HTL Aircon: Raising Standards and Adding Life to Every Project

In this modern age of technological advancements and stiff competition, performing innovatively and providing the best-possible services to the clients can help organizations to survive and excel among the competitors and take the business to the next level.

HTL Aircon is an organization which is focused to provide services to the customer on PAN India basis. To excel in this initiative, the company has opened branches in other growing cities, i.e. Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi. It is targeting to attain a turnover of 100 Cr in the financial year 2018. In the financial year 2015-16, the company has grown by 38% which signifies tremendous potential of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning) market in India. Being one of the top Dealer of DAIKIN India, it gets the added advantage of the DAIKIN brand (one of Japan’s major air conditioning company). With the Prime Minister’s new Initiatives of “Make in India” and “Smart City”, it feels that there will be a lot of scope for industrial air conditioning in the days to come.

It also applauds the Govt’s initiative of GST, which will also enhance the air conditioning market. The company expects growth due to introduction of GST from July ’17, as the PAN India market will be boundary less with respect to any state. It plans to diversify to Electrical and Plumbing, Fire Fighting systems and graduate to a MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) Contractor. It expects that the “Swachch Bharat” initiative will create a lot of opportunities for public health requirements which will generate plumbing and drainage jobs in rapid pace. The company feels that this opportunity can be easily encashed as 60% of the company’s employees are in the age bracket of 25-35 years.

An Industrious Leader Trailblazing from the Front

The person responsible for leading HTL Aircon towards the road of success is none other than Mr. Lavinder Duggal, the Managing Director of HTL Aircon Pvt. Ltd. He is a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Govt. Engineering College, Jabalpur.  He has gathered vast experience of over twenty five years in the field of air-conditioning while working in various companies like M/s Batliboi & Co etc ,and eminent Dealers of  M/s Voltas Ltd, M/s Carrier Aircon Ltd,  M/s Blue Star Ltd and now Daikin India Pvt.Ltd.  Mr. Duggal believes that the main qualities a leader should possess are raising the standards, being dynamic and thinking out of box and staying ahead of the curve. He follows three founder guiding principles, which are: a) If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing it well; b) Quality is something you give, when no one is looking at you; c) Let’s talk about it less and practice it more.

The industry at large has branded HVAC vendors as ‘Show Stoppers’ strictly, as quite a quantum of work and dependency of other agencies is on HVAC Contractors. This has earned a bad name for HVAC professionals and that precisely irks the MD of HTL the most. Mr. Duggal is out on a mission to change that opinion of the industry from a black sheep to becoming the strength of project management companies. He leads the company towards being proactive and the least burden of project management companies.

Client Satisfaction and Employee Enhancement: The Prime Objective of HTL

The company ensures that it satisfies all the people who have hired its services, be it clients, PMC, consultants, architects, and so on. It feels that the element that ails this industry is the lack of commitments and investments to upgrade and train the professionals. Without these investments, contractors want better margins. It also lays a lot of stress on the training of employee in all aspects of business, be it technicians, project team, customer service team, accounts, HR, and back office. Technical skill enhancement, soft skills, communication and leadership training is imparted as a curriculum. This way the company is raising the bar of the industry which is its maxim.

It marches ahead on its successful journey relying on the simple strategy of investing in people, technology and training. Team HTL idolizes Sir Richard Branson and his famous quote, “We take care of the employee and the employee in turn takes care of the customers”. It considers its team as its first customers. While others are after wealth, the company believes in employee as its foremost wealth. It provides them with the best of the training, best of tools and latest technology for installing equipments, which not only enhances productivity, but also has a distinct quality of finish.

The design team is empowered with latest AutoCAD Licensed version and it will soon be embarking on RIVET for 3-D views and better understanding of services.

HTL has a team of professionals with an average of 20 years of industry experience while including the member of top management council along with the CEO. The continuous training and upgradation skills will match the talent updated with the industry.

Providing Quality Service

HTL’s main motto is to provide high-quality services to its customers. It provides a wide range of services and caters to various sectors including banking and finance, residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality, health clubs, factories, education, gems and jewelers, supermarkets, and so on. It has a widely accredited management delivery system which covers selection of A-Grade materials; project management chart and PERT chart; material tracker; MIS; pre-commission checks and testing commission and handover. It provides HVAC project delivery services, post-sales services, consulting solutions, retrofits, and VRV & chilled water solutions for all applications.

The service department of the company offers routine maintenance of various splits, cassettes, ducted AC, package unit, VRV and chillers. It services all brands of AC for all tonnage. The company has zonalized service centers for ease of access to customers. The company has fully equipped service vans and certified technicians who provide comprehensive and non-comprehensive upgrades and replacement advice. The company provides the benefits of regular routine maintenance and broad inspection to its clients.

Tackling Problems Head-on with Innovative Solutions

HTL proceeds with the objective of constant quality improvement. It aims at reducing attrition by providing better employee centric and retention programs. The company works at constant quality improvement of manpower by providing them continuous training to improve their skills. It has also opened other branches in order to deal with the issue of low growth within the city.

Major Achievements and Accolades

HTL has made a major impact throughout its illustrious journey and has also gathered many noteworthy achievements over the years. One of its greatest achievements came recently when it was declared and awarded with the honor of “Top 100 SMEs of India, 2017”. It was chosen as the winner on the 4th Edition of India SME 100 awards amongst an overwhelming 41832 nominations filed by SMEs from all over the country. The company went through various stringent evaluation processes and criteria laid down by the jury board and made it to the top of the list.

HTL has also won

“Fastest Growing Industry Development Award” from Indian Organization for Commerce and Industry

India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2017 from INDIA 5000 Awards 2017

and an array of other awards in the previous years like Highest VRV Sales Award in 2015 (DAIKIN Brand),Highest Service Quality Award 2014: All India; Highest Quality & Project Management Award for VRV Systems 2014: West Zone; Award for Elite MD Club Platinum (2013); Award for highest sale of VRV in Mumbai Region (2013), and many more.

Bring Excellence in Execution

HTL advises up and coming entrepreneurs to give their very best in every effort they make. One has to strive to become the very best in providing goods & services. The innovation should be made by getting into the shoes of one‘s target audience, identifying their needs, making their life easier and making them more productive. If one can focus on the above he/she will definitely bring transformational change in the life of their target audience and thereby make the product/service a success story.

The Future Roadmap of HTL

HTL confidently marches ahead on its illustrious journey with various goals to accomplish. It aims at achieving a turnover of 500 cr by 2025. The company proceeds ahead with the objective of creating teams for other MEP services. It aims to make it in SME listings / PE funding. The company plans to extend its operation in two more cities within India. It also intends to pursue Asian Operation with Sri Lanka, and Dubai and even targets East Africa for Contracting.