass ionomer restorative is Equia Forte which is applauded and recognized globally for its superior properties and clinical success.

Digital dentistry rapidly takes center stage in modern dental practices especially the development of intra-oral scanning devices. The introduction of new composite and hybrid ceramic materials suitable for the fabrication of CAD/CAM restorations has opened the doors towards Digital restorative dentistry.

Setting New Benchmarks in Medical Expertise

GC India has a specific focus on launching innovative products and establishing operational efficiencies to achieve customer delight. Patients value the pleasant environment, excellent service, and modern equipment just as highly as the expertise of their dentist. With GC providing a wide range of quality products, it makes the life of a dental practitioner quite easy. GC is a one-stop solution for a dental practitioner focused towards achieving excellence in clinical dentistry.

GC’s, President, Makoto NAKAO presented five key phrases for its vision 2020: “Human being,” “Innovation of technology,” “Globalization,” “Advanced information society” and “Value-creating management.” These five key phrases were considered to be intertwined to create a new business environment in dentistry.

“We at GC are committed to achieving excellent quality, and this commitment is firmly rooted in all employees working in all departments relating to research, production, sales, marketing, operations, etc. Indeed, this thinking is an important cultural asset of GC. By remaining true to this commitment, GC will continue to play a significant role in society through dental products to make the twenty-first century the Century of Health,” assures Dr. Sriram.

Igniting the Future

“Looking ahead to our 100th anniversary in 2021, GC is making continued efforts under vision 2021 to become the number one dental company in the world through further contributing to a healthy, long-living society. We need to be proactive and make sustainable changes and innovations. Moreover, we need to increase our organizational strength and resilience to cope with change. I firmly believe that these efforts are indispensable to GC’s ability to flexibly cope with future changes in the external business environment, to realize our vision to become the world’s number one dental company and to enjoy prosperity in the coming years,” says Dr. Sriram.

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