Leo Travels: A Complete Travel Agency with an Extraordinary Personalised Travel Management Solution

Leo Travels

Established in 1980 and serving the travellers for over last 30 years, Leo Travels is a unique and dynamic organization. It has uncompromisingly followed the tradition of providing leadership, innovation and creativity in every area of the travel management. Today, Leo Travels remains as committed to service travellers as and when they first opened their doors.
Leo Travels believes that the steady growth and intelligent partnerships allow them to excel in the Corporate Travel, broadening their expertise into Luxury vacations and representations in India. Leo travels is an IATA approved agent, and is a member of Travel Agent Association of India (TAAI), Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI), American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and United Federation of Travel Agent Association (UFTAA).
An Accomplished Leader
Sharmila Mehta, CEO at Leo Travels brings over 32 years of travel industry and business experience. She is a driving force for her firm’s business strategy and growth. Her industry experience and hands on approach saw the company soon make a niche in the market for Quality business and she is the one responsible for Travel Technology, Marketing & Business Development etc.
Having worked with the GSA of Lufthansa German Airlines for 12 years gave her the necessary understanding she needed while dealing with clients, suppliers and handling their most important asset, the team. Today, thirty years later, Sharmila is very proud of her company’s success, which was founded on the principles of integrity, service, expertise, and reliability.
“My passion for travel was fostered by my early travels world over as a child. I have enjoyed creating unique travel experiences for a range of customers ever since I started working. As the person responsible for the day to day running of the business I endeavor to ensure my genuine love of travel, food and music and interest in the world, combined with a drive to provide the best service and experience to all our customers, is reflected in all of us here at Leo Travels. I enjoy seeking out new and unique places to visit, hotels to stay, restaurants to visit and music venues that are unique to each place,” asserts Sharmila.
The Outstanding Services and Facilities
“Each client is unique in character and has special requirements.”
Leo Travels is more than a travel agency. They are a business partner, a friend, and a community resource. They say, “Our success comes from the success of our customers, their businesses, and the local economy and integrating ourselves into these key areas, we help ourselves by helping others first.”
Leo Travels is a distinctive and self-motivated Travel Management Team whose knowledge & expertise, professional approach, cost effective solutions and world-class service have enabled them to innovate personalized solutions to suit every client’s travel needs.
The organization has promised some advanced benefits, which can help their treasured clients to explore the world without any issues. They are proffering amenities like- flights and car booking, normal and luxury hotel booking, international rail services, sightseeing, creative fares offer, Business travel insurance, Visa & Passports applications, and Airport assistance services. They also provide Online itinerary checks, 24/7 emergency assistance, Business travel account, Traveller profile storing and management, Senior travel consultants, Travel policy consultancy, creation, and management, Summary reports, Staff tracking and analysis, Email inquiry system and many more.
Why Choose Leo Travels?
Our experience! Our attention towards detail, curated hotels, bespoke experiences. We create bespoke itineraries for each individual keeping in mind their likes and dislikes, budgets, age and passions. From Cruises to Antarctic expeditions, from the four seasons brand to small boutique hotels, our clients are mainly repeat clients that come back for more!
One size does not fit all at our company! Leo Travels’ USP is a personalized service because of the care the company takes in ensuring their clients company’s individual requirements are met with the utmost professionalism and care.
The Exceptional Strategies of Leo Travels
Positive attitude, always giving their clients more than they expect, high quality of service standards and personalized business plans for each client are some of the strategies and qualities that Leo Travels have and implement. This ensures that the company has clients with them who have been with Leo travels for over 3 decades. And now thirty years later, Leo Travels is proud of them, which is founded on the principles of integrity, service, expertise, and accountability, with trusting clients who actively recommend it to others.
The Future Vision
After launching a new vertical an year ago – Leo Luxury Escapes, Leo Travels is now introducing new verticals with luxury travel , cruises , representations, women only tours, senior citizen specials etc. which is an exciting new expansion, besides core strength and experience in corporate travel management.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Corporate Travel Management Companies

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