How the online jewellery brand is ensuring complete safety with the help of technology

online jewellery Ms Saroja Yeramilli| Founder

In continuation of its relentless efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19 and create a safer workplace, Melorra (an online jewellery brand) has strengthened the safety protocols at their office and warehouses. Since the onset of the pandemic, Melorra has adopted a multi-faceted approach to safeguard the well-being of all its stakeholders including customers, employees and partners. To keep the premises of all working place and warehouses safe, Melorra is following the precautionary measures mentioned below:

–  Dis-infecting warehouse on a daily basis

–  Using UV box which is disinfecting the jewellery

–  Maintaining social distancing

–  Wearing gloves and mask

–  Cleaning with ace-tone

Indians’ love for gold is no secret. We buy the yellow metal for consumption and investment. And in today’s world, online buying is considered to be the safest option amid the COVID pandemic which has caused serious health concerns. Online buying thus becomes the safest selection for potential customers, also considering the logistical constraints on delivery. Therefore, Melorra has ramped up its online website to provide its customers with the best of everything along with buying gold with just a click. Furthermore, the company uses the latest technology for jewellery making and cleaning to ensure complete safety by using digital tools. As a responsible corporate, Melorra is at the forefront in order to fulfil the ever-evolving demands of its customers by offering them the best of everything.

Melorra, one of the fastest-growing fashion-inspired lightweight gold jewellery brands by Ms Saroja Yeramilli. Founded in 2016, the brand based in Bangalore aims to create fashion-forward fine jewellery to meet the changing wardrobe needs of a modern woman. In a very short span of time Melorra has expanded its footprint to 1500 towns and cities which indicates that the design powerhouse has already catered to about 20% of the 2912 cities and towns in India in just under 22 months.

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