HAW Travel Management: Specializing in Inbound and Outbound Tourism

HAW Travel Management

“Every trip is a special emotion. Experience it with HAW Holidays”
HAW Travel Group, a Destination Management Company caters to B2B sector a company based on this idea to create personalized services and has started gaining momentum in the hospitality industry. The company has created high deliverance standards which are the key for them to stand apart in industry which is surrounded by stiff competition. Every member of HAW is ruled by an undying urge to be the best amongst the best. Journey with HAW Travel unravel a company that has a prestigious history and a very promising future.
Along the way allow them to introduce you to their different entities, independent and yet functioning as one whole. There is no better way to discover the world but with HAW Group. HAW Group is one stop hospitality organization which supersedes many services options offered by other.
The Company works with Travel Agencies to provide them with authentic information, details and the best deals and packages from Tourism boards and service providers whom they associate with to deliver the following products:-Hotel rooms, shuttles, airport transfers, international packages, educational tours, sporting events, Dealers meet, concert tours, School trips and conferences, Trekking tours, Eco tourism, Spouse programs and Customized tours..Etc”
Destination HAW caters to below destination
Creative Minds of HAW Travel
Team HAW is based on strong pillars who are already veteran in the industry just to share small brief on their professional experience .A combination of young, experienced and energetic travel enthusiasts started in 2013 with a small step has turned to a strong team of professionals duly recognized worldwide.
HAW is headed by two senior travel professionals namely, Diwakar Tiwari & Zeenat Anjum. Both have been an integral part of the travel industry and bring with them a combined experience of 30 years in the hospitality and tourism industry. They are responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, strategic plan, and marketing plan of the organization with a goal of increasing tourism and stimulating economic development
Mr Diwakar Tiwari is strong pillar to HAW a very well-known & respected figure in the Travel industry. Initiating his carrier at very early stage in 2008 and now handles the Sales and Marketing all over the world. He switched from successful retail carrier to Hospitality industry totally for his passion for travel. He placed complete confidence in Zeenat Anjum new venture rendering support to the company in various ways, which in turn provided a lot of boost to the company’s progress. He brings diverse backgrounds, decades of experience, and vast professional networks to HAW – plus an unmatched passion for the travel industry and advisors.
Besides infusing the spirit of action and a result oriented work culture Zeenat is a firm believer in value based strategies and has created a unique quality control model of Operational Excellence. She set the tone and the vision for their organization, and as a result the company has risen to levels of fame. She is also vice president in Trivium Media a Media marketing company based in Mumbai having its branches all over the world and CEO in RREPS n events a destination wedding and representation company .
Out of the box Services of HAW Travel
The pioneer travel organization also provides some unique services, which deliver benefits towards their treasured clients, like Corporate Travel Management, MICE,  Domestic Travel Plans, International Travel Plans, VIP Travel Plans, Executive Luxury Travel, Educational tours, Destination weddings, Group and Individual Travel Plans, Camping services, and Cruises worldwide.
All over the year excursions and itineraries, (Adventures, Eco-Tours, Biblical Tours, Cruises, Diving, Sea Resort Holidays, Ski Holidays, Relaxation & Spa Treatment Packages, & Tailored Made Tours)
Inspirational Story of HAW Travel
The immense pressure and stress involved in today’s corporate economy, the use of travel management in corporate company help the business to reach new heights. Corporate travel management is vital for the successful planning and booking of a business trip, providing peace of mind and ensuring every aspect of the trip is covered.
Their aim is to make corporate travel management more personalized and seamless. And they do this through their network of exceptional local partners that are not only leaders in their own respective markets, but who also meet the high operating and service standards.
Extra-ordinary Strategies of HAW Travel
“It takes 5 times as much to attract new customer than to keep an existing one”

  1. Personalize services and offer relevant products: they keep a close relationship with their customers which are key part of building customer loyalty.

They develop data of customer information to offer relevant services or tours that they might not have known about, but which will excite them. They pay attention to their individual needs, requests and interests.

  1. Target customers with special offers: The more you know about your customers, the more you can tailor your approach to each individual. Haw Travel keeps in mind offer faculties to each individual and increase relevancy, which keeps their brand on their customers’ minds.

Here are some couple of ways you can go that extra mile for your clients:

  • Pay attention to what your customers want and make their issues your issues – be proactive in addressing them.
  • Isolate potential issues and fix them before they become problems.

Future Lane of HAW Travel
HAW Travel is a team that creates unique and socially responsible travel experiences, providing services beyond expectations and to strengthen their position as the leading tourism company providing quality, creative, innovative, competitive and socially responsible services in the region.
HAW Travel visions to be the Preferred Integrated Travel & Tourism Service Provider and be the world’s most trusted and creative Travel Management Company.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Corporate Travel Management Companies

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