MapR’s Spyglass Initiative simplifies the complications of Big Data Management

MapR is a San Jose, California-based enterprise software company that develops and sells Apache Hadoop-derived software. The MapR’s Spyglass is an initiative with the vision of increasing user and administrator productivity. It takes a comprehensive, open, and extensible approach to simplifying big data deployments.
The MapR Monitoring architecture consists of 4 primary layers:

  1. Data sources create the monitoring data to be collected and tracked.
  2. The collection layer is responsible for delivering data from the sources to the storage layer.
  3. The aggregation and storage layer consists of two popular open source storage technologies, OpenTSDB and Elasticsearch, for storing metrics and logs and providing APIs for access.
  4. The visualization layer ties into the aggregation and storage layer to provide customizable dashboards on cluster operations, using the popular open source technologies Grafana and Kibana.

“As a financial and audience marketing company, data is what we do at Cardlytics,” said Bret Lowery, technical director, data and architecture, Cardlytics. “MapR is a strategic partner in our plans for company growth. This will be a key enabler for us to monitor and maintain our growing list of mission-critical Hadoop and Apache stack systems and ensure we meet the data delivery expectations of our customers.”
Customizable dashboards for visualizing metrics and log analytics can be analyzed and exported with other extensions which give it more flexibility.

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