Google launches 4K Chromecast, WiFi Router and Home speaker during its hardware event

Google has extended its hardware offerings yonder smartphones with new Daydream headset, wireless router and intelligent home speaker.
Apart from Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Google also announced 4K empowered Chromecast, Google-branded WiFi router, first Daydream VR headset, and Google Home speaker. The new hardware devices are meant to thrust company’s other products like YouTube to a new level.
The focus here is the new Chromecast Ultra, which gets support for a higher-resolution format called 4K. The capability to stream 4K content is not new to streaming devices but Chromecast Ultra is making it really reasonable. Google Chromecast Ultra will cost about $70. Google will, however, face competition from other gadgets like Xiaomi’s recently introduced Mi Box and Roku when it comes to streaming devices.
Google is also announcing a new WiFi router parallel to Eero. With its new router, Google desires to advance Wi-Fi in the home, which is still an actual pain point for most. Google’s new Wi-Fi system will be modular, permitting users to add new components grounded on the contour of their home. Google is also thrusting software to aid achieve the several access points for you as you move everywhere. Google’s new WiFi router will cost $130 for a single unit while a three-pack is rated at $300.
Google also proclaimed its first Daydream compatible VR headset. With Daydream, Google is making VR an integral part of Android. Google’s Daydream headset is alike Samsung Gear VR in terms of design but features a distinct motion controller and shall be compatible with an extensive array of smartphones when OEMs start supporting Daydream by default with Android 7.1 Nougat.
Google has also introduced Home speaker, a new range of personal assistant based speaker to take on Amazon’s Alexa.

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