NUOS Home Automation: Seamlessly Integrating IoT Products and Making Homes beyond Smart

NUOS Home Automation

A leading organization leaving its sturdy benchmarks with its cutting-edge products and solutions in the home automation space is NUOS Home Automation. NUOS is a brand with a passion to create IoT products offering solutions that are beyond smart. Its holistic home and office automation solutions those are thoughtful and intuitive. NUOS renders high tech as well as affordable products which are manufactured in India right from the initiation to the production. Its core focus has always been on making cutting-edge products that are within the reach of everyone.

The company has its presence in seven cities all over India along with two international cities and have close to 700+ customers.

About the Head Honcho of NUOS
The magnificent CEO and Founder, Neil Savant heads the NUOS Home Automation. He has completed his Masters in Engineering (Electrical) from the Ohio State University and has worked for four years in the U.S.A. He left his lucrative corporate job to give a kick-start to his idea of taking automation to the masses in India.
He possesses diverse skills that include sound people management skills, power electronics, embedded systems and embedded firmware expertise. Neil has also been accredited by the VP of Engineering at Cummins Inc. for his best performance.

Astounding Services of NUOS
NUOS Home Automation designs and manufactures unique and distinctive products for the home and office automation. The company’s products are modular, miniature, perfect retrofit and help in beautifying the interiors of homes. Its products are completely international grade having CE class A compliance with the extreme understanding of power electronics and embedded systems. These products can be operated from anywhere in the world through the Android and iOS apps.

The company has perfect retrofit products which are completely wire-free. NUOS’s switches replace the normal ones and work on the same wiring as the normal switches. The company has overcome a major issue regarding the ease of adoption. Without any rewiring or civil-work, using a local electrician the space gets automated in less than 20 minutes per switchboard. Its entire switch products are compatible with all the switch brands in the market.
Hardware skills being rare and missing all over the world is our biggest entry barrier”, says Neil.

Unique Techniques to Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes
NUOS follows single yet ultimate technique of understanding the customer’s needs accurately and then striving hard to surpass their expectations. The company has kept cognizance of the Indian customer psyche and has done a thorough base lining of various successful and failed brands as well as products before it could move towards designing the product.

Also, its smart modular switch has helped to create products at a very high speed. “Today, we possess more than 18 products within a span of two years where many companies have taken decades to reach here. This has been our biggest differentiator and game changer that has made us truly extraordinary”, states Neil proudly. Each of its products withstands through rigorous 5-level testing by its in-house experts before they are packed and shipped to the channel partners.

Profiting the Clients with its Advanced and Cost-Effective Products
NUOS create products that are high on technology and appearance at affordable pricing. The company constantly focused on making robust products with good aesthetics at the same time since its inception.
The ease of installation is the cherry on the icing. Our customers believe on the fact that a product with international-level features comes at an affordable pricing without rewiring and civil work hassle. They can use the products manually like their traditional system and at the same time use our app to control the system from anywhere in the world”, asserts Neil. The average installation time requires three hours for a three-bhk and setup or commissioning takes another 20 mins and one could instantly start controlling one’s home within a few seconds from any corner of the world.

NUOS has a strong faith in interpreting impeccable customer service which means the products should not need any extra service once it is installed. Also, its products are CE Class A compliant which makes them adhere to the international standards of robustness as well as safety.

A Piece of Advice for the Young Entrepreneurs
Neil believes that a great team needs a great culture to stick around and perform to the potential. A healthy team culture can take the product ahead to the world. While advising the budding entrepreneurs, Neil expresses, “PATIENCE is the key element! One may have any degree but without patience this could be juggling with hot pieces of coals. Second – there is the TEAM. Without a great team, a great idea can only impress people sitting inside a room for your pitches.

Future Prospect
NUOS believes that as the time progresses, there would be a lot of dependence on automation to take care of the mundane daily activities. This will increase the demand of smart products and related services making building solutions providers critical for planning a smart and green building. This is how, the industry will see an upward trend in coming time and is expected to drive consolidation and more structured approach.
With its incessant progressions in the Home Automation space, NUOS has recently launched its new line of commercial automation products that cater best to the offices and hospitality requirements. The company is on its way to closing few B2B customers in the new segment which is quite reassuring that its products have been designed keeping in mind a large set of use cases.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Building Solution Provider Companies

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