Preca Solutions India: Rendering Precast Turnkey Solutions from Designing to Delivery

Preca Solutions India

Incepted in 2012, Preca Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading organization which is engaged in the business of design, detail, manufacture, supply, and erection of Prestressed Precast Concrete building structures of all ranges. The company provides turnkey solutions for executing various challenging structures using advanced and proven engineering technologies.
Today, Preca Solutions is firmly established as a specialist in Precast Technology and making strides towards expanding its reach. The company takes pride in its achievement and also believes that it has made a difference in the development of various segments such as commercial, retail, residential, hospitality, industrial, and warehousing.
Preca Solutions is run by professionals with extensive technical experience in Precast industry from various countries like Israel, Malaysia, Dubai, and other Gulf regions. The company has its plant & machinery and infrastructure in one of the southern & eastern state capitals which are outfitted with state-of-the-art European technology.
The Helm of Preca Solutions
 Satish Gottipati.  is the Managing Director at Preca Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.  Satish is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountancy and has more than fifteen years of business experience in the field of manufacturing, infrastructure, and real estate sectors. He has also served many organizations in every segment along with the Indian outfits of foreign companies. He holds successful business association with the reputed international business groups in implementing various projects.
During his overseas visits, Satish witnessed the immense advantage of employing precast concrete for faster and stronger infrastructure. Being a futurist, he predicted the tremendous potential of employing such an advanced technology in a developing country like India. He, then, collaborated with Israeli and African business associates to found Preca Solutions and developed the pioneering leadership by introducing precast pre-stressed concrete construction technology in India.

The Initial Challenges and Preca’s Approach to Crack them
The major challenge faced by the company was the acceptance of advanced technology in the country’s scenario. Preca’s first project was to finish half of a building in tandem with a conventional contractor. The company was accredited the construction of the rest of the project due to its fine performance within the stipulated time. Also, the same company gave them their second project after witnessing Preca’s achievements. The company’s professionalism and high capabilities soon paved way for their several future prospects.
Rigorous planning, another challenge the company faces on a daily basis, is intrinsic to Precast technology and is essential for providing smooth operations. Preca has qualified and experienced members including foreign technicians and foreign returned Indian experts who deliver high performance and consistent contribution to the organizational growth and development. However, in the last few years in a positive trend, the acceptance of the technology is exponentially increased. Now, Preca Solutions has the unique niche in the industry as pioneer and possesses the most extensive experience in the sector.

Precast Technology: The Cornerstone of Preca Solutions
Precast Technology in its inheritance has the distinct advantage over regular construction practices as it vastly reduces the wastage of construction materials, has a stricter control over quality and uses a fraction of the workforce. All these measures increase the efficiency of the work which means there is a lower consumption of energy towards producing a product of superior quality. Prestressed Precast solutions are tailor made to meet the requirements of the customer.
For instance, the industrial sector has high demands for the better quality and requires excessive elements at large scales which would meet the rigorous tasks of industrial production. For this purpose, Pre-stressed Precast Concrete is the best construction solution, as it can be designed to take vigorous load. Additionally, industrial warehouses can be built using turnkey precast construction or by the integration of precast products as walls and slabs with a steel frame for a lighter building. Prestressed Precast construction offers swift solutions to achieve large scale constructions with high standards of safety.

Success Strategies of Team that Made a Difference
In addition to in-house expertise, PRECA has a vast network of highly qualified subcontractors who work closely with the project team to consistently hit scheduled milestones and to produce quality products through their hard work, dedication, and pride. Its services team takes pride in their relationships with the subcontractors as well as other project partners. The team works hard to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all its project sites. The company’s philosophy emphasizes on the continuous development by ensuring that its team has the appropriate mix of qualifications, skills, and experience.
Our complete faith in the capabilities of our team, even though modest in numbers, enables us to handle several demanding jobs concurrently. Currently, we are over 600 people strong with professionals working at various levels of expertise across a variety of profiles”, asserts Satish.

Envisaging the Future Full of Opportunities
Preca Solutions is completely focused on broadcasting the internationally applauded technology of Precast Pre-stressed concrete system in the construction market of the country. This will contribute towards the increase in the efficiency of infrastructure and real-estate industry along with the safer construction practices, higher quality, and lower consumption of resources. The company aims to strictly follow its values of integrity, consistency, and reliability to become the eminent leading organization in the industry.
Following the unmitigated success of our pilot plant in Hyderabad, our ambition is to take forward our vision by expanding our reach to cater to a larger region by setting up production facilities at key locales. We are immensely proud of our progress in this direction as we have already set-up a facility in Bhubaneshwar and are making strides towards the set-up of another near the new capital region of Andhra Pradesh”, says Satish while sharing his plans for future expansions.
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