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Being a part of one of the largest construction industries in the world, Hochtief (India) Pvt. Ltd, also known as HT India is a 100% subsidiary of the well-known construction group Hochtief AG from Germany. It is a part of the ACS Group and has big conglomerates like TURNER construction Company from US and CIMIC from Australia under its umbrella.
HT India was established in 1999 with a vivid purpose of supporting the parent company in its activities by providing engineering at an optimum cost. The main motto of HT India is to provide all kinds of engineering solutions from under one roof.
About the Compassionate and Dedicated Duo of Hochtief
Gopan Pillai is the Managing Director at HT India and heads the Indian office for its global operations. He is an experienced Civil engineer who has pursued his post-graduation in Structural Engineering. Besides this, he is also a management professional. Gopan has been in the construction industry for over three decades and has equal exposure to domestic as well as international markets with his involvement in designing, project management, and operations of various prestigious projects. Gopan joined Hochtief in 2010 as the CTO (Chief Technical Officer), thereafter, taking the operations as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) in 2012 and has been a Board Member since 2014.

Nanda Kumar, the Managing Director (Former) who have served HOCHTIEF in various roles during his tenure of thirty-six years, right from a Management Trainee to the Commercial Manager and Director. He was instrumental in establishing the Indian office and developing it into a self-standing organization. Upon his retirement in 2016, he continued to be the whole-time Director till May 2018 and opted complete retirement from active services.

Unique Services under One Roof
Under the Digital Engineering Solutions banner, Hochtief India provides the following services:

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM): Here the company engages in virtual construction with a philosophy to construct digitally first by developing engineering 3D model coordinating various disciplines, visualize practical issues, identify clashes, resolve them and finally come out with an optimum engineering solution which can be constructed without hindrance. This philosophy is further extended till completion of the construction and to facility management stage thus providing comfort of maintaining the facilities. Along with this, other areas of support are provided for animations, tender support, fly through videos etc.
  • Detailed Engineering Services: Design development, Detailed Structural Engineering, Demolition and Temporary work solutions, Bar Bending Schedule, Precast engineering etc.
  • MEP Services: Designing, Modeling, CoBie Enrichment, Detailing, Shop Drawing, Pre-bid & Post-bid services etc.
  • Project Management Services: Conceptual Planning, Design, Budgeting, Peer Review, Preparation of drawings, Pre-bid & Post-bid services, Tender stage support, Bid support, technical support at site, quality management, testing and commissioning.

HT India operates on a digital platform for all its services and apply new technologies and provide end benefits to the user / owner by optimizing the cost, early completion and commissioning and mitigating common risks involved in the construction sector.

Tackling Hurdles and Shining among the Peers 
Making our mark itself was the biggest challenge we had”, asserts Gopan. Even after being a part of a legacy, Hochtief India found it difficult to pitch in during the earlier days of its operations in the Indian market. The brand value of Hochtief has always reflected in every aspect including costing which was an untouched concept in the local market those days.

HT India has always been serving its customers with the best service through high quality and timely actions. The company also offers an optimal solution and encourages recurring business with the clients. The business motto remains with priority on quality and timely delivery above budget. Over years it has become a mantra to Do it Right First Time (DRIFT).
Success Mantra that Ensures Client Satisfaction
Asking Gopan about the secret strategy, he proudly says, “HT India does not look at the competitive part but ensures that the Client or the Ultimate user get the maximum benefit within the best possible time and enjoy the quality.” He also shares his piece of advice to his budding entrepreneurs by articulating, “The basic advice is to understand the basics, whatever is the field of involvement and practice regularly, use the tools after understanding the pros and cons. Practice makes the perfect professional.” HT India believes that a project delivered within a stipulated time with the desired quality leads to multiple advantages and generates a long-lasting impression on the customer base.

The Sturdy Team
Over the last eighteen years, Hochtief has grown to a well-grouped 213 engineers with rich exposure to the international engineering practice. A small team of over twenty engineers in the beginning has grown into a robust team of engineers from various fields like Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-fighting, etc. They also have diversified areas of involvement like engineering support, design development, peer review, construction-related supports, pre-tender support, technical coordination, and overall project support.
HT India is spearheading with its experienced professionals who are practicing the latest available tools in the market and remains constantly updated with the advent in each field. This way, the company meticulously provides the latest technology solutions to every space and transfers the benefit to the end users efficiently.

Future Prospect
Hochtief is foreseeing a bright future with high tech-advancements. The company also believes that the construction industry has moved a lot from the Client-Contractor setup to an advanced level which is process oriented and accommodating multiple stakeholders. It believes that various developments, different products, latest technology, green building solutions, and cost-effective means of approach will drive the market towards a glorious future.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Building Solution Provider Companies

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