Hyderabad Overseas Consultants: Shaping the Future and Spearheading the Industry

Hyderabad Overseas Consultants

Hyderabad Overseas Consultants was established in November 2008 with the sole aim of providing complete, unbiased and updated information about educational opportunities in the countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. In order to avoid the unsavoury incidents prevailing in few universities in Australia, the United Kingdom and United States, due to short-term and unethical methods adopted by both educational consultants and students, the company focuses on career counselling along with complete details about the importance of completing studies and following laws of the land.
The referrals from students who have gone through Hyderabad Overseas Consultants are an ample testimony about the quality of services. The highly efficient team at HOC works towards making all the processes more student-friendly by incorporating best practices coupled with the use of information technology.
Leader Holding the Reins
Sanjeev Rai, CEO of Hyderabad Overseas Consultants, is a multi-talented entrepreneur having over a decade of experience in the Overseas Education Industry. He holds a three years Diploma in Hotel Management, Bachelors in Commerce, Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration along with a two years certification course, GNIIT, from NIIT. Sanjeev heads the research team at HOC. His valuable contributions have made the company flourish in this highly competitive industry. He especially guides the students applying for IVY League schools and Doctorate admissions.
Sanjeev’s vision is to further expand services provided by HOC across India. He is also passionate about creating certain quality standards among the consultants based on strict parameters.
Services Propounded
The unique services propounded by Hyderabad Overseas Consultants include, but not limited to career counselling, shortlisting of universities, complete application process, visa guidance/mock interviews, travel assistance/foreign exchange, educational loan, pre-departure orientation and health insurance.
Most students are in a dilemma about various career options to choose from, especially after intermediate and under graduation. HOC has made an exhaustive list of courses for most of the qualifications and specializations. The company provides information and compares the universities and curriculum in various countries based on the quality of study, programs available, future prospects, costs, recognition of degree and so on.
Hyderabad Overseas Consultants recognises and work diligently to ensure that it circulates information digitally. The company also ensures that its digital information is spreading out and being read by students across the country.
Beating the Competitors
“Our major source of enquiry is through referrals, which indicates the satisfactory levels of our clients”, says Sanjeev. Hyderabad Overseas Consultants excels through its transparency in services, unbiased counselling and experience of over 15 years. Sanjeev says that the trend in the industry is of providing information through digital media and hence the team focuses on providing information through open platforms.
The company’s vision is to become the leading educational consultant in India for students aspiring for Bachelors/ Masters/ Ph.D./ Post Doctorate programs in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In a nutshell, it aims to provide accurate, unbiased, ethical, updated information to students looking for higher education abroad. Hyderabad Overseas Consultants ensures that its services are catered to every student irrespective of their geographical location.
Being the Game Changer
Hyderabad Overseas Consultants, a decade after its inception, stands as a strong player in the market. The company’s success can be attributed to certain factors, which include,
Holistic Approach: HOC focuses on the complete spectrum of students’ educational voyage i.e. right from career counselling to job opportunities after completion of the course.
Open List of Universities: HOC does not follow a list of limited universities. It shortlists the universities based on each individual’s requirement and eligibility in terms of Program/ Country/ Intake/ Budget/ Job Opportunities.
Transparent Services: HOC offers tailored services that are completely transparent and proceeds with constant conjunction with students’ participation.
HOC Team: The team comprises best professionals in the industry with over 20 years of cumulative experience.
Admissions to Top-Ranked Universities/ Rare Programs: HOC has hands-on expertise in applying to Universities such as Harvard, MIT and Princeton. It also specializes in providing guidance to undergraduate students applying for IVY League schools.
Research Team: The company always gives paramount importance to the value of research and has a dedicated team for it.
Future Endeavours
Hyderabad Overseas Consultants recognises that the future of consulting is going to be in the digital world. The company is working on providing students with free access to resources, which are not accessible to them at present. It starts from providing access to the company’s database of programs and courses that are built by the team at HOC over the last two years and sides through the complete process i.e. applications, visa, etc. From the upcoming year onwards, every student, who approaches HOC, will have access to the company’s premium resources through a secured login, which will provide access to information on hundreds of universities, admission requirements, application procedures ……..till visa procedures.
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