Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) Program Successfully Concluded in Mumbai

Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) Program Successfully Concluded in Mumbai | Business Magazine | Insights Success

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier in innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has conducted the Hikvision Certified Security Associates (HCSA) Program recently in Mumbai. The three day HCSA training program was conducted in (23-24-25 January, 2019) Mumbai. It got an overwhelming response from the young security professional community. The participants came from nearby areas of Mumbai and Indore to take part in HCSA program.
The successful batch of Hikvision Certified Security Associates (HCSA) Program participants will receive the HCSA certificates along with the enriching technology updates and product training experience.
The three day comprehensive HCSA Program, included training sessions on Optics basics, Turbo HD Analog Solution, PTZ Configuration, Network Basics, IP Camera, NVR ,Fish Eye Camera, iVMS 4200 and Smart functions and Applications. The HCSA training program was conducted by Mr. Vinit Narvekar, Manager- Customer Trainings, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.
The idea behind HCSA is to give hands on training and demonstration as a part of the training program. As part of this certification program a dedicated online examination was conducted after training sessions and HCSA certificates were given to the successful participants.
“Hikvision has set the industry standard by offering professional video surveillance certification to validate video expertise under Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) program in India. This Hikvision certification program is specially designed for the security professionals. Besides, Hikvision provides meaningful endorsement to those, who succeed in the exam and become Hikvision Certified Professionals,” said Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.
The Hikvision Certified Security Associate (HCSA) level certification focuses on training participants in essential configurations, operations & maintenance of Hikvision video surveillance products and its features. It is designed for technical engineers, who have worked in the security industry for some years and have already gained knowledge and experience about security basics.The certification program is open to anyone looking at to gain expertise in video surveillance and total security solution. The trainee should have at least one- year of work experience in the security industry and be familiar with security basics.
Hikvision Certified Security Associate Program was concluded successfully in Mumbai, it got good response from the young engineers and installers.  The next HCSA program schedule is as follows: HCSA Chandigarh (25-26-27 Feb), HCSA Ludhiana (28-1-2 Feb/March), HCSA Ahmedabad (7-8-9 March) and HCSA Surat (14-15-16 March)
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