Google and Artemis working together for the advancement of wireless technolog

STEVE PERLMAN, founder and CEO of Artemis Networks, is developing a new technology called pCell (Personal Cell) because of the continuous need of fast wireless services. A typical cellular wireless antenna covers an area with a single signal, or cell, that all phones share. With pCell, multiple antennas transmit signals that combine to create a “personal cell” that follows you around. Since this cell is yours and yours only, you get all the bandwidth. In theory, this means a much better signal—a signal up to 1,000 times faster, according to Perlman.
“pCell will allow all equipped mobile devices within a pCell coverage area to each receive 100% of the available theoretical bandwidth capacity”, claims the company. If you install this tiny antenna on your roof, it can receive wireless calls and data not just from your own mobile phone but from mobile phones across the neighborhood. Then it can route these calls and data across your home internet connection towards their ultimate destination. And when it does, he’ll give you a cut of the revenue from this crowd sourced phone network—a network that, thanks to the antenna’s unusual design, could increase wireless speeds several times over.
Google bought a small Internet service provider called Webpass. The Webpass is now helping in testing of pCell. Google is now getting a firsthand look at a new wireless technology that aims to radically change the way the Internet is delivered. The involvement of Google has created many controversies, “Does Google really have to bless what you do with your home internet connection?” says Charles Barr, the CEO of Webpass, the internet provider that’s installing Perlman’s antennas in San Francisco. “If the network is neutral, they shouldn’t be involved.” Regardless, Perlman must also ensure that phones can use his antennas. At the moment, phones can’t use his pCells without a new SIM card, the tiny network cards that slip into the back of each device.
The pCell technology is still far away from actual sales but the founders are very confident and pushing their ways to bring this technology into real world.

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