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Founded in 2011, Green Feather Business Solutions, a Delhi based company for Software & Website Development services, is a web solution expertise acquired with modern technologies and continually leaving a positive impact on emerging businesses with smart management team and powerful strategic alliances. Green Feather is providing solutions like, Inventory Management System, ERP, Payroll System, HRM Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, E-Learning Solutions, Cloud Application, Mobile Applications, Customer Relation Management Solutions and many web services, to its clientele all over the world, specializing in custom software development.
Sushant Tripathi, Founder & Executive Director of Green Feather
Sushant Tripathi, is a developer, motivational speaker, passionate blogger, marketing consultant and a leader who inspires his team by setting his own quality standards at work. According to him, “For Green Feather, a website development is not a technical job, but it is maximum about what is your business having on the internet.”
A Bachelor of Technology from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Sushant started his career with a Multi-National company, started his own venture Green Feather with gaining transferable skills, with a keen eye for technical detail and varied expertise in the field of Information Technology.
Services and Products Offering
Green Feather, specializes mainly in E-commerce Portal Development and E-learning Software Solutions, offers a range of products like. SECURE ME, is a Record Management System meant for SMEs to manage all their important files via Software. The system allows indexing of each file along with many features such as Print any page or any file, Store at one place, access from anywhere anytime, Upload a new doc in a file and index it immediately.
Some of their Services are:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Software Solutions
  • Managed IT support
  • Mobile Applications
  • Consltant – Digital Marketing & IT

MY OFFICE, a complete inventory management solution for all manufacturing companies, export houses, etc. TravelPedia, a complete Travel & Tour Management Cloud Solutions for Taxi and Travel Agents or Service Provider which allows features such as Alert System for your Pre Booked Orders, Driver Management, Cab Management, Partner Management, Reports, Call Records Management, and Invoice & Payments. MyChef, which allows you to place live orders from your table in the Restaurant without even waiting for waiter to response. Thus helps Restaurant owners to increases and attain greater degree of Customer Satisfaction as response time lowers along with minimum resource available, and LeaseTracker, a software and an online portal, meant for real estate broker.
Upcoming Projects
Green Feather is expecting some more new projects to be launched in the near future like, Hotel Management Booking System, which will allow the hotel to manage everything via the central management booking system. Also, it will unveil Commercial Real Estate Leasing Web Site, a portal which will allow people to search for the potential managed office space with IT Infrastructure already developed in a very cost effective manner.
Additionally, Green Feather is planning to launch a Fashion Portal where a female can purchase tailored dresses online custom designed and tailored by young designers who can upload their designs and sell their dresses altogether. Also, they are working on a couple of new to be launched projects, a Cloud CRM an Online Attendance System and a Business Automation System, which will be a bundle of Invoicing System, Tracking System and a Lead Management System, News Portal and lots more.
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